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Park Jimin, the guy who has everything, and yet nothing all at once.  He easily manipulates others by his looks alone, ensuring his desires are within reach. His sweet, angelic smile capturing the eyes of all who see it, everyone falling for the gentle curve of his lips. His soft spoken words mesmerizing the ears who are lucky enough to hear it. The tiniest sway of his hips and the lingering, featherlike touches sealing the deal of the game he lays out, confident that he will come out victorious at the end of the day. And he does. At the young age of 24, Jimin has found life boring. He takes it upon himself to seek out enjoyment in others, making it a game. He picks his target, seduces them, beds them, and sneaks out with their wallet in hand. Welcome to the game of Park Jimin.

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Shinhwa. Vocalist. Kim Dong Wan. 791121 ꒰・‿・๑꒱

“If I was a solo singer, I may have become more popular myself in my heyday, but I think I would′ve been really lonely. I learned this after going solo myself. When we′re together though, whenever one member falls short we know that another member will fill that gap. You may think we′re too dependent on each other, but unwavering faith is what this is. When we′re together, I get to pull out everything I can do, in the name of Shinhwa.” (x)

General. Indie-RP. Mirrored Literacy; Script/Action/Para/Semi-Para
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Wanted AD


- Dignified, hard-working, youthful.

- Dramatic, shallow, meddlesome.

Age range: mid 20s

Suggested FCs: Imogen Poots, Laura Vandervoort, Lea Seydoux, Rose Mciver.

Connections: Hook, Peter Pan, John Darling, Michael Darling.

Bio: Up to the writer! 

(Admin S:  Sadly, we don’t have a written bio for Tinker Bell. We do want the writer to have full creativity over her, however, we ask that you follow the fae lore as we have it on our Neverland history page. She is not like the fae that appears in the Disney movies, she would be more like the trickster fae that appears in some fae lore.)

The FC suggestions are only suggestions. if you have someone else in mind for tink feel free to use them, but please fill in their name on your character app :)

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a hot summer night, a breathed whisper.. "call me lily."

“Why is it written ‘think’ on my shirt, when everything expected from me is to look pretty all day everyday? But then─” and as she heard the click of a camera, she knew she had to smile again, when in her mind, the same words were dancing round and round. “..If i reach out, will someone take my hand?”

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“Hey there.” the young boy greets you raising his chin slightly and even though he looks confident enough, inside he’s a nervous mess. What if he doesn’t do this right? He’s probably already making a fool out of himself and, at the end of the day, nobody will want to befriend him. “I’m Junhong, but you can call me Zelo and…uh” he licks his lips and looks down, suddenly feeling shy, “err- I’m kinda new around here and I need some friends? So if you could do me a favor and reblog this post and follow me, I will drop something in your ask, how ‘bout that? Sweet deal right?”.

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 i need ur license and registration...and ur kik

hi i’m sojin and i need more people to come bother me and talk to me look how cute i am don’t let it go to waste my cuteness needs to be shared with the world if you help me out i’ll be your friend and jack ur meat or kiss you or something because who doesn’t like being kissed by pretty girls right p.s. if you don’t reblog this you’re a real hater off top but don’t get mad at me for telling it like it is i’m just keeping it real

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