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hope u werent asked this b4 but i want to learn to make gifs so i can make stimboards for myself but ive tried many ways that other ppl recommended (like ezgif, instagiffer, etc) but im kinda slow n its hard for me to do things w/o a visual guide i dunno why but also w/ tumblr's size limit n framing (whatever that means) it's hard for me to understand how to get the gif right. do u or ur followers know of any guides or anythings? thx!

I looked around but I couldn’t really find a visual guide anywhere? And the ones that I found on google are for programs I’m not familiar with, so I wouldn’t be able to explain it very well! So I made one that describes the way that I do it! ^^ It’s long bc of the pictures, so I’ll put it under a readmore!

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