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Genres/Themes Preferred:

  • Apocalypse/Survival
  • Barnyard/Farm/Countryside
  • Bayside/Beach/Island
  • City/Urban
  • Elf/Fairy/Pixie
  • Fairytale
  • Forest/Garden
  • High School
  • Insanity
  • Journey/Adventure
  • Kingdom
  • Magic/Sorcery
  • Modern Day/Casual
  • Mythology/Gods/Goddesses
  • Nocturnal/Nightlife
  • Paradise/Utopia
  • Pirate
  • Reincarnation/Time Loop
  • Text/Chat/Internet
  • Time Travel
  • Underworld/Life After Death
  • University
  • Family
  • Fantasy
  • Supernatural

Paragraph or Dialogue: I prefer writing in multiple paragraphs, but i will do one liners and small paragraphs/match with length.

Short or Long term: I would love to make long term internet friends!!

I Will Not:

  • I will not write smut with you until i get to know you.
  • I will not reply to you if you keep asking for nsfw/selfies/unsolicited pictures/flirting.
  • I will not do rape/kink roleplay unless i am comfortable with you.

I Will:

  • Strangers
  • Teacher x Student
  • Unrequited Love
  • Work Relationship
  • Mutual Crushes
  • Police x Criminal
  • Popular x Unpopular
  • Prince/Princess x Thief/Criminal
  • Prisoner x Guard
  • Rivals
  • Royalty x Royalty
  • Saviour x Saved
  • Best friends
  • Blunt x Shy


  1. Correct grammar, punctuation, and capitaliztion.
  2. Use quotation marks.
  3. Make the post at least a full sentence to two sentences if you aren’t as literate.
  4. PLEASE, spell correctly. Not all words have to be spelled correctly, but at least some.
  6. I don’t require a lot of sentences, but you have to give me something to reply with.
  7. No powerplaying, auto-hits, instant deaths, etc.
  8. Be able to tell the difference between IC and OOC. I don’t like arguments so hate the characters, not the players.
  9. Absolutely no racial slurs and bashing against gender, race, or sexuality in your replies.
  10. I prefer plotting the story, then characters, then roleplaying. This may take time depending on the roleplay.

My Availability: II’ll try to get my replies sent within a day of getting a reply.

Extra Details: I am 18 on May 22nd, after that date i may start trying smut.

Please feel free to message me on here so we can start some threads !!


anonymous asked:

Wow... But why do you keep working if they don't pay enough? That's unfair... :'(

I make $12 an hour, which with the number of hours I work each week would work out to an annual income of about $21,840 US, but the employee share of our insurance comes out of my income right off the top and reduces it by about half. When all is said and done I bring home about $1,000 a month, which isn’t enough to cover our bills, much less have anything extra like childcare. We’ve had some good luck that’s helped us get through the spring - a sizeable tax return, and a repayment from our property tax escrow (money that was ours but that we overpaid). Now that ramblingandpie is starting to be able to work more again, we should be alright - if not we’ll have to start dipping into savings.

It’s not fair but it’s how life in the US, and some other places, works…it’s better than no job…and while I could get something that pays more - I’m massively over educated - it’d be hard to find anything with flexible hours and I’d be unlikely to find a position that’d pay enough to cover childcare if I wasn’t available to potato-sit, and at least the insurance at my current job is decent, and I get good side benefits (I have lots of hours of time off, like, if I took it all consecutive I’d get like five or six weeks off, not that I can actually do that). And I can write while I’m at this job, which is pretty awesome tbh, especially since long term I’d really like to earn my money by writing.

eta: I’m honestly mostly just treading water until the children are a little older and I have more time to dedicate to writing, and I’m saving the time off for when I have the next baby, so that I can take a month+ of paid leave and then ALSO take three months of FMLA, and get more time with the children before I have to go back to work.

Shinhwa. Vocalist. Kim Dong Wan. 791121 ꒰・‿・๑꒱

“If I was a solo singer, I may have become more popular myself in my heyday, but I think I would′ve been really lonely. I learned this after going solo myself. When we′re together though, whenever one member falls short we know that another member will fill that gap. You may think we′re too dependent on each other, but unwavering faith is what this is. When we′re together, I get to pull out everything I can do, in the name of Shinhwa.” (x)

General. Indie-RP. Mirrored Literacy; Script/Action/Para/Semi-Para
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                                        ❝   manipulation is an ART  
                                      and i am ( undoubtedly )
                                             an accomplished
artist.  ❞ 


                                               (  ʀᴇʙʟᴏɢ  /  ғᴏʟʟᴏᴡ  )

“Hey there.” the young boy greets you raising his chin slightly and even though he looks confident enough, inside he’s a nervous mess. What if he doesn’t do this right? He’s probably already making a fool out of himself and, at the end of the day, nobody will want to befriend him. “I’m Junhong, but you can call me Zelo and…uh” he licks his lips and looks down, suddenly feeling shy, “err- I’m kinda new around here and I need some friends? So if you could do me a favor and reblog this post and follow me, I will drop something in your ask, how ‘bout that? Sweet deal right?”.

reblog/follow - general au - mirrored literacy - nsfw maybe

 i need ur license and registration...and ur kik

hi i’m sojin and i need more people to come bother me and talk to me look how cute i am don’t let it go to waste my cuteness needs to be shared with the world if you help me out i’ll be your friend and jack ur meat or kiss you or something because who doesn’t like being kissed by pretty girls right p.s. if you don’t reblog this you’re a real hater off top but don’t get mad at me for telling it like it is i’m just keeping it real

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