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Official #BlackoutDay Masterpost (Created: March 29, 2015. Updated: March 6th, 2017)

Welcome to the official #BlackoutDay / #TheBlackout Masterpost.

This post was originally hosted on WhatWhitesWillNeverKnow and is now on @theblackoutofficial.

In this post you’ll find the history of the movement, including important changes to the team and format, and FAQ. 

 Let’s get started…

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Robert Plant's Birthday 2017 -- An Invitation

Dear Tumblr friends: Robert will turn 69 on August 20, 2017, so let’s have a Cyber-Celebration! Here’s the plan: create a special birthday post for Robert and publish it on your blog the week of his birthday. Examples from previous years include birthday themed gifs, collages, fan art, and photo edits, but you can also write poems, letters, imagines, or fan fiction dedicated to Robert. Or choose a favorite photo, song or performance and post it with a description of why it’s special to you. Have you had the chance to see him in concert? Write some reflections about it. To make your post extra special, you can write your message directly to Robert. Other ideas include marking the occasion by choosing a day to gather with friends to watch Robert in “The Song Remains The Same,” “Celebration Day,” “No Quarter” or any of the full concerts posted on YouTube like Earl’s Court, Knebworth, Austin City Limits–there are so many to choose from–and blog about your experience. Be sure to tag his Tumblr blog @rpssstourdiary and message your post to his blog as well. Of course, there’s no guarantee that he’ll see any of this, but that’s ok. We’re sending Happy Birthday wishes to our favorite person in the world and that’s something to celebrate. That said, please make your post respectful and considerate. I think we can all agree that a birthday celebration for Robert should reflect the positivity, appreciation and love that we share here every day. Finally, please use hashtags such as #Happy Birthday Robert Plant #Happy Birthday Golden God #Robert Plant Cyber-Celebration or #Robert Plant Birthday 2017 so we can find your post. If you have any questions, feel free to message me @waywaydowninside Hope you can join us!

r00sterillusion  asked:

Hey, I’m new to the mtg tumblr community, and I was wondering if you had any suggestions of people I should follow?

I can think of a few people (who I will add under a Keep Reading link because I’m using the term “a few” as a comedic understatement) but there are certainly a lot more than the ones listed below. 

Can anyone else help add to this list?! Feel free to tag others and/or yourself. Come say hi! 

Having said that, it’s been a while since I’ve done this, so let’s see if I remember how… 

*clears throat* 


*dusts off mallet and tries to remember which end is the handle before striking the oversized gong with the wrong end*  

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I’m not going to call anyone out, but lately I’ve been noticing a trend in our little fandom that is starting to bug me. Specifically, the mildly salty jokes and comments that put down other ships. I get that each individual joke is supposed to be funny and oh god, get a sense of humor, Raptor, like fuck you can’t expect us to all holds hands and sing kumbaya, some of us are SLYTHERIN and have an *EDGE* [insert ultra dramatic cheerleader eye-roll, hair-flip + bubblegum pop combo] 

And honestly, I’m not going to tell anyone to stop saying what they want to say, because it really isn’t my place or my business to do so.  When things get too uncomfortable on a blog I’m following, I do exercise my right to unfollow or adjust tumblr savior settings (though I should add that tumblr savior doesn’t catch everything – not everyone is prudent with using their tags– nor do I feel like unfollowing is something I always want to do when I like the person’s blog or the person themselves otherwise). 

That being said, I will take a moment to voice my perspective and let you know that those little comments and jokes do accumulate, that there are fans who may not say anything but are paying attention, and when you see this kind of vague shade coming from all corners of the fandom, it starts to feel like… I don’t know, collectively unwelcoming? Passive-aggressive?  Mean-spirited? I mean, I love Bughead and all, but I also enjoy Varchie, and a number of my bughead fandom friends do too, so if I’m starting to get a little prickly and uncomfortable, I imagine they must be too. 

 I guess my irritation compounds with the fact that being a bughead fan almost requires going on a daily blocking spree when it comes to rude anons, tag-invaders and haters and people shitting on what you enjoy (as opposed to well-informed and valid criticism) and seeing some people kind of turn around and  (vaguely) do the same to others while bitching about anti’s in the other window, well… I don’t really think its fair, y’know?

Again, not telling anyone what to do or adjust their tumbling experience; I’m just putting my thoughts out there and letting you know that there are people out there that receive those comments and jokes differently in the fandom, and that while it may not appear to be a majority because maybe those people don’t want to rock the boat, it’s not always sunny and supportive in the bughead fandom. 

Carry on!

anonymous asked:

may i ask what bootleg dscourse is? did lin say something bad?

I tag those posts as bootleg discourse because a lot of people in the theater community are very against bootlegs and it’s a very contested topic.

Lin is very anti bootleg. He doesn’t like that a lot of people have watched Hamilton that way and that gifs and links to videos were all over tumblr. He has said that people should just enter the lottery that’s $10 a ticket or see the tour cast (which it’s still insanely hard to get tickets for and they’re not going to most cities in the US, let alone other countries).

The post (which I agree with) was saying that even if you got tickets (which at the very least would be $200) if you’re not from NYC or LA or any of the cities the tour is going to, you’ll have to spend hundreds of dollars outside of the cost of the tickets to get there, get a hotel room, buy food, etc.

That’s simply not accessible to most Americans which he should know since he’s said before that all through his childhood the only experience with musical theater he had was listening to cast albums with his parents since they couldn’t afford to go to shows.

For one, I highly doubt he’s never watched/listened to a bootleg of anything before in his life. Two, broadway has become classist and elitist since the price of tickets rose astronomically in the last few decades. It’s ridiculously hypocritical of him to say not to watch bootlegs when for some people it’s the only version of a show they will ever have a chance to see. Especially since he’s become literally filthy rich from Hamilton that people watching bootlegs wouldn’t hurt him in one bit. Three, what about people in other countries that shows like Hamilton will never visit? What do you expect them to do?

I know it seems like I’m bashing Lin but I’m not. Broadway as a whole has grown into something that’s only supposed to be enjoyed by the rich who can go see shows live. He’s just buying into their classism which sucks but there’s nothing any of us can do on our own to overthrow decades of tradition even if it’s bad.

But anyway, musicals are great and hit me up if you wanna watch Hamilton or a few other shows I have saved!

Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day

So if you didn’t know, August 21st is Fanfic Writers’ Appreciation Day. I thought I’d make this post for my favourite fic writers within this fandom to spread the love and let them know they’re appreciated <3 

@jvghead-jones-iii - one of the first blogs I followed in this fandom, and one of the first people to speak to me on here. The Nicest person and also an incredible writer (seriously I read all of her stuff and I am never disappointed). Favourite Fic: Yours Truly

@betty-coopers-number-one-stan - again one of the first blogs I followed and the day she followed me back I was so shook I didn’t know what to do with myself. Any time she reblogs one of my fics, I literally smile for the rest of the day. Her writing is unreal. Favourite fic: Nothing At Stake

@ju-gg - beautiful writing. Honestly, when she writes I picture everything so vividly I’m amazed. We are New Friends and she has something in the works that I am SO excited for. Favourite Fic: Shed Your Skin

@r-ivertales - such a kind, lovely blog. One of the first people I spoke to. I am eagerly anticipating a Peter Parker fic from this blog and I’m so excited (unless I missed it?? pretty sure I haven’t missed it) Favourite Fic: Why Don’t You Ask Her

@onceuponagladerhead - honestly I first followed Ruth because she was so kind to everyone on here, and I didn’t even know she was a writer. Then I Learned and I was shook and ashamed I hadn’t been following her forever. Favourite Fic: Cinderella 

@full-dark-no-starsxx - my dude. One of my first friends on this site. One of the most precious, kind people in this fandom. Favourite Fic: Fools Who Dream (it might be her only fic so far but that doesn’t make it any less incredible)

@mrsjugheadjonesthethird - everyone in this fandom knows who this is. Incredible writing, incredible person. Favourite Fic: there’s too many to choose from so I’ll just link her entire masterlist and let you make the decision yourself. 

@thatsadbreakfastclub - again, beautiful writing, beautiful person. One of those blogs that you just look up to, I’m not sure why. Maybe because her whole blog is just Goals. Favourite Fic: RIP to My Youth

@wearelondonbound - first followed her because she seemed like an awesome person. Then I realised she has one of the most poetic writing styles I’ve ever read and she doesn’t even post fics. So I can’t recommend a fic for you, but you should definitely read This Post because you will know what I mean.

@thesuitelifeofjughead - dude. She once destroyed me with a fic. Like 100% destroyed. I remember leaving an anon (bc I was shy) saying something like 10/10, would be destroyed by this fic again and it’s TRUE. Favourite Fic: Butterfly and the Beanie

@archiebones - awesome and very easy to talk to. Writes incredible Jarchie fics on this AO3 account (my favourite is probably not leaving now honey not a chance)

@jugheadxreaderinyourhead - so cool. She has so much talent I really don’t know how she’s a real person? Like she writes, draws, paints, does photography. Literally you name it, she’s good at it. We have had an ongoing discussion about liquid lipsticks (among other things, of course) for about three months. Favourite Fic: Quiet Eyes

@forsythe-pendleton-jones-iv - amazing writer, amazing person. Their writing style is really poetic and full of gorgeous imagery. I can’t wait to read more from them. Favourite Fic: Atomic Man

and last but not least–the Harrison to my Tom, the Trashlord to my Drash, the wind beneath my wings, my tumblr bff:

@thekillingquill - have said it before, will say it again; Quill could write a contemporary novel about Donald Trump and I would read it and love every word. Not only is she an amazing writer, she’s an amazing friend. She gives the best advice, she is supportive, and knows what to say all the time?? I can’t choose a favourite fic, so I will link her Masterlist, but be warned: Quill is a sadist and hasn’t updated it in a while because she wants to watch us suffer. You should just go on her blog and search the tag #quill writes (you’re welcome)

This list is not exhaustive, and I’ve probably forgotten someone because I am Problematic. If your favourite writers aren’t on this list, tag them!! That way I can check them out and binge their stuff <33 Or, you could send me an anon with their url and I’ll @ them, so they know they’re appreciated xx

Have a lovely day, friends xx

thedragonsgarden-deactivated201  asked:

hi Faye! :3 hope you are doing well. I have a question, if you don't mind. After reading about wicca I have decided I don't really want anything to do with it, and I was wondering if you know sort of how to "recognise" things written by them? Like if I am looking at spell or chants etc, would you know if maybe there are expressions I should look out for? sorry to bother!

If you’re reading a book you can always check the writer on goodreads or wiki to see what they consider themselves. On tumblr I will almost always check the blog to see what they say or if the post is tagged “wicca” “wiccan”. As for key phrases I tend to assume(please keep in mind I said assume, that doesn’t mean everyone who uses these phrases are) that it’s wiccan based ritual or spell if it includes any of the following:

  • Blessed be
    • this in particular I will never say and hope that my followers don’t say it to me
  • So mote it be 
    • this is originally a Masonic saying but witches started capitalizing on it in the 80′s and while it is not wiccan based the majority of spells I’ve found that include are wiccan
  • The God and The Goddess
    • wiccans tend to be the only ones who worship the two though you’ll find a couple pagans who mix them in
  • Threefold/Law of Return
    • also a wiccan thing, the threefold law is more less what you put out comes back in threefold 
  • An it harm none, do as ye will.
    • a more poetic way to mention the threefold
  • The Charge/Descent of the Goddess
    • you may find that a pagan has used this terminology by mistake in reference to whatever goddess their using but I’ve literally never had that happen. It’s most often used in terms of The Goddess(wiccan)
  • Go if you must, stay if you will 
  • The Circle is open, never broken. May the peace of the Powers be ever in your heart. Merry meet and merry part and merry meet again! 
    • sometimes merry meet is just a general greeting but all the same I prefer no one say it to me.
  • Skyclad
    • traditionally a wiccan term but is now used interchangeably though I still find most rituals that require this(that I’ve found) are wiccan

This of course does not mean if you use these phrases you are wiccan, not all wiccans use these phrases. There’s definitely more but I feel like they’re too much of a grey area at this point or lean more towards to super traditional wicca which I don’t see much of anymore. I hope this helped! 💞


-This is only 3000 words? THERE ARE 7 PAGES
-Fuck, this sounds nothing like him
-I cannot remember anything I’ve written
-This doesn’t make any sense at all
-You’re trying to tell me I need a beginning, middle and end?
-Like all three?
-A conflict? Ok sure but how about they’re I N  L O V E
-This is kind of gross
-Do I even know what I’m talking about?
- 1000 random Wikipedia pages open in an attempt to make some kind of sense
- I need to go on tumblr because I need to research
- 3 hours later: nice.
-I could try for 5000 words or… I could try for 500 words
-I loveeee him
-They are in loveeee
-Why am I not in love
-How many times can I say glanced
-Yells at the thesaurus because It Is Not Helping
-How do you use quotation marks
-Do, I need a, comma here,?
- how do you spell nedjsidhen
- How can I slip in a reference without seeming dumb
-What do you mean that’s not how you spell remeber 
-oh ya
remeber remember
-pretty fucking sure that’s a word
-oh. Well it should be
-thinks about metaphors instead of listening to anyone and never uses said metaphors
-can I just toss in a little lol or lmao here 
-I would give anything to be able to listen to music while doing this 
-Reading everyone’s tags to see if they said something nice

anonymous asked:

is the album really better than speak now and red? Or were you just on a secret sessions high.


Okay no here’s the tea like was I on a secret sessions high absolutely am I still yeah 100% will I ever get off of it mmm probs not BUT I do still think this album is phenomenal. Is it better than Speak Now and Red? Honestly I don’t know. I can’t give you a clear cut answer to that. I think it is better in a different way. I can’t even tell you between Speak Now and Red which album is better because they’re both beautiful children and I think reputation is the third child we deserve.


In conclusion Taylor Swift is a genius and you will never be disappointed bye

anonymous asked:

hello! I'm a 17 y.o. trans masc in Bellevue (Seattle) who's parents are absolutley useless and won't help me find a transition therapist despite me asking. they'll sign any forms I need tho. what would be the first steps to start my transition and maybe someone could point me to a good place or person?

Kii says:

(From our FAQ)

Q3: How do I get hormones and how much do they cost?
A3: Here is how to get hormones in the US. Feel free to ask about other countries (but also check the tags). Cost of hormones all depends on your insurance, location, doctor, and what pharmacy you go to. You’ll have to look into all of these personally. We cannot give price estimates because of the high variance.

Our transmasculine resources

Are any followers from Bellevue that can help with local resources?

Lee says:

You said you’re looking for a therapist, this link should help: https://transgenderteensurvivalguide.tumblr.com/post/164026410645/my-parents-are-split-but-were-me-and-mom-who-i

anonymous asked:

jack usually goes through the jacksepticeye recent tag here and he doesn't have notifications on so he doesn't see people tagging him on stuff D: so if there's important stuff he needs to see, you probably should repost them after the stream because that's probably when he'll get on tumblr and will more likely see your post if it's posted just before he comes online

Yeah I think so. Let us know if he mentions The BOSS though because a lot of us are off doing different things now.

Hey guys, can you do us a favor and put that stuff that we said on the tag? About editing the videos in post and such? Or just telling him to look at our page for important information?

OMG...can we not be like the J*nsa Stans


Jonerys Family. I love you! I fucking love you…😘😘😘 You guys are my Fam. My soul sisters and brothers in arms. I know we are all super stoked and excited and it is happening, everyone knows it is happening. 🐲🐉💏🛥🚤

Thing is maybe we shouldn’t jump the gun yet.
I mean there are some overly excited shippers posting theories on them getting secretly married before boatsex and all especially with the regards to the ‘fertility’ discussion leak between Jon, Tyrion and Dany. Still no evidence that they get married in S7, maybe they will in S8 maybe they won’t.

And also the copious amount of Jonerys posts on reddit Freefolk and other forums. Guys listen to me. We do NOT want to annoy the other GOT fans with our ship. Seriously…. if we get all crazy and nuts like the J*nsa Stans do, we are no better than their crazy asses. We should play cool especially with the general GOT fans and the casuals. We can’t make the rest pissed with us too. Also we have to respect other characters as well like Jon and S*nsa and don’t assassinate their characters like a portion of J*nsa stans do to Dany and to Jon. Like I said some of them are looney.

We can fangirl like crazy with each other especially in tumblr in the jonerys, jon x dany and other associated tags but otherwise we should remain cool. Okay again this is just a long ass rant. Love all of you to the moon and back 😘😘😘

fucking plebcomics screenshotted that one post that accidentally blew up bc i tagged the urls for trigger & didnt add slashes since that doesnt work with tumblrs blocking system (i think?) and theyre calling it a “callout” gfkhjllkflkjggfmljgh im having a fucking stroke Mate It Aint A Callout Cause You Aint Shit.. thats not what a callout fkcin is

also i said “hey white trans men should care more about what they platform” and their answer was “sounds like YOURE throwing trans men under the bus!!” like im sorry but i am.. a trans man…. myself……

(i mean they probably wouldnt believe me since they use “transtrenders” unironically and say dysphoria is a mental illness. but im the one throwing trans men under the bus for sure.)

Tumblr is a place to express yourself, discover yourself, and bond over the stuff you love. It's where your interests connect you with your people.

I actually didn’t think this blog I used to archive helpful tutorials for myself would become so popular, now with 2k plus followers. As the owner of this blog, I feel I have a right to reblog/plug my personal blog and would hope a few followers would care to check it out as its weeping in comparison.

Also if interested, I may consider adding tags and tag lists to make it easier find specific art help for those who need it; as I said before because I don’t want to sift through my main blog anymore, so why should you have to sift through this one?

*non-az post but sorta important psa*

Ive been thinking about whether or not I should post this or not but Ive decided in going to-

Im going to be taking a break from social media (including tumblr) for a while so this account will be pretty much inactive. If I don’t respond to a tag or ask or message, I’m not ignoring you. I love this account and getting to interact with everyone as Az, but, like I said, I need a break.

I will no longer have tumblr mobile on my phone from here on out and I may get online while using my computer, but it will not be regular or mean I will start posting anything.

Thank you💙

-blog owner

tagged by @queenhermione xx

name: Amy

gender: female

height: 5′1

star sign: capricorn

hogwarts house: Hufflepuff

sexuality: I like boys

favorite animal: hedgehogs and french bulldogs I can’t choose honestly 

average hours of sleep: According to Sleep Cycle it’s 8.25 hours 

how many blankets do you sleep with: 5 I cannot keep myself warm at night

dream trip: roadtrip with my boyfriend and friends 

dream job: no idea

when i made this account: oh god I wanna say like grade 11 which woulda been like 2011-2012? It’s been a ride my dudes

why i made this account: I sat with a group of friends in visual arts who were all really into kpop (which I am not) but they all used tumblr and said I should get on it and get into hp stuff on here! 

number of followers: Irrelevant. Not here to flex just here 2 have a gud time. 

reason for URL: wanted a one word hp url lmao that’s pretty much it! 

i tag: @nargles @excelsjor @alicelongbottom @delacourr and literally any of the old crew if you’re seeing this sorry I’ve lost track of changed urls and stuff it’s been a hot minute tbh

Last sentence meme

tagged by @aban-asaara​!!

“If there’s anything else you think we should have, use the house purse.”

wow considering the usual unending state of my sentences this is… surprisingly short and straightforward. i guess thats what happen when you end on dialogue. this is from the holiday Hawke/DA2 fic i meant to publish on new years but thennnnnn it got longer than planned AS DOES EVERYTHING I WRITE. combined with the fact ive spent the last two days skiing and then immediately collapsing in a pile of uselessness means writing hasn’t happened as much as planned. but it’ll show up soon!!

ive been so bad at interacting with ppl this year (and last year) i dont even know who all is still active to tag in these things anymore… and my crippling self-consciousness stops me from talking to anyone new. so if you have any inclination to do this pls do and feel free to tag me!! otherwise uhhhh @leviathanmirror​ @commas-and-ampersands @tel-abelas-mofo​ @seekingidlewild@loquaciousquark@littleblue-eyedbird@lillotte17 

anonymous asked:

i know you've said that you use mobile mostly, but wanted to let you know you can now blacklist tags on mobile. It's from the new update Tumblr mobile had. thought you should know. have a good day.

Yup! Just got done adding a bunch of tags to the mobile blacklist! Now I just hope people will tag correctly…

Thanks for letting me know! 💗💗

anonymous asked:

you should mind your own business and not talk about things you don't understand. especially in regards to france. Many french on tumblr have repeatedly said that the Americans should butt out.

LOL because racially charged Islamophobic/homophobic/transphobic/ableist “satire,” is now exclusive to French media? 

Also, I didn’t mention France or Charlie Hebdo in my post or in the tags BECAUSE IT’S NOT FUCKING LIMITED TO THAT so maybe you should butt out. 

As long as there are media outlets violently stereotyping people like me and other POC I will not shut up about it. Because IT IS causing abuse to be spewed towards us in real life and over the internet.