tumblr ruined the quality of my edits


Hey, Avengers? Where’s the cake and brass band, huh? Hawkeye’s back!

(for @daisyridlay, inspired by @oddbucky)

this whole accusing editors/gif makers of whitewashing is getting on my nerves. don’t you fucking know what a psd is? a contrast? sadly all this shit is coming from one dickhead who doesn’t know shit about making gifs/edits. in case you don’t what that is, it’s just to make the edit/gifs quality better. i’m 100% sure that non of my editor friends thought “oh this person has dark skin and it’s ruining this gif/edit. let me just brighten his face” i mean who the fuck does that anyway.some of these people are my friends and i know that they’re the sweetest people alive and they don’t deserve receiving death threats just bc they’re trying so hard to make good edits, grow the fuck up and use your brain if you have one. 


phasma was a female captain of the first order. she served as part of the unofficial commanding triumvirate for the first order and their starkiller base operation, taking charge of the command of the first order’s stormtrooper soldiers. during the first order–resistance conflict, which took place 30 years after the battle of endor, phasma served alongside the dark enforcer kylo ren and general hux in their efforts against the resistance.