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Get to know me: [1/10] Pairings

“William Darcy, I don’t want to be just friends and I don’t want to be with you cause I’m grateful. I want to be with you cause of you. Got it?”

Y'all realize you can dislike something/someone just cause it doesn’t vibe with you, right? Like doing 726382847282377 hours of research to make things look problematic and telling other people that they’re bad for liking it isn’t necessary at all


Luka Magnotta, also known as Eric Newman posing for a photoshoot.

Luka Magnotta is a Canadian murderer who killed and dismembered the Chinese international student Lin Jun (34) on the 24th of May, 2012. He then mailed some of the bodyparts to elementary schools and political offices. Luka also videotaped the murder and uploaded it to the internet for the whole world to see.

Luka fled out of Canada and was arrested in an internet café in Berlin, Germany while reading news articles about himself. He was sentenced to life imprisonment with the possibility of parole after serving atleast 25 years.

i really hope that no one takes any of these posts as me “attacking” their ships or whatever!

let me also re-clarify, this has NOTHING to do with me shipping mcpriceley. not one bit.

i just really need to put it out there that 2 males can be friends without you guys having to turn it into a gay relationship. it’s also really important that we have this kind of representation of friendship so that it kills the whole “dudes bein nice and supportive of each other is gay” thing.

I understand wanting more representation of the LGBT+ community in media. But let’s also not wash away this CANON, safe, pure, NON-ABUSIVE, NOT SEXUALIZED (unless you wanna count baptize me as sexual, but we know it’s all a joke) relationship between a Ugandan woman and a fat, nerdy, white boy.

Can we just appreciate that? For once? The only canon couple in this musical ended up being between a black woman and the nerdy sidekick. They could have easily made it the skinny, smart lead (Kevin Price) but instead made it Arnold. Who was never confident in himself and who was always used to being in the shadows.

That’s just. Important. Stop. Leaving. Nabalungi. Out. Of. This.

Let Kevin support his friend. Let Arnaba live on.

That’s all.

just saying but i finished vl/d in 3 days and never before have i seen such a wholesome and amazing relationship between two characters (with quite honestly the most chemistry out of all the paladins) be turned down so harshly by its own fandom just bc of unofficial information and of a color trope…

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I really hope I didn’t forget anyone. <3

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Working and planning, working and planning, working and planning is all I’ve been doing recently (ah and watching twin peaks). Couldn’t post any of that tho bc tumblr seems to be hating me and I can’t draft nor publish posts, wtf? 😕

fishatheone  asked:

Hello! I sent this ask, like, three times, but it seems that Tumblr hates me cause it always get lost somewhere :/ Anyway, could you please recommend me some break-up-make-up!au fics? I already checked your tag and read them all, but I can't find more. Thank youuu!! :3 Btw, I love this blog so so much <3

@notbaekyeol also asked: Hey! I’m in need for breakup makeup au! Can you recommend me any fic?

enjoy! - admin shiba

delphishield  asked:

ah could I request Heath from Fire Emblem 7 in D6? so sorry if i accidentally sent this in twice or past the deadline, tumblr seems to hate me as of recently. but hey! keep doing what you're doing, i love your stuff!!


Seriously guys I love FE Sacred Stones and FE 7 so much! You could suggest me to draw any character from those two games and I’d probably be like hellz yez!

Anyone else tired of that whole “Skywalker men are whiny babies, at least the Skywalker women get stuff done and aren’t whiny and stupid.” shit that goes on on tumblr dot com?

Like, I find it so annoying ‘cause most of the time I see it, it’s meant in full seriousness. I can’t even enjoy it in good humor anymore!

We don’t need to tear one group down to uplift another, okay?

Skywalker women are amazing: they are dramatic, capable, caring, powerful, and total fashionista drama queens.

Skywalker men are amazing: they are dramatic, capable, caring, powerful, and total fashionista drama queens.

Just in different ways.

The Skywalkers are also: highly naive, dangerously idealistic, prone to high emotional responses, and have all at least murdered once in their life.

Different reasons for the murders, of course, and shouldn’t be counted the same, but still.


did a blurryface song based arty-thing with watercolors + markers

This photo was taken shortly before the weather decided I needed to speed up my run a bit. A few minutes later a small snow “storm” started and my planned 40 minutes run turned into a “getting my ass home as fast as possible before I freeze to death preferably without slipping and breaking my neck” kinda run 😂😅
Instead I played table tennis again 🎉 and did a bit of yoga.

(my workout yesterday (since tumblr seemed to hate me ) consisted of me stopping my run after the warm up and 3 hours of badminton 😊)


First photo is Kris’ new entertainment company planning to turn public in favor for kris

2nd, 3rd, 4th picture is the company executing it. They let out a rumor, as like an official thing, that Lay (omg this angel unicorn) bullied Kris therefore Kris left the group……

so lay’s family got death threats and lay is currently just being hated a lot by Chinese fans…..





im really lazy and i hate translating stuff to english

but i will and plz read kk.




타오 “중요한 콘서트를 앞두고 뜻밖에 일이 벌어졌다. 다른 사람과 상의하지 않고 이런 행동을 하는 것은, 사람의 신임을 잃는 비열한 행위이다”

Tao: “unexpected thing happened before our concert. doing this without discussing with other people is too mean to do as a human”




레이 “우리 EXO의 멤버와 회사 사이에는 어떠한 문제도 없이 계속 함께 일하고 있다” 

Lay: “our exo members and our company don’t have problem to continue what we have been doing”




시우민 “지금의 11 멤버를 굳게 지킴과 동시에 팬들의 약속을 위해서, 전력으로 콘서트를 준비하고 있다” 

Xiumin: i will protect the 11 members we have right now and also keep the promise i made with our fans, we are preparing the concert with all our might”



ok i don’t want to see any more posts 12-1=0 like stfu no xiumin said it so himself don’t neglect the truth. It’s 11 members now. accept it. deal with it. stfu. kk.



루한 “남은 11명의 생각이 모두 같아 최대한으로 노력해 콘서트를 준비할 것이고, 더 이상 악의적인 여론 공격을 받지 않기 바란다”

Luhan: “the 11 members left will together put our best to prepare the concert, and hope there won’t be anymore attack from public opinions.”




첸 “우리가 아주 오랫동안 꿈꿔오던 콘서트가 곧 이루어지려 할때 이런 일이 생겨 모두 매우 상심하고 있다”

Chen: “This concert has been a dream we all been dreaming of for a long time, but when it is about to happen this incident happened so we are all very upset.”

 I know EXO fans are really upset cuz i am too..and doesn’t want to believe that Kris has been preparing this for a year, all thru that showtimes and good memories but….it’s happening and it’s true.

If kris was rly sick and didn’t want to be an idol or a celebrity he would have just quit but he planned this and hold hands with a new company in China to become an actor…..lol an actor..

ok so that is why he needs the good public image and the only way to do that is turn the public against exo. Using media manipulation to do that is very common in korea or china. People are paid to do that. To let out an article, to let out a news as a company tells them to do.

Make SM look like the devil and make kris a poor victim and make SM look like it actually controls exos sns….LOL. Im surprise that many people believe this actually lololol

i just wanted to inform tumblr. tumblr always seems kind of late. plzlzzzzz dont hate me im not doing this to cause a fight.