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Official #BlackoutDay Masterpost (Created: March 29, 2015. Updated: March 6th, 2017)

Welcome to the official #BlackoutDay / #TheBlackout Masterpost.

This post was originally hosted on WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow and is now on @theblackoutofficial.

In this post you’ll find the history of the movement, including important changes to the team and format, and FAQ. 

 Let’s get started…

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-This is only 3000 words? THERE ARE 7 PAGES
-Fuck, this sounds nothing like him
-I cannot remember anything I’ve written
-This doesn’t make any sense at all
-You’re trying to tell me I need a beginning, middle and end?
-Like all three?
-A conflict? Ok sure but how about they’re I N  L O V E
-This is kind of gross
-Do I even know what I’m talking about?
- 1000 random Wikipedia pages open in an attempt to make some kind of sense
- I need to go on tumblr because I need to research
- 3 hours later: nice.
-I could try for 5000 words or… I could try for 500 words
-I loveeee him
-They are in loveeee
-Why am I not in love
-How many times can I say glanced
-Yells at the thesaurus because It Is Not Helping
-How do you use quotation marks
-Do, I need a, comma here,?
- how do you spell nedjsidhen
- How can I slip in a reference without seeming dumb
-What do you mean that’s not how you spell remeber 
-oh ya
remeber remember
-pretty fucking sure that’s a word
-oh. Well it should be
-thinks about metaphors instead of listening to anyone and never uses said metaphors
-can I just toss in a little lol or lmao here 
-I would give anything to be able to listen to music while doing this 
-Reading everyone’s tags to see if they said something nice

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how are people justifying that f!handers is inherently abusive lmao??? like i literally mean how are people doing it i've not seen it before but i don't put it past people

So I’m gonna explain the issues between the fhanders and mhanders fandoms now, because this is not new.

1.  If you look at old fhanders fics, they are all abusive and terrible for the most part, a lot of ‘fix it’ fics where Anders is ‘cured’ of Justice and all his mental illnesses too.

2.  old fhanders fandom used to do this to mhawke posts:  http://arwingyoshi.tumblr.com/post/159663659062/i-got-a-why-is-dude-hawke-so-popular-tag-am-i

3.  However, mhanders people have said he should “basically be gay” because of how much better in game he responds to mhawke than fhawke, but this is only because of hepler’s writing.  Which I’m not even saying Anders should be counted as canonically sexist anymore, because Sebastian also says some sexist things in game, so basically Hepler should never be allowed to write men, because they always turn out sexist in her writing.  However, this does not make Anders less bi and the mhanders fandom needs to stop.

4.  I’ve seen accusations of ‘you’re misogynistic because you prefer mhawke’, or ‘you’re homophobic if you prefer fhawke’ thrown around from both sides of the fandom.  My opinion: you’re biphobic if you say any of these things, and Anders is BI regardless.

The fandom has been splintered for a VERY long time, I am only now truly trusting parts of the fhanders fandom because I’ve been around this fandom long enough to see all of it.  I’m mhanders personally, but Anders is bi, him and fhawke isn’t inherently abusive, and the biphobia in this fandom has to stop.

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graham used to have an IG and it was @tinhat but he shut it down, i don't think he has a new one, this was years ago. he did briefly have a tumblr and you should check out the "graham's tumblr" tag on my blog bc though he posted very little, it was amazing. i have spent an embarrassing amount of time trying to find all his posts, im so sad i wasnt on tumblr or into blur when he was on here


Social medias don’t deserve Graham and tbh I think he enjoys Twitter because is maybe the most serious one

And I will check that tag, want to fuel my life for another century, thanks!!!!

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Hi! I'm new to this whole ask thingy! Are there any specific rules to follow so I don't accidentally ask anything that would upset anyone? Thank you! :)

Hi there! Welcome to the blog! There should be some captions under the blog heading, but in case there isn’t, I’ve linked the most important ones underneath! Asks can be directed at me (or Lou temporarily, as said beneath) or the Nordics as individuals or the group!
As a side note, I’m currently in a collaboration with my partner @askthenordichomos and any asks are distributed between the two of us and are tagged accordingly under either “Charlie speaks” (which is me) or “Lou answers” (which is my partner). Anyway, have fun!




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hey there, this might be a weird ask sorry, but i got recommended ur vol//tron account on twitter (i didn't think twitter was supposed to recommend locked accs but? ig the algorithms are weird since the update), and since ur desc said u ship sh///eith i clicked thru ur tumblr link + redirects to know who u are to stay clear, but from looking thru ur tags here it looks like u don't ship it anymore? so ig i'm just here to notify u that your sidebar still says that in case its outdated

imfmdkfkkd god fucking twitter… yeah i literally havent even used that account since last july??? ive been meaning to delete it i guess i should do that right now. thanks for letting me know yeah i dont wanna continue giving that impression accidentally

Tumblr questions 4

Why did you choose your URL?
+ when I crested my Tumblr-page I used it lots of places. I propably should change it at some point or not. I kinda like it.
What is your middle name?
+ Kristiina.
If you could own a fairytale/fictional pet, what would it be?
+ not going to be very original but I love dragons so a dragon. Maybe I change this later if I figure out something else.
Favorite colour?
+ at the moment it is yellow.
Favorite song?
+ so many and it changes time to time but Ed Sheerans Shape of You.
What are your top three fandoms?
+ I’m kinda new to all this fandom thing but I have just three of them.. so what I mainly follow is Robron. Then there’s Stucky. And I really don’t know if there’s a specific name for it but fanfics about Divergent’s Eric is something I’m really into.
What do you enjoy about Tumblr?
+ that I can post whatever I want and follow anything that interests me.
Tag all 9 of your Tumblr crushes (they can do all 8 questions too, if they want to)
+ not crushes but are the people I check on daily. They don’t know who I am tho but I appreciate every one of them :) and what 8? Aint there just 7 questions… @stephrc79 @petite-madame @scrapyardboyfriends @ryanhawleysthighs @aarondingel @dannymillersthighs @littlelooneyluna @capseycartwright @vckaarrob

YouTuber Love

Characters: Suga/Yoongi, and Reader (you)

Genre: Fluff

A/N: My blog deleted because I am just ??? So I am re-uploading my scenario. I will be making YouTuber AU’s for the rest of the members too. I’m just kinda slow at writing.. Enjoy!

Originally posted by jungkooksarms

“What’s up, guys? It’s me, Y/n!” I exclaimed, doing my signature hand motion. Yoongi snickered from his spot out of camera range. “Shut up.” I laughed.

I turned my attention back the the camera in front of me. “I thought that maybe I should do a Tumblr-tag video..but then I got thinking. Why would you guys want to watch me scroll through Tumblr and see what you weirdos do like I usually do?” I asked, raising an eyebrow to the camera, “So I thought, why not bring a Tumblr noob in here and scroll through their tag to see if I break them! So here is the guest I’m gonna corrupt!” I waved Yoongi over and he used his wheeled office chair to roll into the camera range.

“Hey, Lets pour some suga on it, huh?” Yoongi said his intro with his ‘classic’ handguns towards the camera.

“Lame.” I coughed and he shot me a glare, “Yes, guys! It’s Yoongi from ‘Letspoursomesugaonit’!”

“Y/n said she’s going to take me on a tour of…tumble-er?” Yoongi stated, voice raising at the end like a question, “Can you explain what it is to me?” He turned his head towards me.

I smirked. “Tumblr is a blogging website where people go to share feelings, pictures, fandoms and such to each other.” I explained, “It’s a dark and dangerous journey. Once you go in, you don’t come out the same. Lets get started, yeah?”

“Ah..I’ve heard there’s lots of strange stuff on this website. Should I be worried?” He asked, looking between the camera and I.

I only smirked a little bit while typing his channel name into the search bar of Tumblr. “Ready?” I asked, finger ready to press the ‘return’ key.

“As ready as I’ll ever be..”

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Rune Factory Valentine Fever 2016 official announcement!


That’s right! Time for the official announcement of the Rune Factory Valentine Fever 2016 event! WOoooOOOooo!

Originally posted by teapotsandroses

So here’s the lowdown!

What is it?
>A fandom participation event themed for romantic and sexual shipping!

When is it?
>February 1st-February 14th

What can I win?
>There will be three prizes up for grabs: One piece of request fan art from me and two request one-shot fics by me. If you win, you can request any rf ship as spicy as you like, [but I have veto power if the request makes me uncomfortable].

How can I win?
>Each piece of content created specifically for this event according to the daily themes will earn the creator of said work one imaginary raffle ticket! I will use a random number generator at the closing of the event to select three winners. Each winner will select a prize until all three are gone.

How do I participate?
>Create and post fan works here on tumblr based on the daily themes during the event period and tag it appropriately according to the rules. These can be Fan Art, Fan Fiction, Audio Remixes, etc. etc. Basically, any creative derivative work involving characters from the RF franchise.


>All entries should represent a ship/couple pairing from any of the Rune Factory games and including only characters from said games.

>NSFW works are accepted and encouraged as entries in this contest UNLESS you are underage. If you are younger than 18, even by a day or three during the contest period, you may not submit works that are NSFW or containing anything that would earn a film an R rating. Please honor this rule. We don’t want any drama or trouble.

>All entries must be tagged with #RFValentineFever2016 to be eligible for prizes and promotion/reblogs by contest .

>All entries containing nsfw/adult content including but not limited to: nudity, sexual intercourse/activities, or sexually provocative imagery MUST be tagged with #NSFW AS THE FIRST TAG (this is to ensure the most consistent possible performance as far as allowing tumblr’s safe search function to successfully filter these posts.) NSFW entries must also have the tag #RFVF16spicy (This is to allow community members to blacklist only the nsfw entries if they so choose). I also encourage you to use the tag #RF18 so that your works can be found by folks looking for spicy rf fan art!

>NO depictions of rape, non-con, domestic violence, or child abuse (sexual or otherwise). NO EXCEPTIONS. I realize the art style of the games make characters seem young like Amber and Kiel, but if I see, for example, a character drawn in a more mature/lifelike style having sex with a character drawn in a childish visual style it will NOT be accepted, promoted, eligible for prizes, etc. Let’s not go here, people. Thank you!

>You may post via submissions to my blog if you do not wish to post them on your blog, but you must write your own artist statement and include your username/blog name to be eligible for prizes.

>Play nice, treat each other with kindness and respect, and have fun!


Worry not, my lovelies, I have no trouble with giving you the themes early! They are as follows:

2/1/16:First Date
2/2/16: “I’d only wear this for you”
2/3/16: New Toys
2/4/16: Three’s a crowd/Three’s a party!
2/5/16: “Good Morning” 
2/6/16: Breaking the Rules
2/7/16: “I Love You”
2/8/16: Size matters/Size doesn’t matter
2/9/16: Something New/First time
2/10/16: Chocolate/dessert  
2/11/16: Slumber Party
2/12/16: “That’s an odd place to _____.”  
2/13/16: White Day (Boys give gifts)
2/14/16: Valentine’s Day (girls give gifts)

All the themes are intended to be able to be interpreted as tame/fluffy or sexy/spicy as you like. :)

You are welcome to create your content for these themes ahead of time, but they will need to be posted during the two week contest period to be eligible for prizes. (Any time between Feb 1st and Feb 14th regardless of which theme)

I’ll make a contest post for each day reminding you of the theme, and I’ll be creating a few entries myself, too! :)

That’s it! If you have questions feel free to drop me an ask, message me directly in Tumblr’s IM at @hellothisisyve or hit me up on Skype: YveAffection.

I’m Way excited to see what y’all create! >u<
Let’s have a fabulous February! :D

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you should mind your own business and not talk about things you don't understand. especially in regards to france. Many french on tumblr have repeatedly said that the Americans should butt out.

LOL because racially charged Islamophobic/homophobic/transphobic/ableist “satire,” is now exclusive to French media? 

Also, I didn’t mention France or Charlie Hebdo in my post or in the tags BECAUSE IT’S NOT FUCKING LIMITED TO THAT so maybe you should butt out. 

As long as there are media outlets violently stereotyping people like me and other POC I will not shut up about it. Because IT IS causing abuse to be spewed towards us in real life and over the internet.


Wanna join the Clique Clique?!?! Yes you do…

We are going to add TWO MEMBERS ONLY!

What happens when I join the Clique Clique???

  • You make new friends to last a life time.
  • We are sooooo close and there are only a few of us so it makes us like a close-knit family. 
  • We talk about sexual things.. like a lot.
  • Tinychats literally every night.
  • You will be in our imessage group chat heehe.
  • You may become overwhelmed with Alex selfies and occasional nudes.
  • Boy talk. A lot of that.
  • We like to talk about Niall Horan because well its Niall Horan. 

What you get when you join!

  • A spot on our network page!!
  • Tinychats
  • Added to our imessage group! (This is where we talk most)
  • Added to our tumblr group.
  • Our snapchats.

Why would I want to join?

  • Like I said before we are so close. 
  • I consider these 4 amazing people as my best friends.
  • We are awesome and hilarious.
  • We are there for each other.

How do I join this amazing group?!?!

  • Make a post in the tag #the clique clique (Make sure u make spaces between the words when u tag it) telling us why we should pick u!
  • Talk to us! We don’t bite.
  • Be awesome.


The Mekakushi Dan on Tumblr

Ayano: Probably a pretty generic blog, a mixture of personal, fandom and aesthetic, with a bit about the Mekakushi Dan thrown in. She’s always sending positive messages of encouragement to people and reblogging Shintaro’s music with tags like “This is my jam” and “This is so good Shintaro!”

Shintaro: Usually a music blog, posting his own tunes and linking to his Soundcloud. Occasionally personal, occasionally fandom for anime, manga and video games. Secretly has a sideblog for shoujo manga.

Momo: Her official blog is of course strictly for idol purposes and she has hundreds of thousands of followers there. She has a personal blog for her own personality to come through (i.e. shitposting and memes) and although she doesn’t give out her identity she somehow still has hundreds of thousands of followers and is one of the most famous users on Tumblr.

Kido: An entirely personal blog. The only things she reblogs are angry notices telling people to source their art or check their facts or not harass other users and so on. Occasionally she reblogs something cute but gets embarrassed later on and deletes it. Has few followers and her posts often don’t show up on people’s timelines… some kind of Tumblr bug?

Kano: Has a lot of different sideblogs, about many different things, each one with a completely different personality. Likes to post controversial opinions (often completely opposed to each other on different blogs), not because he believes them, but just to see how people react. Sends a lot of strange anon messages to people. May or may not have been behind the Cole Sprouse “social experiment.”

Seto: An aesthetic nature blog, lots of nature scenes, landscapes, plants and animals. Occasionally posts or reblogs advice on nature walks, nature photography, caring for the environment, caring for animals, and charities where you can help animals.

Marry: An aesthetic blog, lots of pastel colours, flowers, puppies, kittens, cute and pretty things, with a few personal posts and book reviews thrown in (and the very occasional picture of snakes, blood and dark things that disappears quickly after she posts it…) She and Seto are both at the top of each other’s activity list for likes and reblogs. While this is her public blog persona, her “likes” list is secretly full of yaoi, BL, gay erotic fanfiction and more…

Hibiya: One of those “Excuse me I’m actually 12.9″ twelve-year-olds on Tumblr. Posts a lot of outdated memes. Posts a lot of sappy poetry about Hiyori which Momo always likes. Occasionally reblogs stuff that twelve-year-olds really shouldn’t be looking at, which Kido chastises him for and Momo eggs him on about. Often gets teasing anon messages which even he knows are Momo.

Hiyori: A Momo fanblog. Occasionally writes personal posts. Blingee gifs, Minion pictures and more outdated memes. Another one of those twelve-year-olds on Tumblr.

Haruka (pre-Haze): Partly a popular art blog who’s always taking requests and commissions, partly a food blog. Mostly cheery, optimistic and sunny, but gets easily hurt by anon hate, and occasionally puts depressing posts about his illness under a read more. Always reblogs any selfies Takane might take with “#cute!” and “#I have pretty friends!” in the tags.

Takane (pre-Haze): Only got Tumblr because Haruka said she should and made puppy eyes, but is now fairly addicted to it. Reblogs a lot of gaming stuff and Let’s Plays, including from her own Youtube channel. Her main blog is flashdancerene and is entirely a gaming blog, her sideblog is her more personal blog where she posts about various things (and where Haruka embarrasses her by reblogging and tagging her selfies).

Konoha (post-Haze): Doesn’t know how to use a computer.

Ene (post-Haze): PURE. UNADULTERATED. SHITPOSTING. It’s unclear whether she has her own blog, whether she’s a bug on Shintaro’s blog, or both. Makes Shintaro do things for her and dares or else she’ll make his likes public (including all the embarrassing shoujo manga and NSFW stuff). Reblogs a lot of stuff like prank videos and microwaving non-food items and failed ice bucket challenges and stupid vines and so on on her personal.

Kuroha: A seemingly innocuous but strange blog entitled “Welcome to my Womb!” which reblogs a lot of snakes and creepypasta and scary stuff. The longer you stay on his blog the weirder it gets - Zalgo text, blood appearing on the background, etc. Responsible for a lot of anon threats to the Mekakushi Dan.

anonymous asked:

what is this kamelot incident

WELL back in 2012 around the time Silverthorn came out the popularity of Kamelot on tumblr kind of spiked and…. ok

ok let me preface this, a lot of people hated me during this time because i was super vocal about how i didn’t like what was happening and i was “elitist” and a “gatekeeper” when, no, i was literally the first person to start posting in the kamelot tag and seeing fanfiction in there made me hella uncomfortable and i feel like knowing to not write fanfiction about real people should be common sense but i was STIFLING C RE AT IVI TY .


BASICALLY in 2012 a group of fans got a little overzealous, made some truly bizarre memes, opened up a bunch of RP accounts of the band members, posted fanfiction involving the band members, and blatantly ignored those of us who kept holding signs that said ‘hOLY LORD GUYS THE BAND IS LITERALLY ON TUMBLR W H A T A RE Y O U DO IN G’ 

also some of it migrated to facebook and the RP accounts would add people who truly thought they were the real people and then… like…. never say they weren’t??? like saying ‘fake’ and ‘rp account’ in your bio is NOT ENOUGH. JUST DON’T DO IT. 

it was a mess in every sense of the word. 

Kamelot is a band of super nice super cool guys and i feel like? you know? not treating them like characters/objects is a cool thing to do. 

Don’t write fanfiction/rp real people. moral of the story. that was The Incident.

The thinking man’s guide for photographers on tumblr - Part VII Tags and searches

So I’ve been asking you the reader the question of whether you feel there is any benefit to tagging your photographs. From the responses I got 78.6% said yes, 14.3% said they didn’t know and just 7.1% said no. Some of the phrases used included; it definitely matters; tagging photos is critical and tagging is one of the most important things you can do. I don’t think there’s any point in trying to argue for and against here only to start looking at tags in more focus.

I was curious to find out what photographers use when they search on Tumblr and I was keen to know the three keywords they would generally search in regards to photography if indeed they searched at all. Some were incredibly honest and added non photography searches but I will take those answers to the grave with me out of respect - You know who you are if you are reading this right now. Also quite a few admitted that actually they never use it at all or found if they did they didn’t find it useful in terms of what they were looking for but more about that later.

I’d like to say there were some great surprises in there but to be honest in the main it was just as you would probably expect. The photographers who responded who are also curators of other reblogging sites all stated ‘photographers on tumblr’ within their three and I would echo that as someone who uses it and searches for it too when looking for photographs to publish here.  If you take photographs and you post to Tumblr then using this is a given.

What followed from there is pretty much industry standard for the most searched tags; landscape, black and white, architecture, nature, macro, street photography and still life.

There are those who search out more specific interests like locations, models names or photographers names which they use for research purposes or inspiration.  One person mentioned Fuji x-t1 which I guess in hindsight is the camera they shoot with and it’s not unknown for smaller communities to pop up around brands so it’s certainly worth considering. I know that Leica owners frequently add that to their photographs probably on the basis it gives them an air of prestige in the same way that Rolleiflex owners do to give them an air of being cool. Let’s face it Rolleiflex camera’s do look cool. Is there an added benefit to adding the camera maker you shoot with to your tags? Well actually yes – I know that Canon and Nikon both have a host of brand ambassadors that work for them a lot of whom were found from their web pages. Now please note I’m not claiming that they were discovered on Tumblr but if you do have your own external site or use the likes of Flickr etc which are considered to be more ‘high end’ sites for photographers then I think it’s a great way of potentially getting noticed if you were looking to build a career as a photographer long term. There is of course more to it than that but it’s just something to consider.

If you are looking to gain more notes from those who aren’t photographers and wish to target a wider audience then the advice is to tag what you see. Whilst it might sound a laborious process quite a few have pointed out to me that they have gained likes from city names, tagging butterflies, rainbows, sunsets and so on rather than just using the umbrella of nature. 

The five tag myth

I have heard this many times from many people and even found myself saying it to other new users early on. I had it twice stated to me in the responses given to the two questions and I regularly see it in posts from Photos Worth Seeing that only the first five tags are used in searches. I don’t know if that was the case when Tumblr first started or is an urban myth fuelled by Pete (who Stephi tells me writes the posts - love you really Pete) but Tumblr’s official line is that the number is twenty and I quote the following from the guidelines;

  • You don’t need to put a tag in quotes or start with a hash symbol (#).
  • Hit enter to separate each tag.
  • Only the first 20 tags on a post will show up in searches. After that, you’re just tagging for show.

I will no doubt still have people that will tell me it’s 5 after reading this even though Tumblr say it’s 20 or that it doesn’t work. I had a curator tell me the name of a specific user who always tags a specific tag sixth and claimed it didn’t work. I typed it into the search bar and it was the first post on most popular. I’m not here to start a war people I’m just telling you what Tumblr states in its guidelines. So if you’re tagging above 20 then numbers 21 onwards are obsolete and you are wasting your time.

So why should you tag or why should you avoid tagging your photographs?
I know I said that you should use photographers on Tumblr as a standard tag but what benefits does it really have. Well from a curators point of view such as my own it’s like a safety check that what I’m about to post has been created by that person and I’m not reblogging copied work from someone else. It’s not a guarantee I know but it’s a starting point for me at least to start to check. Given every curator who responded said they used it in the main it allows sites like this and others to find original work to reblog. So if you want to have your work shown to a wider audience then carry on using it.
But, and there’s always a but, it seems that very few photographers actually admitted to searching the tag which means that in the main one suspects we don’t actively engage in trying to find other users and let them come to us and then make a decision based upon what we see as to whether we follow them back or not.

Those who read the last blog will know I mentioned ‘The Fishermen’ a phrase I coined to describe photographers who follow you, dangle their rod in your direction without liking anything on your page and see if you bite. It’s quite obvious to suggest that photographers are most likely to follow other photographers in the same way that you might imagine a school canteen structure exists all over the world. Let me explain that to you. If you were to walk into a school canteen at lunchtime and observe each table and who is sat at them you would find in the overriding large majority of schools that similar types of people naturally segregate themselves from others and there is rarely any cross over. So the footballers sit with other footballers, the musicians with fellow musicians, the scientists with scientists and so on down the line. So it’s logical to assume that if you’re fishing for followers you target those who share an interest first and the easiest way to do that is to search ‘Photographers on Tumblr’ and follow all that appear in that list. So if most users who aren’t photographers aren’t actively seeking out photographers in that manner than you could logically argue that those who do fall into the category of fishermen.

Stop using the photographers on tumblr tag and you potentially save yourself a lot of time wasters especially if you really aren’t interested in having your work reblogged. Flip side it - if you do use it seemingly the only real benefit is to state all us curators admit to checking it on a daily basis. I know there will be exceptions to the rules and not everyone is made from the same mould but I can only judge on the information and feedback presented to me.

It’s not going to be just fishermen either that are going to target specific tags but I guess that’s probably no surprise to you if you’ve been using Tumblr for more than a couple of months. Now one surmises that a lot of these things are driven by some sort of algorithm even if Tumblr asks us to prove we’re not a robot when we sign up. But I shall share with you the story from one user who told me that; “I used to tag photos of my black and white cat #tuxedo cat, but I got too many follows from spam blogs for weddings.” Yes it seems that either there are some really stupid spammers about or you can argue the case for algorithm’s which search out key words but either way it is seemingly relentless and something we all suffer from so like I said in the last post if you’re happy with the level you are at in terms of followers etc maybe switch off the search facility full stop or if you really aren’t worried about being reblogged don’t use photographers on Tumblr. It seems sad to have to even suggest it really but I guess that’s the world we live in.

Using the search facility to your advantage

There are two great ways to search that I know loads of people will go – I know that already but trust me given I only learned one of them this morning there will be others too… Please let there be others too…

Now please bear in mind what I’m about to write really depends on how good someone is at tagging their photos they post in the first place. If they’re really bad or don’t do it then it will draw a blank. But if they are great then it pays dividends.

I am going to present this as if you’re using a desktop just for reference.

With your dash open you will obviously be able to see either an endless scroll of posts or if you’re like me pages of ten posts at a time. If you want a quick way of searching through a specific users posts who you follow for a specific theme, let’s say landscape then do as follows;

Place your cursor over their user name shown in bold and this brings up the little box with three photos as described in the last post. As you probably all know by now if you click on the name in bold it brings up a new sidebar on the right of the page and you will be able to see the last post that person made and there is a scrollbar to help you go down. At the top is a magnifying glass which if you click on it, it will activate a drop down list of tags used by this user. Thankfully @lichtwelt tags properly in the example I’m testing as I write and I can select ‘landscape’ and there I have all the landscape posts they have made. To close the search option click on the magnifying glass again and Esc to close the panel on the right totally.

Ever noticed that my first hashtag is always the users name as it appears in the bold caps at the top of that person’s original post? Well I’m not totally crazy and the logic is that if I think did I maybe blogged a post before I can bring up Manual Iris in the side bar, type the name into the box and it will bring up any posts of yours that I have featured. Well almost all, maybe not all of July and August but certainly September onwards. See there is logic in case you ever wondered but were afraid to ask!

Searching multiple tags

The other cool one that I will own up to not knowing until this morning is being able to search multiple tags at once. Again there will be many people going I know that already but there will be a few of us going actually I didn’t and given one of the reasons people gave to not using search is that they didn’t feel it worked for what they wanted to find this could be a good one.

So in your top left of your desktop you will see the magnifying glass and the words search Tumblr. For my example I want to find something to reblog for tomorrow so I am going to use

#photographers on tumblr #black and white #landscape

Please note I have included the # and spaced between each one and only hit enter after typing in all of the above. Copy and paste it if you want to see if it genuinely works.

In my search results I actually genuinely have something that for me is worth wading my way through now by combining my search. If I was to just use black and white I find the majority of posts aren’t even photographs for example. Now me being me I switch to most recent and I find – two portraits in colour – but both have been unhelpfully tagged landscape and black and white though to prove a point about twenty tags @deersincemeteries in this post

as you will see tagged black and white as the third tag, photographers on tumblr as the fifth and landscape as something like the fifteenth (I don’t know I got kind of bored counting but it’s a long way across her long list.)

But if you want to argue the point that only five tags will work then please try it for yourself. I’m not Derren Brown an this isn’t a setup or a scam. This was genuinely at the point of writing what appeared. While you’re at it if someone would like to tell the user the difference between a portrait and a landscape photo and/or colour and black and white please feel free on my behalf because personally I don’t have the patience.

Thank you for reading as always.

anonymous asked:

Sorry if this has been asked and answered before but what website do you watch ML in french on?

I think they were all taken down from YT so idk if there’s an online stream version but you should still be able to download them from the mlsubbing tumblr I think!

Anon: you said you used yo draw for black butler. what tags would i have to look through to find it? 

it’s not on my tumblr ;v; just really old pics from my dA haha


Hello and happy Friday. I have a very important change to the way things are going to go down around here. There has been a long standing problem of people checking off ALL of the tags on their submissions, when obviously you most likely aren’t single, taken, bisexual, lesbian, ftm, mtf, queer, AND from 10 different parts of the world. Let’s be honest, you’re really just checking off every single box so that you show up under all of the categories. Other than the fact that checking off all of the tag options is obnoxious, it has also led to some concerns and triggers within the LGBTQ community. If you are not a trans man and you identify as say, a cisgender lesbian and you check off the FTM tag just because, you are then going to show up under the FTM tag all throughout tumblr. That is not okay. That is triggering and inappropriate, and it leads to a misunderstanding of what this blog is about, and leads to people spreading hate in a space that is meant to be all inclusive and accepting. I do accept submissions from trans men here. This is place where anyone within the LGBTQ spectrum is welcome to submit and connect with other humans throughout the world. And trans men should obviously continue to use the FTM tag if they feel comfortable tagging their submission. But with all of this being said, from now on ANYONE ELSE who uses tons and tons of tags that do not apply to them will NOT BE POSTED. I will delete submissions that are blatantly and obnoxiously mistagged. Please keep this in mind, share if you can. Let me know if you have any questions. 

Thank you for reading.

- Olivia

A list of Nigh-Invisible Speech Tags

From time to time I’ve seen a post floating around Tumblr, a list of every speech tag known to man, short of “Ejaculate,” followed by a suggestion to “Use these instead of said! Your writing will be so much livelier!” This is immediately followed by a dissenter who shoots down the list, one and all, and swears by the grave of Hemingway that you should never, ever, ever use a speech tag other than “said” or your writing will be clumsy and immature and get its lunch money stolen.

Well, I advocate a middle path. 

The big advantage of “said” is that it is practically invisible. Words like “he prevaricated,” “she grimaced,” will take the reader out of the text, but “said” is safe. The reader hardly ever notices it, unless its use is really redundant. And that’s good! But “said” also is an imaginative blank. And to my mind, writing that uses nothing but “said” can feel colorless and stale. Sometimes, a word just needs to be “muttered” and nothing else will do! 

So, this is my (incomplete) list of speech tags that are next-to-invisible, that don’t take the reader out of the text, that you understand in a minute and move on, but that lend color and held to enrich the scene they’re in. YMMV, of course. 

therealhollywoodbandit  asked:

I never knew Phil existed until I had to find my way here looking for this blog again! LOL I can not believe how many people love this guy wow! I'm form Hollywood Ca born and raised still live here on the east side and I'M Clueless who he is and I'd like to think I was cool. However maybe I'm getting old GOOD LORD!! COULD IT BE !!?? Aggg NOOOooo--_oo! But he is a cutie pie LOL .... So fill me in on Phil por favor cause like I said I'm lost lol :)

Finally my years of training have come in handy. Ok so phil is basically my favorite person for reasons i could list forever but these are the ones you need to know…
1. Hes been a youtuber since before it was cool, back when his hair was a long and flowing majestic mane.
2. What does he do/used to do? The tumblr tag, the toilet tag, the 7 second challenge (all things he created) BBC Radio 1, danandphilGAMES, used to do the super amazing project, amazingphil, frequently goes to meet-ups (vidcon, playlist live…) all things you should check out!
3. He must have magic powers because i cant get myself to write an essay but i wrote this with no problem whatsoever