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Who is CJ? What did she do?

CJ is a….I don’t even know what to call her. She’s an artist on the internet that harasses Youtubers, makes offensive and racist comments, and ignores Youtuber’s requests to stop putting porn of them in their main tag. She’s bad news.

On twitter, she said that Mark’s Charity Livestreams are a scam, and he shouldn’t “ask us for money” and should just donate his own money since he’s “so rich”.

She’s immature and extremely rude. 99% of her tumblr is her laughing and joking at all the hate asks that she gets. She rarely actually responds to her actual fans. Or maybe she literally only has hate asks. Idfk.

it’s CartoonJunkie. I don’t even care if she finds this. It’s CartoonJunkie.

Sunday Shoutout

Shoutout to all the artist out there, drawing is tough stuff and I can hardly ever find the time 

BTW my little project im working on is coming along okay so far but i’ll give a little hint about it: it sort of goes with the modern day AU but in a different way.

I feel like I should write down a list of possible AU ideas that i could use in the future so if you got some cool AU ideas just pop them in my inbox and I’ll add them to the list. Also, that being said, I find a lot of stuff on tumblr (like quotes from books or scenes from movies) that I think would inspire a good AU ideas so I’m probably going to start reblogging those and tagging them as  #AUprompt. so if you see me reblogging anything questionable, check the tags or ask me about what kind of AU I’m thinking of.

ALSO totally not trying to throw @blobbeary into the spotlight but the twins AU they had is really cool spin on the J&H story and the way it was described to me immediately reminded me of this really dramatic scene from a horror movie called My Soul To Take (there’s some cursing and a little blood in this video) This doesn’t happen in the AU and probably never will but it’s a good example of siblings hating each other which I imagine would happen a lot between Henry and Edward

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There's literally no getting through to people like you, honestly you can't decide for someone else whether they can use the tag or not, I get its wrong when they aren't using the tag for what it's meant for but stop trying to decide who is allowed to use it or not because just because you see yourself as someone who is larger does not mean you can decide someone that's skinny cannot use the tag, it's up to them ultimately and you'll be a lot less pressed when you realise that

you’re absolutely right my apologies! fuck representation of people who aren’t conventionally attractive.  who really needs a safe space lmao! the one community we had where we could all help each other and uplift each other should include EVERYONE <3 because everyone else in the world are fine with fat people :-) i saw a post on tumblr dot com that said fat people are beautiful so oppression is gone <3 

I know other people have mentioned this before (and I’ve said more than I probably should have about it already) but literally the wildest thing about the “q slur” discourse is that if you’re triggered by the word “queer” and use blacklisting software…literally all you’d have to do to never see the word “queer” on tumblr again is blacklist the word, and maybe occasionally ask people to tag posts that only mention it in images with “queer”

like the whole thing smelled fishy to me immediately because of this and I have yet to see an explanation for why folks specifically need a “q slur” or “q word” tag as opposed to just blacklisting “queer” and moving on. if you have an actual explanation for this please please please let me know - I can’t use blacklisting software, so there might be something I’m missing here

I heard there are dvds of a few tmnt season5 episodes.
And already there might be spoilers somewhere and it will come to Tumblr too.
So some kind people said that we should prepare with spoiler tags.
But usually I use spoiler tag for new aired episodes, I can’t see anything from now to in for weeks or like that?
When Korean tmnt came, I watched it and regretted that.
I just want to watch new episodes on time without spoilers.
Should I leave here until the episodes end?
Oh, I’m lying, I didn’t use spoiler tag for me, for someone who would see my reblogs. But this time I wanted to use it to avoid spoilers, but thought “which spoilers?”:/

I haven’t been on tumblr all day. Checked in just now. Have been loling ever since. Someone just ban that woman from using twitter!!!! Yes, that’s right: calling an entire fanbase - the same one you said should keep fanwork off the internet and in their ‘diaries’ where it belongs, never forget, not to mention her public support of Tim Roberts, the man who stated repeatedly that fangirls should commit mass suicide - ‘cretins’ - that’s a classy move. And apologies mean it never happened, of course. She just needs a publicist who filters every single word she puts online. I mean, don’t we all, to whatever extent. Except we’re not famous, and insulting literally millions of people at all. That’s the difference there. 

I don’t hate this woman, at all. I don’t wish her ill. But I have enormous issues with the problematic things she’s said, tweeted, or retweeted about fans and fanwork and her insistence on making herself or her character the spotlight of any PR event. To post a tease pic like that and then get angry that people took a closer look at it? In the Sherlock Holmes fandom???? That’s just wanting to have your cake and eat it, too. If it’s a spoiler, don’t put the damned thing on twitter. Just a thought. But I mean it when I say that this is not hate. It’s exasperation for sure, though.