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My characters karaoke “Helpless” from Hamilton! Chaos and blushing ensues…

Something I did for fun to relax from my thesis for a day. Gave myself no more than a day’s worth of time to finish it… ended up with somethin silly

FYI this is not my thesis, just a bonus epi!! Thanks for staying tuned ^^

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“Eleka nahmen nahmen, Ah tum ah tum eleka nahmen…”

This art comes thanks to my awesome roommate Sarah (anacrinecomplex) who SPECIFICALLY requested storyboards!! Here they are! Want so see more Wicked art?  ANY donation to the Doommates Patreon or Paypal (hair.of.gondor@gmail.com) will unlock it! THANK YOU SARAH!!!

ALSO once this month’s Patreon money rolls through we will have hit $200! That means I’ll be posting a GIF!!!!!


Howdy, friends. It’s been a doozy of a year for me. Lots of ups and downs, though thankfully much more of the former than the latter. Lots of work, lots of travel, lots of monumental benchmarks, all leading up to a lot of major changes in my life and career. I’m going on a couple long road trips in the coming weeks with my best buddy Gunther, and I am looking forward to *finally* getting back to taking photos again along the way. Hopefully my long-dormant photography Tumblr blog will start getting some regular updates as a result.

I want to thank all of the absolutely incredible people I have had the pleasure of working with over my many years at Nickelodeon since I started working there over 14 years ago. So many people throughout the company, in both Los Angeles and New York, have shown an intense passion for the two series Mike and I created together. We couldn’t have done it without them. And thanks to all our friends at Studio Mir and Studio Reve for their invaluable contributions to the animation production on Korra. I wish you all the best on your future animated projects.

Thanks especially to all the wonderful Avatar and Korra fans out there in the world. I really can’t put my feelings into words. So, just… thank you. Take care of each other! I leave you with my storyboards for the final shot in the finale. I hope you all have a happy, safe, and wonderful end of the year, and an even better 2015!

Love, Bryan


Aaaand here’s Carissa!! I love this character, she’s a real barbarian :P

I took a lot of inspiration from Sailor Uranus main attack, which blows me out everytime I watch it. So simple and efficient. That’s what I wanted for her.

Hope you like it!