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Is there any way to block Snape posts from a particular Tumblr? Like I follow this blog because they're heavily involved in another fandom which I love and although they hate Snape, they don't post about HP much. Lately the anti-snape posts have been increasing. I don't want to unfollow this blog but at the same time, I'm so tired of seeing Snape hate on my dash, especially from a blog I actually like. This has happened quite a few times. I like blogs but they're so anti-snape I can't enjoy it.

Ah mate, that sucks.  I am possibly not the best person to ask because I have single fandom blog, so I can afford to be brutal; if someone I follow posts Snape hate, I unfollow them.  It means I have a clear feed…but then, I don’t have the complication of being multifandom.

I am aware that this approach means that there is certain Potter content that I miss that I would otherwise enjoy, but I figure it’ll float over my dash eventually through reblog.  I come on Tumblr to blog about Snape, so no matter the quality of their other Potter content, it’s simply not worth it to me to see the hate in my feed.

However, that doesn’t really help you.  I am sure others might be able to chime in with better answers (please do!); I think it really depends if you’re on mobile or not as well.  I use Xkit for other features - tag tracking etc - but it has got some mute/block functions.  You might find something in there that’s useful.

Hope you find a solution.  :(

“WAIT!” Bruce yelled before the war could start, “there is one cube missing!”

“Of course there is, you tried to poke my eye out with it!” Tony reminded cheerfully.

“We are not playing until we find it, it is a limited edition set!” Bruce argued,

T'Challa narrowed his eyes, during a process of thinking. “If we take into consideration the trajectory and the force Bruce throws with—”

“NEEERDS!” Bucky bellowed into the air, despite that T'Challa was also on the team and could easily kick his butt.

“— the cube should be there,” T'Challa pointed to the couch area.

Tony wheezed, slapping hands to his cheeks. “Oh no! In the land of the jocks!!” he called dramatically, just to poke out fun at Bucky’s attempt to divide them. They were all friends, and the labels were used as friendly bites, than real insults.

Some more screaming, this time in faked panic, and Bucky almost rolled eyes out of his eye sockets.

“Do not fear, men!” Tony called heroically, “fortunately, I know their leader!” he turned around on the chair. “Hey, Steve!!”

“Yeah?!” Steve called back, swinging to the side as his car took a turn on the race track.

“Do you see our cube somewhere around there?”

After a quick scan, Steve spotted the small object near the TV set. “Yeah, in front of me!”

“Can you pass it here?”

“Tony, I am busy! Move your own ass!” Steve replied, not keen on pausing the game.

Tony let out some disappointed whine, not wanting to walk all the distance. Soon enough the whining changed into an almost singing note. “Steve, pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube—”

Unfortunately, Steve wasn’t as good as Thor at zoning out, and the irritating calling was slowly getting to him. “Tony!”

“— pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube, Steve, pass the cube, Steve—”

“OKAY, fine!” Steve gave up, already knowing his roommate and his stubborn ways.

“Wow, he totally owes you,” Bucky whispered with a snicker, secretly impressed by Tony being such an annoying pest.

a part of a college!AU fic I am writing which may never be done, as I am very, very unmotivated

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did u know you could make subscript and superscript in your post?

also whispers did u know you can do this

and u can make both the subscript and superscript super tiny too? 

Neither did I!

here u go

Hey guys!:)

Somehow, I made it to 200 followers over night.. I know this isn’t much by tumblr standards considering I joined tumblr almost a year ago^^ (22nd of April, just checked) but it’s still much for me, so thank you!:)
This means I’ve reached the point now that there are like five people who actually talk to me on this site (rough estimate by someone who’s terrible at math) and that’s practically the most important thing;P

For those who are new to my blog, short introduction:
I’m 21, I’m from Germany and studying translations (English and French, bachelor).
It’s probably pretty easy to figure out that Cas is my fave, and my blog is mostly Destiel and TFW, and Charlie definitely lives! Kevin is president and Gabe is trickstering around somewhere and you can’t convince me otherwise.
Also, I have a weakness for the spn angels and every fanart that includes wings:P
I tag spoilers ‘s12 spoilers’ for a week after airdate and the episode number like this: ‘12x01′. I don’t liveblog because timezone, so any posts I make about the new episode are a day late.Tumblr conversations are tagged as ‘replies’, non-supernatural content ‘not spn’, ‘wank’ of course, and when a post gets too long: ‘long post’.
Plus, I have a ‘fic rec’ tag, so check it out maybe;)

I love talking to people so don’t hesitate to shoot me a message/ask or tag me in stuff. I’m also absolutely up for discussions, so even if you don’t agree with me I’ll be glad to consider your point (as long as you’re polite!) and I’ll try to express myself clearly, though keep in mind that English isn’t my first language and I might tend to ramble^^

Again, thanks for following my blog! Welcome to chaos and ramblings I guess;)

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I was late to join the tumblr party so I have no idea was a tumblr network is but that sounds really nice. I’m glad you have support on this site <3

They were awesome, honestly. They were so helpful (and so good for people like me who are just incapable of reaching out and actually bonding with people on my own :P ) They were pretty much like school clubs, but on Tumblr.

Basically how they worked was that you would decide to start a network for people who have a similar interest –– and it could be as vague as “Sterek lovers network,” for people who love Sterek to gather and gush about it, or more focused like a “Sterek writers’ network” where you could brainstorm, help inspire each other to finish fics, or even have mini events and writing challenges. (I actually ran one of those for a while and it was amazing, before a falling out with a corunner forced me to leave and I’m still sad about that to this day. There were a lot of amazing people in that group. …But anyway.)

I was also in a fanfic appreciation network… I think that was my first one, where we rec’d each other fic and had a “highlighted fic” to read each month, sort of like a book club, to discuss what we liked. And… well, you get the idea. And the groups would all have a private chat room like hipchat where you could log in and talk to each other about whatever you felt like, and we’d sometimes organize events like group episode viewings. Basically whatever you felt like doing. But it would pretty much guarantee, if you were part of the network, you’d always have people to talk to and it was a great way to feel less lonely in the sea of this massive fandom.