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Indirects 2014 - & more

I already posted about indirects/shades between them on twitter and also tumblr: Shades - Camren and Camila and Lauren 2013 and since some of you asked for a new one I’ll do, I’m gonna post the ones I believe that are connected. Enjoy.


‘’I have looked at you in millions of ways and I have loved you in each’’

Camila reblogged July 30 and then Lauren reblogged July 31, mmmm…

Reblogged the same day…

‘’Suddenly, every song was about you’’


‘’I miss you, but fuck you’’


‘’I want to be with you, it is as simple, and as complicated as that’’

They reblogged the same day.

‘’I wonder who’s gonna be by my side in 10 years’’

Then I found more indirects between them I don’t know if it’s from 2014 but I’ll still add them.

I think they were trying to make things work in 2014 and they were confused about their feelings, so they were on a “on and off” relationship like in 2013 like I showed you in my post. They’re literally shading each other. 

I was looking their likes on tumblr, let’s see how they’re feeling:

Make your own conclusions.

ScientistsArePeopleToo Tumblr Scientist Profiles

Hello, fellow science-lovers! I’ve decided it’s about time to put this blog to use showing off all of the wonderful scientists on Tumblr. As such, I’m hoping to start writing weekly Tumblr scientist profiles (just a paragraph or two about a cool person on Tumblr and why they love science). The profiles will be completely voluntary, which is why I’m writing this little blurb right now!

If you are interested in being profiled as a Tumblr scientist, please let me know (reply, reblog, ask, etc)! If you are worried about whether or not you count as a “scientist,” fear not! In my opinion, a scientist is anyone who tries to engage with science in some way (which should hopefully be everyone!)

Dear Science Side of tumblr,

So I asked my mom a biology/genetics questions and she got pissed off at me and told me since I thought of the question while scrolling through tumblr, I should post it here to see if anyone can answer it. Here is my question:

Lets say there is Twin A, Twin B, and Girl C. Twins A & B are identical twins. Girl C shares no relation to Twins A & B. Girl C has sex with Twin A then later she has sex with Twin B. Somewhere in the process Girl C gets pregnant but nobody knows which Twin is the father.

Now, if Girl C got a paternity test to see which of the identical twins is the father, would the results comeback inconclusive/void because Twin A and Twin B are identical?

OKAY BUT has anyone noticed THIS?

The faces.
Shinyas pose.
Shinyas hands.

Can we all take a moment and pray for sister Guren?

@sensendameda (Shinya = you here 301%)
@gureshinforlife (you should totally ask for permission to use this as your icon, lol.)
@xatanic (things like THAT are why you’re my fav artist ever ♡)

[Ps: sorry for making a new post. I wanted to put the screenshot in my reblog but either I’m stupid or the tumblr app won’t let me use images/pics in reblogs 😞😶 Sorry :/♡]

hey guys!

a few days ago, I posted this asking for ideas on how to help people to get a follow from taylor

someone suggested that i should make follow lists, so im writing this to let you all know that i will be making them

if you would like to be in one, just like this post (or send me a message or reblog it… just let me know someway) and i will add you to it, ok?

Hey everyone! Remember how a few months ago, I made this post http://spooky-fruk.tumblr.com/post/123083973358/lets-form-a-fruk-squad saying that we should make a FrUK squad? Well, I finally got to making the page for it! I will be adding anyone who reblogged the post (with likes, I’m not sure if people just like the idea or if they kept it for reference, but reblogs are the ones I will count because those are the people that spread the post), and anyone that sent me a message about it asking to join. If anyone would like to be added to the page, REBLOG this post, or send me a message! 

There is no application to join this squad! Just as long as you ship FrUK, it’s already an invitation to come on down and be part of it. It’s not a network. It’s a page for FrUK shippers to be together. :) I am still formatting the page, but as soon as I finish, I will add the link so people can see it.