tumblr said there was an error in posting


Here are some lazily drawn “draw your squad” pictures that nobody wanted.

The first two a made today for fun, the last two a made a few weeks back before I even had a Tumblr(I just got Tumblr 3 days ago I think…) I never bothered to post them on DA or anything, so here. (And yes, the third one is my header for my page. I don’t know why I chose that to be it.)

I did show my friend the first one, and since the last thing I posted was that gif of Error calling Ink “smol”, they said that that picture was Ink getting revenge on him and it’s just a never ending cycle of them getting revenge on each other.

I’m so sorry I made these. Hopefully the least they did was make you smile or even chuckle slightly. They’re only for giggles.

Ain’t shitposting fun.