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Magnus Bane deserves our utmost respect if not love

Magnus Bane is fucking huge.

He doesn’t have to stand on his tiptoes to reach Alec’s lips.

His shoulders and arms are huge.

He is the one stretching Alec’s shirts, not the other way around.

He is not a tiny thing swimming in his boyfriend’s clothes.

Magnus Bane has lived for centuries.

Through abuse and racism. Through wars and cruelty. Through heartbreak and loss.

He knows what pain is.

He has been both on the receiving and the giving end of it.

And yet, he kept a kind heart, that he is afraid of giving away because he knows that in the end he will suffer.

But when his loves someone, he does so wholeheartedly.

Magnus Bane is incredibly powerful and amazing.

He is kind and generous, and understanding and supportive.

But he is not afraid to call people out on their bullshit.

Magnus Bane will protect his people and the ones he loves with his whole being even if he has to die to keep them safe.

Magnus Bane does not live to be Alec Lightwood’s boyfriend.

He has a life outside of this relationship, he has friends.

He is the fucking High Warlock of Brooklyn.

He has clients and spells and potions and responsibilities that keep him up at night.

He is part of the downworld council.

He owns a freaking night club.

He has warlocks and downworlders in general who look up to him, who ask him for advice and protection.

He is capable of feeling anger and frustration.

He has an important job and feelings and wants and needs.

Magnus Bane is not a damsel in distress.

He is the son of a fallen angel which means that his magic is fucking powerful.

But so is hid body. He is not a frail thing. He has rock hard abs, broad shoulders, huge ass biceps and thick thighs.

He is damn well able to handle himself in wars and battle and has done so, is doing so and will do so.

Magnus Bane is the most gorgeous man to ever walk this earth.

I just described his body, which is pure sin, but his fucking face.

The goatee. The spiked up with with colored streaks. The jaw so sharp you could cut yourself on it. The perfect eyebrows. The golden cat eyes and the deep brown glamour. The lips. The grace and elegance with which he moves. The outfits. The s m i l e s.

Just fuck me up already.

Magnus Bane has the sharpest tongue ever known to man.

He knows how to cut someone into pieces and make people believe in him with words only.

Magnus Bane has flaws.

He probably falls in love too hard and too fast.

He can be blinded by his feelings.

He has had thoughts of self harm and suicide.

He is not perfect.

But he damn well is an amazing main character and deserves to be treated and written as such.

An apology

Yo, just wanted to say this separate from the ask about it, but I just wanted to apologize if I spoiled anyone on the new SU stuff. I don’t really use tumblr mobile, so I wasn’t aware that blocking or blacklisting tags didn’t work there, and thought that just tagging spoilers would work okay. 

I know how frustrating that is when you get spoiled and don’t want to be, so I’m sad that happened with some people. In the future I’ll try and put things under read mores too, or save the freakouts for a little later. 

maristine  asked:

Can I request a story in the Designation: Miracle verse? If you want to, I'd love to see Takao mentioning to the Miracles Boyfriends Club that Shin-chan often compares him to Kuroko and the others discussing if Takao is or isn't like Kuroko - I personally think Himuro would at least see where Midorima is coming from

“Your playing style is a little bit like Kuroko and Taiga,” Himuro remarks and Takao can’t stop himself from scowling. “You don’t like the comparison?”

They’re having lunch at Maji Burger in between games for the Tokyo InterHigh. Himuro, Takao gathers, is only here briefly to bid everyone good luck and for the “obligatory Miracle Boyfriends Club meeting” that usually just consists of Takao, Kagami and Furihata having lunch. Kasamatsu, who has graduated and actually is in Tokyo and could much more feasibly stop by for a hello, did not make an appearance. (Takao suspects he does not take his club responsibilities seriously. He’ll have to be removed from his position as Vice President).

“Would you like it if Murasakibara compared you to Kuroko?” he replies.

Himuro laughs—a quiet, polite sort of sound— “No, when you put it like that. Does Midorima compare you to Kuroko a lot, then?”

“He used to,”  Takao acknowledges that he hasn’t heard the comparison lately, and even though he knows where Midorima’s admiration from Kuroko is coming from, he still chafes slightly at being thought of similar. (Perhaps, he thinks snidely to himself, you just don’t want to be a Kuroko substitute. Which would be absurd, he tries to reason back with himself. It’s not like he’s competing with Kuroko where Midorima is concerned.)

“I can see it,” Himuro allows. “There are similarities.”

“Dude, he is nothing like Kuroko,” Kagami says. He’s speaking with a mouth full of like, five hamburgers, so it’s a bit disgusting, but Takao beams at him anyway, feeling gratified.


“There’s nothing wrong with being similar to Kuroko’s basketball style, though,” Furihata says, frowning. “And I think you and Midorima work really well together, so I think that’s cool. I think it’d be awesome if anyone thought I was like Kuroko—why are you guys staring at me like that?’

“You guys” means Himuro and Takao, since Kagami is largely indifferent to this conversation and still has nine hamburgers left to eat.

“No reason,” Himuro says, easily and disarmingly. Takao admires that about the older man—he’s got a very good poker face. Takao just drinks from his soda in what he hopes in a nonchalant manner.

It is easy to forget that Furihata wasn’t there from the beginning, and he hadn’t been at the hospital that night the Miracles revealed why they were all hung up on Kuroko. And not going to the same school as Akashi, he probably didn’t ever have that brief period of wondering that everyone else had about whether or not his Miracle was in love with Kuroko.

“Nothing you need to worry about, Furihata,” Takao says. “You don’t play on the same team as Akashi, so it won’t ever come up.”

“I suppose not. And I don’t think I could do what Kuroko or Mayuzumi does anyway,” Furihata says.

Takao is glad they change the subject after that, though. No reason to give the guy a Kuroko-complex if he doesn’t have one.

A/N: Thanks for the prompt, friend, anon-friend!! I’m not sure Takao has to deal with being compared to Kuroko much these days, but it was an interesting thing to explore! Sorry it took so long!! =D 

anonymous asked:

I'm starting to get into seventeen, n I really love seungkwan! But I can't seem to find any good seungkwan blogs. Can u rec some??


def be following @/datakwan and @/dailyseungkwan (which isn’t active anymore but it’s ok???)
this is actually kind of hard since i actually don’t….follow a ton of seungkwan biased blogs yes i’m bad kill me but off the top of my head, either ppl i follow or ppl i see around: 
@seungkvvan @seungkwa @boovely @winnietheboo @zeungkwan @eomjicheokkwan @citruseungkwan @tangerineboo @kyungminie @peachseungkwan wHO I CAN’T TAG WTF… @golden-boo @eatboo @solarkwan

Right, okay! So marsupial angara headcanon.

(as requested by @servantofclio and @thornhands)

(please note: I am a sociology and religion major who now works in government finance, and all of my marsupial knowledge comes from a Wikipedia article on kangaroos I read once at 2:00 in the morning)

They carry their young inside of them for a fraction of their gestational period. Once the baby is born, it stays inside its mother’s pouch to finish developing outside the womb. Even though they’re technically “born,” they are very very small, cannot survive on their own, and don’t actually poke their heads out of the pouch until much later.

They stay there for several months even after they’re technically viable - leaving for a few hours and returning for safety/sleep/comfort and continued development.

Once they’re developed enough to survive for short periods outside their mother’s pouch, baby angara can be - and are - carried by anyone with a pouch, regardless of who actually gave birth to them. This is part of their communal child-rearing, and leads to their large and complex familial structures. A mother is someone who carried you, your siblings are anyone you shared a pouch with, etc., so your siblings may not have the same mothers as you, nor even the same siblings.

The “true” label is given to actual blood relations, though generally for parental lineage and siblings only. Sometimes you’ll hear “true uncle” or “true niece,” but you’ll hardly ever hear “true cousin” because those family tree branches get pretty difficult to track.

But mostly, please imagine baby Jaal peeking out of Sahuna’s pouch.