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SJW: Male privilege is a thing.

A trans guy: As a male I disagree with that.

SJW: You’re trans, you don’t have male privilege.

Can’t you see how saying that is basically saying “you’re not really a man”? By telling a trans guy he doesn’t have ‘male privilege’ you’re telling him he’s not a male. And y'all call transmeds transphobic but then turn around and say shit like this. Ok.

Since the Tumblr social justice crowd loves talking about how white people aren’t allowed to speak over minorities, I think it’s only fair to make a list of what minorities aren’t allowed to do.

。If a black man tells you he’s not oppressed, you don’t get the right to raise your voice over him and say he is.

。If a woman tells you she doesn’t need feminism, you don’t get the right to raise your voice over her and say she does.

。You don’t get the right to claim these or any other minority individuals as part of a hive mind.

。If a white man tells you he is not privileged or racist, you don’t get the right to raise your voice over him and say he is.

。You don’t get the right to push whites out of school and threaten violence on professors that do not comply.

。You don’t get the right to fake hate crimes.

。You don’t get the right to be free from questioning, disbelief, or criticism.

。You don’t get the right to attack or silence anyone for expressing themselves or speaking their minds.

。You don’t get the right to attack anyone for being straight, or white, or male.

。You don’t get the right to segregate/police cultures, languages, or things.

。You don’t get the right to redefine the English language to aid in any of the above.

You do all realize that the founder of Tumblr, David, is a cisgender straight white man like all you complain about?

EDIT: I feel like you all missed the point of this post, you know? I am a woman too, I meant the fact that everyone continues to use this site to complain despite the fact that it was created by a white man, I myself was mistreated by white boys.

Listen up SJW and stupid girls who think that the USA needs your fucking bloated, sexist, political version of feminism:

In Columbia, right now, almost every single woman, by the time they’re 15, have butt implants. YES, 15 year old’s getting butt implants because that is sexy there. Not by force, of course.

In specific tribes in Africa, people still practice female circumcision, with crude tools, at a every young age.

Lots of parts of Asia still practice traditional gender roles where the woman must do what her father or husband wants.

Not to mention the Middle East’s issues with letting women do anything outside of the house.

The rest of the world is struggling a lot more with the problems of ACTUAL PATRIARCHY. Not this we’re not gonna wear pink anymore because we wont support the patriarchy bullshit.

While there are women on this planet who never have and never will have an orgasm. They’ll never feel safe in there own homes, even with their parents sleeping in the other room because they still feel more devoted to “honor” than their own daughters.

You pretentious little girls need to understand the men who fall in love with women and the women who fall mutually to those men, but who have already been sold off by their families to other families.

The fathers who risk their lives and their reputations to give their daughters basic human rights in countries that don’t allow it.

The mothers who try to teach their daughters, through tears, that their lives are structured by a society that barely recognizes them as people. 

DO-FUCKING-NOT bitch and moan and berate the entire male gender because one guy on the subway said something off-color to you. Just live your life in the privileged world that this country has built for you and realize that the world is a fuck-ton bigger than you’re petty man-hating agenda.  

- A fellow feminist 

man I’m not gonna pretend tumblr social justice doesn’t make me uncomfortable at times but how could anyone think a website where a common form of address is “_______fag” is better or in any way worthwhile

anonymous asked:

i’ve been on this fucking site for 10 minutes and i’m already pissed off holy shit. anti-arbuckle fandom? i mean, i’m aware tumblr is practically social justice warrior-land, but jesus christ man, jons know the consequence of animal abuse and know it’s illegal & can land them in jail. fucking sjws.

i can’t even tell if you’re joking