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Snow White- the People’s Queen

I’ve always liked to think of Snow White as the sort of Queen Victoria of the fairy tale world. Like Victoria, her childhood/adolescence was greatly affected by adults with their own agendas- albeit in different ways. 

Victoria did a lot to help in terms of children’s rights and I imagine that, being subjected to the abuse that she was, Snow would also be dedicated to protecting children and rescuing them from negative circumstances. I imagine orphanages gained significant more funding under her care.

Snow also saw the harsh realities of life for the working poor and it most likely had a profound affect on her more than any poisoned apple could have. If this was her stepmother’s legacy, a Kingdom full of suffering children and workers with little to no rights, then she would be determined to change it for the better.

Of course such reforms are often met with resistance, especially considering such liberal ideas. Her husband, the King, has been surrounded by such politics his entire life and (like Albert for Victoria) was a guide for her during her early years of power, and never ending support for his beloved wife. They unify their Kingdoms, hoping to spread their reforms and improve the lives of as many people as they can- and so they go down in history as the ultimate fairy tale power couple. The royals who spoke to the hopes of the people.

Years later their influence is still felt, and she is greatly missed when she dies. The day of her funeral, people line the streets, eating red apples to signify their mourning- a symbolic gesture to show that a part of their country has died with her.


modern greek myths: psyche & eros

“What is this?”

“Magic,” his voice is rich with the promise of mischief, spilling into the air they share. Yet his touch is tender. A smooth hand at her elbow, his body is inclined towards hers: not touching, not trapping.

“Magic?” It is an answer to a question she isn’t sure she asked. When he leans in closer, she stops trying to decipher whether the heartbeats she heard is hers, his, or theirs. He laughs the way stars dance and her traitorous heart lurches to bask in starlight.

“Trust me,” he says.

Kiss me,” she answers.

( ─ an excerpt from a modern retelling I’m working on )


you bring your friends on a 14er for the first time and they are absolutely not cool with crossing a little snow and each step feels like their last but they do it because you told them it was fine but they wonder if they actually trust you and if you know what you are doing but they have a lot of pride and you are completely unfazed but enthusiastic so they follow you reluctantly

They got the story wrong,
the wolf was never to blame
I was not taking a stroll
to visit Grandmother’s house,
I was stalking my prey

My cloak is not red
for any other reason
than to hide the bloodstains

But give me a basket of baked goods
and big doe eyes,
maybe then I will be harmless

You may continue to tell people
of my little girl innocence,
unassuming victims
are the best kind

But remember,
I do not smile
with my mouth closed
just to be sweet,
but to hide my very sharp teeth.

—  Red Riding Hood, from Fairytales Retold by Olivia Larson

oh daughter of the dragon,
goddess of southern sea,
born red-faced with iron lungs
from your mother’s prayers and
chewed-up peonies,

they say you did not cry
for thirty days but at fifteen
silenced seas. go forth

riding nimbostratus horses and
look upon your knees at
two warriors fighting for your hand
under mount peach blossom’s trees.

yes, it’s true you were born quiet
but grew up loud in-between.
and when they told you to raise children,
you raised oceans in your voice no one had ever seen.

—  astagesetforcatastrophe, ode to mazu
PagesofAngel’s Phantom Fanfiction List

~ Inspired by @littlelonghairedoutlaw and @phantom-of-the-keurig‘s lists. ~


~ Ghost of Flesh ~

Erik and Christine are blessed by the arrival of a healthy daughter soon after their marriage. However, when Erik realizes that his child bears a disturbing resemblance to his mother…his mind can’t help but see a ghost. His painful memories are now before him, wrapped in flesh and blood. His flesh and blood. *One-shot*

~ Hitting Notes ~

Gustave has become a troubled child after his mother’s murder. After he gets into a physical fight at school, how will his father deal with him? LND-based. *One-Shot*

~ Late for Lessons ~

Erik becomes late for Christine’s voice lesson one night. Much to his dismay, he finds her asleep in front of her mirror. But maybe, there’s an advantage to being late for this lesson. *One-Shot*

~ The Deceitful Delilah ~

Christine promised Erik she wouldn’t take her life after becoming his bride. She lied. Warning: Very, very dark. *One-Shot*

~ The Ten Minutes ~

Christine bears Erik’s child, and their son is everything she feared he would be. The ten minutes following her child’s birth may be the most critical of Christine’s life. Leroux-based. *One-Shot*

Drabble Collections

~ Memories of a Mirage ~

Memories retain both pleasure and pain, even for a mirage. [A series of memories from Erika’s past as requested by readers of ‘The Mirage of the Opera (A Gender-Bent Retelling)’ on Tumblr and elsewhere.] *All memories are canonic with my Retelling!Verse*

On-Going Series

~ The Mirage of the Opera (A Gender-Bent Retelling) ~

The women of Paris are legendarily beautiful, with the exception of Erika - whose deformed facial features have condemned her to a life in the cellars of an opera house. From within the walls of the opera, the musically proficient Erika finds a pupil in Christian - a promising young tenor. What can happen when a beautiful mirage becomes a frightening reality? Rated T for themes.

So I’ve been thinking: 

Yesterday a Super Junior text post went viral on Tumblr, a post retelling an infamous Strong Heart Choding Junior story, and there were so, so many new young fans asking ‘wait, is this for real? did this really happen..??? WHAT?’ and I realized the new generations don’t know SuJu - at all! They missed the time when there was Strong Heart, when SuJu used to go on these shows and tell this type of crazy stories, missed the heroic Dream Team episode they shot right after the fight and which helped them make up, missed the iconic Inkigayo incident which had fans in a meltdown and racking their brains trying to understand what went wrong for over a year(!) until members finally explained it in the above mentioned story. They probably weren’t given info about ‘it’s refreshing!’ game, about the airport fashion traditions, even classics like EHB, Full House or Intimate Note! But I bet they were instantly given Hate 101 about each member’s misstep with 5 different variations of exaggeration, reaching and taking out of context straight to space. And it’s so sad that the negative moment has been given a priority over 10 whole years of non-stop sheer fun, warmth, happiness the group had (and still has) to offer, of endless unimaginable antics the likes of which you haven’t seen with new groups, or how when a young group does something silly you smile to yourself remembering that time SuJu already did it on a crazier scale. 

I don’t know what brought this on but I just find it so sad and such a pity that so many are missing out on Super Junior because of image and hate.

And I haven’t even said a word about their musical side yet.

anonymous asked:

If you did write a mythology book would it be more detailed than you myth retellings on tumblr?

I’d edit them all individually to make them more polished (because let’s be honest) and I’d expand upon the historical / literary information and analyses, as well as fronting the whole thing with an introduction to the various pantheons and the source texts used, and an explanation of why I retold the myths in the manner that I did. It would probably end up including ~30-40 individual myths at around 2,000 words each (aiming for around 75,000 words in that area) and around 3,000 words of actually useful information to preface and summarise it. 

So; the actual myths themselves wouldn’t end up being told in too much more detail (except where necessary; I know my Athena / Arachne one was too brief, for example) but they’d be much better contextualised and explained / analysed. 

In summary, it would be a nerdy as shit book.