tumblr spring outfit


DRESS: Light In The Box**
SHOES: Charlotte Russe


So the store Light In The Box reached out to me to review and style some of their stuff! I’m going to be doing another 3 outfits too. Personally I found the site a bit overwhelming to navigate. It is a wholesale based site, so quality is something to be very wary of as is from all wholesale type sites. They’re great for stockists or for seasonal trends, but as wardrobe staples it’s a gamble!

This dress was super cute honestly! It’s not too durable though. Believe it or not this is without a bra. I don’t see the straps living too long in the future and they were rather complicated to figure out at first. I had to lay it out and step inside of it! Of all the items I’ve gotten from them so far though this will probably survive the second longest. Stay tuned for the next few posts to see if everything else lives up to the hype!  💛💛💛

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