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Felt stressed because of exams so I whipped up something quick. I might properly colour it at some point but who the heck knows. Scene from Chapter 40 of @vargrimar / @varg-writes ‘s fic Your Body is a Weapon.

Antis: lol why are you scrolling through the anti tag? We properly tag all our posts!!! You’re just looking for trouble!!!!

also antis: *tags post “anti [shipname]” instead of “anti[shipname]” 

*responds to an anon message with [shipname] not censored publicly* 

*tags specific bloggers in post*

*@’s bloggers on block list* 


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You can’t tell me Qrow didn’t win Baby Ruby over by making her a rose flower crown, and sequentially turning her into his biggest adoring fan, you just can’t ok!

Sorry for being a bit inactive lately! I’ve been dealing with a lot of stuff and just needed to take a break, but I’m gonna work hard and make lots of new RWBY content if it kills me! Till next time~ ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ