tumblr redesigns


Wanted to redesign Lapis… and then it turned into recoloring Jasper, and ultimately redesigning Malachite. I love both Lapis and Malachite, Lapis for who she was in the beginning, and Malachite for her design. But Lapis slowly became a saturated mess to my eyes, and Malachite was gone. I wanted to make Lapis’s colors darker, just like the real Lapis Lazuli stone. The same somewhat goes for Jasper, but definitely for Malachite. They just seem more easy on the eyes, in my opinion. I’ve also seen many redesigns where Lapis had gold freckles, and was inspired by that.

I might make things similar to this with the other gems too eventually.

Miraculous … Ladbug?? Beetleboy?? ( Has anyone in the fandom figured this out yet? Send help)

Anyways, here’s Ladybug Adrien w/ armor ……….I never draw armor so this was a trip…tell me it looks good or i’ll cry
I wanted to do something different and I love all the Miraculous swap / outfit redesigns I see * U* I gave him red tips like Mari had in some concept art/early promos. He was gonna have a funky mask but in the end I thought the original worked best :’)

In other news,  I’m hosting the Miraculous Ladybug Valentine’s Day ExchangeThis is essentially a ‘Secret Santa’ exchange - but for Valentine’s Day, with an optional White Day follow up. Sign up now through January 2nd and make this lady happy ;) Go here to find out the details~

Whew! It was a bit more complicated to draw… So, before the game came out I created an ugly design for Ennard. After meeting him in the game I decided to redesign him. He’s not a human anymore, he’s a sinister robot. ^^ And this is how he looks like without his outfit. A big spaghetti robot. Never finished. He’s tol and he can make his arms and legs longer. owo My spoopy baby!


Design commission to @pocketseizure for both, Zelda (Twilight Princess) and Ganondorf (Wind Waker) - I don’t usually take design commissions but having the opportunity to make some new unofficial designs for both characters looked too much fun to pass by. 

I suggest you go read their little screenplay about their speculative, airships and sky pirate themed timeline for more information and inspiration for these as well ! A second commission will feature both characters and will be made soon.


So Nicholas Kole challenged people to come up with a genderflipped version of Beauty and the Beast, where the lady-Beast was actually beastly, and not just a pretty girl with tusks and horns - so I took him up on it during today’s lunchtime scribbles.

A lot of the others who have taken up the challenge have gone with mammal-based beasts - so I decided to go in another direction, namely birds! With some extra horns and tusks, sure, but she’s mostly bird-based.

Also, lady-Beast isn’t pink because she’s a girl. She’s pink because she’s a Bearded Vulture:

A species that ought to shut up all those silly people who whine about how feathered dinosaurs wouldn’t look cool. Look at it. It eats bones.