tumblr staff is awesome

Okay so from what I can tell, this is Tumblr’s situation right now.

About Messaging:

  • Messaging is out, but only to a handful of people. Those people then must message another person in order for the other person to get messaging. Like some kind of flu or some shit, and no one is vaccinated.
  • However, one blog can only instant message 50 people per day. As in, only 50 conversations can be started (they can then keep talking) per day. Therefore, for each blog that started out has 50 people they can “infect”, and those 50 people have 50 people to message, on and on.
  • Therefore, if you get messaging it’s best for the community if you start messages with people who don’t have it yet. Even if you don’t want to talk with them, just to give them the update.
  • When you do get the update from the person who messaged or “infected” you, there will be a jump scare with balloons and confetti, so be aware. I’m sorry Tumblr hates disabled people. I’m not sure if there’s a noise to go with it.

About Replies:

  • Replies are supposedly coming back after they are “fixed”. I think they got a huge backlash from us, and decided to bring them back.
  • There is no defined timeframe for when they will be back, and only David Karp seems to be saying they will be back. @support seemed vaguely confused about it and specifically mentioned that Karp was the one saying that they will bring back replies.

About Fanmail/Asks:

  • Asks will be staying in the entirety. The ask system will not be changed. 
  • Fanmail will be deleted. They will take away fanmail within the next couple of weeks, assumedly when they think messaging will have “spread”
  • Fanmail chains that are already going (as in, fanmail in your inbox) can still be replied to and sent. You just can’t start a new fanmail by going to someone’s page and clicking the fanmail button.

Please spread this so that everyone knows what’s up!

Sources: @staff blog, @support blog, and multiple blogs who have messaging and have been posting about it with screencaps.

EDIT: I’ve been made aware of 2 more things to add:

  • In a couple of weeks, (probs when they get rid of fanmail) everyone will have messaging. So Unfortunately, we will still be plagued by Spam bots. At least they can only do 50 a day.
  • Also there is no noise when you get the little confetti-balloon update. Awesome!

jaytodd1129  asked:

NO BUT IMAGINE HOW AWESOME. Imagine the tumblr staff (which is basically levi, hanji, erwin, moblit etc) like ok, finally we got rid of that xkit and it's all thanks to ur codes, levi. and levi's like "psh of course, i'm the best damn software engineer in the country" but THEN eren the lil shit finds a way to get AROUND said code and make xkit work anyway and everyone's pretty impressed but hiding it because levi is FUMING like "HOW COULD THIS BRAT GET AROUND /MY/ CODING??" lol

levi doesn’t understand how a rookie can get around his coding like wtf I’VE BEEN CODING SINCE YOU WERE BORN

& eren flirts via code like

body {
font-family:times new german;
position:fixed, if we're official;

This Tumblr nerd visited the Mothership West, Tumblr LA.
The back story: I work at @marquetteu​ and I often eat lunch with the instructional media team. Last year, student photographer @danielalfonzo​ had fresh Tumblr buttons on his backpack — the ones you only get if you know someone at Tumblr. It turns out his sister works for Tumblr, and @idr3amofgenie​ kindly arranged a visit during my Los Angeles tech conference.

Many thanks to @benjgross and @lesecretinvisible — and the awesome @staff I met. I love the Tumblr goodies! It feels like receiving an Oscar swag bag.

You go, Tumblr Support Staff! Per my original posting this morning, I submitted a ticket to the staff regarding the issue at 8:47am and the post has been removed as of 12:43pm.

So, if you ever see someone posting your stuff as their own and you can’t contact them to remove it or they won’t remove it, just let the Tumblr Staff know and they are on it! :)

A lot of y’all have asked me to elaborate on The Thing That Happened Today:

I run @buzzfeed‘s Tumblr, and today we did an Answer Time with some of the cast as well as the directors of Captain America: Civil War. The Answer Time took place in two separate offices, and I ran the Team Cap half of it, featuring Chris Evans, Sebastian Stan, and Anthony Russo. It was great! 

Evans, Stan, and Russo were enthusiastic, charming, and kind — they responded to the submitted questions with humor and insight. I’m so appreciative of the many funny and deep questions the Tumblr community asked. Unfortunately we couldn’t get through all of the questions (we got so many, guys. so, so many), but they answered as many as they could. Everyone was very relaxed and playful, including the awesome Marvel, Tumblr, and PR staff who joined us. (And yes: Chris Evans and Sebastian Stan are very handsome IRL and also very, very charming and they have very nice smiles and I talked with them a bunch and I somehow managed to NOT DIE.)

It was super fun! My coworkers who ran the Team Iron Man half of it also had a great time, and said that RDJ, Chadwick Boseman, and Joe Russo were amazing. Apparently RDJ was up for anything, and Boseman was really thoughtful about his answers. I’m so grateful for and proud of the work all of my coworkers did today. You can read all of the Answer Time’s posts here! (You should also check out BuzzFeed’s Snapchat story from today while you still can for more behind-the-scenes of today’s event.) We’ll be posting an article on BuzzFeed Dot Com (the website) featuring additional photos soon, and I’ll be sharing it on @buzzfeed‘s Tumblr when it’s live.

P.S. 5 years ago I was working a really shitty job in NC. Today I met some really famous people. THINGS REALLY CAN GET BETTER, Y’ALL.

Since it’s the new year and all I thought maybe I should write some words - so here they are:


Seriously. All my Tumblr peeps: you guys are awesome.

Tumblr staff: thanks for all the times you’ve featured my stuff on here and for actually giving a dang.

Tumblr homies: thanks for just hanging out. If you’d have told me three years ago that a bunch of people would like all the dumb doodles I do, I’d have said you were crazy. Thanks for laughing at my dumb jokes. I’m basically the worst at answering asks, but thank you all so much for your kind words this year. It means a lot that some of you would take time out of your day to offer words of encouragement.

Most of all, thanks for making stuff. This community inspires me so much and every day I find new art to drool over. I’m so proud to be a part of Tumblr and I can’t wait to see what we get up to in 2015.

Happy New Year!


After some intense messaging since yesterday evening, I can only say again:

Awesome work @staff! Tumblr and the Tumblr engineers get bashed so often for things that many of us don’t consider to be great, so let’s be fair and also say a big thank you for this great new feature!

What I especially like:

I don’t have to leave the dashboard or blog to send or answer messages.
All is much tidier.
I can message with blogs I don’t follow or that don’t follow mine (in case they allow this in their settings).

Yes, maybe responsive design would be an improvement. And surely there are a couple of other small things that will add to this. But I’m sure they all will come. And even if not: this new feature is so much of an improvement to fanmail.
I had to have four other messengers running to stay in contact with Tumblr friends (Hangouts, Skype, Viber, kik), because all used different ones. Now I don’t need that anymore.

Can’t wait for the new and improved comment feature. But I’m sure - looking at the chat - this will be awesome.

Great work, Tumblr! Great work!

Wow, Tumblr. You’re pretty awesome.

I was just going to post a bit of fluff/poke some fun at myself over my mood this morning vs my current disposition, and opened up Tumblr’s gif thingy to choose a dramatic, over-angsty representation. But when I typed in “sad,” this is what popped up:

This is …so meaningful. And helpful. And perfectly located. Especially with the kinds of gifs that fall into this category (I looked - very dark, very self-harming), I am so happy that whoever runs this giant spaceship took the time to put in this message. It truly could save a life.

Bravo, @staff. Thanks for reminding me of your humanity and for also being awesome.

Okay…I thought maybe it was my fault, so I tried it a few times but no, basically this is what happens to reblogged posts now:

This is not my post. I reblogged it and someone reblogged it from me. I didn’t add any comment nor did I change something about the caption. I just reblogged it. And still, it looks like I added the caption now. And if you don’t pay attention to the small reblog sign or the dimmed (!) source, it looks like my post now.

This is my post. When I posted it I added the caption. Someone reblogged it and boom, tumblr adds their url.

Now some of you might think “Hey, where’s the problem?” and in fact, you’re right. It’s not a big drama. But I, personally, don’t want my url under a post I have nothing to do with. There is no reason why people should see my url under the work of someone else, unless I added a comment. 

There is NO reason why people should associate MY blog with someone else’s creation. I didn’t do anything to make this post happen. All I did was reblogging it. And now I feel like I stole it.

And I want to apologize to everyone who’ll see my url under their post and ABOVE their caption in future. I didn’t put it there on purpose. I didn’t want to have my url anywhere in or on, under or above your amazing post. I just wanted to reblog it because it’s pretty damn awesome work. 

But apparently, the tumblr staff doesn’t care about the creators among us.