tumblr steals souls

Give it over

I felt so glassy,
glazed over with a tint
proud enough to call my own
some nights we would perish
in our own self-inflicted demise
other nights we would live on forever
vampires on an all you can eat buffet spree
our veins like tater tots,
a side dish and nothing more,
not even worth eating without ketchup.

I keep waiting for the other heel to get caught
in the sewer grate. 
I keep hoping what I’m saying 
doesn’t come to you and catch you
when it’s far too late. 

I want the chances to be on my side,
maybe then the right marches
will signify something more than monotony.
I need you to fill me up with
your eternity, I need you to give yourself over,
to let me have every part of you. 
I promise, I won’t hurt your body.
What I can’t promise is that I won’t hurt
your tender soul.

But you should still give it to me.