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To truth, in truth

I haven’t honestly reflected on how I’ve been feeling in a while. Its hard to write when you don’t know how you feel or when you’re numbing yourself so you don’t have to face things but its unhealthy and it took me a while to admit that this is where I’ve been standing or how I’ve been feeling. So with this, I hope I can write more again because I only seem to be able to write poetry when I’m most honest with myself. 

I also wanted to say thank you, to all of you who continue reading these pages of my heart. May all of you be well and happy.

Much Love, 


Who is Briana Jungwirth? Mother of Louis Tomlinson's baby and LA stylist - here's what we know

So a recap of The Sub’s latest Briana bullshit. So you don’t have to read:
- B is still referred to as a stylist working in LA
- got together after Louis broke up with El (no Danielle mention)
- Freddie’s a gift from god and her family helps babysit
- Louis seeking joint custody (like the active verb)
- came to temporary settlement after she denied him access with Louis getting additional visitation but no overnights
- Mention of Louis’ sisters’ birthday tweets for Freddie’s first birthday

It’s like a tumblr summary recap. The question is why and the custody being a live issue again well I guess we can all see the foreshadowing there.


Glass Animals • Tumblr IRL • Los Angeles • 8/31/16

Bringing an album to life at a Tumblr IRL had yet to get THIS literal. 

The characters pictured in the Glass Animals’s new album and videos added a whole new dimension, inviting fans to be Human Beings with them. With a background of 8 bit projections from the minds of Whoopi (@whoopthis​) & Myk (@myk31​), the band (@glassanimalsband​) performed their new songs on stage in a world made from their imagination. 

Graced with some oldies, and hit hard with new music that could only make them dance, those in attendance at The Village Studios in LA didn’t just get a show. They got to truly experience the album. 

Listen to How to be a Human Being here, and check out all the art on Glass Animals’ Tumblr. OR get the damn thing on vinyl and impress your friends. 

Big thanks to the band and their brains, to Whoopi & Myk and to Ice Breakers Mints (@icebreakersunicorn​) for making this happen, to Vinyl Me Please (@vinylmeplease​) for putting Tumblr IRL art on a record (!!!), to Yours Truly (@yourstrulysf​) on production and to Spotify Sessions (@spotify​) for enshrining it in their vault so we can all enjoy a show with as much energy and passion as you’ll ever see.

We’ll let you know when that’s available. 

Photos by Ponneh Ghana (@poonehghana)

Creed Collab Challenge Recap

What an absolute pleasure it has been seeing writers come together and collaborating! You guys took the prompt Forgiveness into so many different directions, it was fantastic! 

Here is the recap of all the participants for our first #creedcollabchallenge. If you are not on the list, please contact @denmysterywoman. Please do take a moment to read their wonderful work! ❤

@shentoncarrington & @kixxie with Foreplay
@fakesurprise & @randomlyjay with Forgiving A Collaboration
@kixxie & @drearydaffodil with Penitence
@drearydaffodil & @adamantseal with Eating My Feelings
@wolfdownwords & @drearydaffodil with taking flight
@teacup13 & @jasongrabowski with this piece
@bethlehem-boulevard & @wordswritteninsilence with Forgiveness
@drearydaffodil & @robertjw4688 with Bury…Forgive
@teacup13 & @cyrusbriar with this piece
@californiacougar & @just-4-thought with The Sands of Shrift
@autumnsunshine10 & @heartofmuse with Blank Canvas
@californiacougar & @hangingoninquietdesparation with Give and Take
@theaclopus & @mymellowcupcakestudent with this piece
@scrawls-of-daisy-arkanian & @virgilioastram with A Bouquet For The Grave
@teacup13 & @bg-grizzo with Beans & Bruises
@thespiandrummer & @pomegranatepithos with Moments Fall
@oneamateurgirl1612 & @insidemyhert with Forgiving Regardless. 
@snuffyart & @mavieenmots with Forget-Me-Nots
@throwaway-poems & @just-4-thought with this piece
@anostalgicpoet & @leo-o with Friendly Wounds
@cryptictalk & @denmysterywoman with Burning Church
@autumnsunshine10 & @mortalghost with Give For Sinning
@scripted-ink & @kixxie with Until
@words-for-wishes & @writesoftlytay with ballad of the broken
@electricarmchair & @virgilioastram with Forgiveness

May Week 4 (5/21-5/27) Participant Recap

It has been a pleasure reading your take on our prompt “Maybe you can tell anyone anything.”  Here are this week’s participants. If you participated but don’t see your username, message @denmysterywoman

@m-dly with two lovely entries
@kixxie who got inspired to write three pieces!
@cyrusbriar x 2
@thetypewriterisholy gave us 2 pieces!

Each week we pick one piece to be entered for a chance to win the prize-of-the-month. The winner-of-the-month will have their work featured here at Poetic Stories for the entire following month! 

This week’s winner is @depressionintechnicolor with his piece Burning For What’s At Stake Is Quite A Selfish Act In Actuality. What a wonderful take on our prompt showing us how hard it may be at times to truly say what we want. Congratulations! 🎉🎉🎉


My mom used to say something to me as a child, “If you were really sorry you wouldn’t have done [whatever misdeed] in the first place.”  It always made me feel awful, but I accepted it as some truth, because it was coming from my mom, right?  It wasn’t until I was an adult and mentioned that to someone else and they responded, “WTF?!  That’s not how it works!” that I started to realize the effed up logic in that idea.  (Side note: with an adult perspective, I now see that this was probably something her abusive parents said to her, and I’m willing to bet she wouldn’t say it now - but it still hurt me when I was a kid.)

Feeling sorry for something you did wrong after you did it is never a bad thing.  You should feel sorry.  You should want to make up for your mistakes and correct them.  And hopefully, prevent them from happening again.  When someone tells you, “Well, since you did it in the first place, there’s no way you can be truly sorry about it now.  So, no forgiveness for you,” it’s horrible.  It makes you feel worthless and like you are evil and there’s no point in trying, because no one is going to accept it anyway.  

Any of this sounding familiar?  Does it sound like what the SHIELD team did to Ward after the end fo Season 1?  Good, because that’s exactly what happened.  They told him repeatedly there was no way that he could possibly be sorry enough, so don’t even bother trying.  They told him he was evil, everything was his fault, and there was no chance of redemption.  He kept trying for a little while, but it eventually became too much and he became the monster they kept telling him he was - the man without remorse.  (Even though he had buckets full of it much earlier.)  The SHIELD team basically said to Ward what my mother used to say to me.  

So many people have decried, criticized, and excoriated the AoS writing and showrunning team for this teribly toxic narrative.  And they are right to do so.  It’s a horrible, horrible message to send.  That there is no forgiveness, that you are inherently evil, that circumstances don’t matter, and there is no coming back from any misdeeds.   The writers messed up, big time.  And they went a long time without acknowledging any mistakes and even mocking people for calling them out. 

But then things started to change.  The narrative of the show in Season 4 has been much tighter, more consistent, and best of all - they’ve started acknowledging mistakes they made.  They’ve had characters say lines and make different decisions, acknowledging past screw ups. (Coulson, most notably, has commented more than once how he was hellbent on revenge last year and he did bad things because of it and he regrets it now, then he’ll go on to make a better choice.)  I’ve watched it with a healthy amount of trepidation and caution, I’ve been burned by these writers before, but also relief and hope because they’re finally making it better.  It isn’t perfect, they haven’t completely atoned for their truly bad writing from previous seasons, but they are trying.  They’re making improvements and trying to right past wrongs.  Hoo-freaking-ray!!!!!  

Isn’t this what we want?  Don’t we want the writing team and the SHIELD team to do better?  Don’t we want them to correct their mistakes and make better choices?  Isn’t this exactly what we’ve been crying out for, for Ward?  That he be given the chance to make things better, even with his crimes as terrible as they were.  If we can call for redemption and forgiveness for a character who committed murder and all sorts of other crimes, can’t we allow a little space for the writers of a tv show to correct their wrongs as well?  If all we do is scream “too little, too late” at them, what incentive do they have to keep going with this?  If we tell them, “If you were really sorry, you wouldn’t have f***ed up in the first place,” how are they going to want to keep going?  And if they don’t keep going, then we’re going to end up with an even worse situation.  I’m not saying immediately absolve them of all their mistakes.  I am saying we need to give them a little bit of space, and grace, to atone for their errors, without jumping down their throats, vilifying, and completely invalidating them.

If we claim to stand for forgiveness and redemption, even for truly heinous acts, we have to be willing to extend it to more than just fictional characters.


Mentions:   @darnath, @wolf-queen, @jagged-little-pieces, @kurel-andiel, @phlareshadowdancer, @batandmole, @rizzythemonk, @featherbloodsisters, @theravir, @farflights, @thebuildingcacophony, @lledwynlomeriel, @roewyn, @generalcero, @shaded-hawke


Darnath was physically larger and stronger than the monk.  He was also more powerful. The scuffle that ensued was brief, but longer than Darnath had expected it would be, the monkette was a slippery little thing and she dipped in an out of the miasma that drew denser with her movements.  At times it was as if she were in multiple places at once, yet - never where he expected.   It didn’t matter, his goggles helped him pin her location down.   It took a while before she stopped thrashing about, but once he snagged her, she began to settle.   Hearing her name helped.

Defeated, Vel simply went silent.   Dar, allowed her this.   He didn’t assault her with questions.   He focused his energy on getting Vel cleaned up.   And moving her to the Aurora’s infirmary.   She remained a bit hostile, gems still glowing and pulsing, but less intensely.   She hissed out a request to be given some time.   He allowed this, but remained near the infirmary.  In case she had any further episodes.

Once she was left alone, she was forced the stare down the calamity that stirred behind eyelids that had fallen shut.  

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THE 1975 • TUMBLR IRL • 28/02/16 • LONDON

The 1975 (@the1975music) brought Tumblr IRL to London in style. Thousands of fans came from all over the United Kingdom to hang out with them, as the line must have extended for at least half a mile.

Inside, white walls were lit with the colors of the album and dressed with the neon lights and images created by Samuel Burgess-Johnson (@samuelburgess-johnson). Photos and selfies rolled, while Tumblr IRL was pleased to see some polaroids in there too.

London, thank you for having us. We hope to be back soon. And a big thanks to The 1975 for hanging out for 8+ hours. It meant the world to a lot of people.

Photos and GIFs by Giles Smith (@giloscope). Go here to listen to the new album, I like it when you sleep, for you are beautiful yet so unaware of it, only on Apple Music (@applemusic).

Never too late... Won’t take long

I don’t usually make long posts because I feel like people don’t really want to read them but the past week or so a lot has happened. Nothing to worry about but a lot has been on my mind. I think I’m going to start with the obvious and that is ONCE UPON A TIME.

Last Monday, I was on the train scrolling through Tumblr and Twitter recapping the beautiful episode that was the Captain Swan wedding. Then a notification from Jennifer Morrison came, in my mind I thought it was her going to say something positive about the Musical episode but to my despair it was her announcing her departure. I’m not going to lie, it felt like a switch went off in my body and I just started to tear up. I did not think I was going to get emotional but I did. This show has been a part of me for the last SIX years. I’ve lived through Emma Swan for the past six years, and I don’t think I realized that I was ready to say goodbye.

As the day went on I understood where Jennifer was coming from. She is as human as all of us and she deserves to be happy and satisfied with her life just like all of us. So, this is to Jennifer (who probably will never see this), thank you. Thank you, for giving us such a strong and important character to look up too. Thank you for giving us an epic adventure for the past 6 years. Thank you, for giving me a something to look forward too at the end of the week no matter how bad my week was. Thank you.

Coming to terms with the idea that Jennifer was leaving the show, I never thought that ABC was going to renew it, but once again I was wrong. The network did. Not only did they renew it but 6 series regulars announced that they were leaving. I think anyone in the fandom can relate to this in saying that they were shocked and just don’t understand how the show can go on without its lead characters. Then Sunday finally came. The day we had to say goodbye to the characters that we have gotten to know and love over the last 6 years. For me, the finale was everything it needed to be. To be honest, the most important part to me was Hook and Emma’s happy ending and I got it. They truly lived happily ever after.

What’s to come…?

Season 7, is one big question that I feel like the fandom is somewhat intrigued in and wants to see how this will continue. Yes, there are some that do not even want to give it a chance but I think I will be giving it a chance. It did not hit me until that week how much I truly love Once Upon A Time and I was not ready to let it go. I wasn’t ready because that meant that my blog would feel irrelevant. I created a bond with people in the fandom and felt like a part of a special community. So I guess to me it was more than just a TV show. It brought something special to my life.

Now, where is the blog going to go… It’s not going anywhere. I’m still going to GIF Once Upon A Time but maybe not as much. You might start seeing a bit more of the other shows that I watch so don’t be alarm, who knows maybe you like them too. Give it a try, no?

I was also thinking about expanding the blog to be a bit more personal, and to let you guys get to know me a bit better. I’m more than happy to hear the suggestions that you guys might have for me to make the blog better for you!

This has all been a part of a week where I kept thinking, who am I and what am I going to do in the future? It all connected back to that Monday when Jennifer Morrison made her announcement. In that moment I realized what does the blog become when Once Upon A Time is gone, even more so, what does it mean for me? Something that the blog has taught me, is that I love connecting with people from all different backgrounds, and sharing the passion for the things I love with them.

So, I guess I can say this is not the end, but a happy beginning.

Twitter: @simona_ka Insagram: @simonaka​ Snapchat: @simona_ka​ 



When you have a free show on a rainy day, you’d think most people would stay home. Not in a town like Nashville. Not with Cage the Elephant fans. 

Some drove as far as eight hours to stand outside for another eight to see their favorite band perform in a setting they couldn’t even have imagined. Their thoughts at the end? WORTH IT.

@cagetheelephantofficial​ asked nearly a dozen artists on Tumblr to create pieces inspired by lyrics from their new album, Tell Me I’m Pretty, before it was ever released. Last week, they brought this art, and their favorite fan submissions, to life at Studio 615 in their hometown.

It was the first time they performed music from the new album, and they played it all, followed by an encore of crowd favorites. 

Thanks to the artists, @thetaxcollection​, @avd78​, @thixotropy7​, @felicezhukov​, @baboquivari​, @ittookthenight​, @garybeauvais and more.

Photos and GIF by @poonehghana. Listen to the album here

See you next year.

Ugh. I’m trying to write more Lexx AU drabbles – smutty ones this time – but I’m stuck on describing Prompto’s outfit. I realized I haven’t yet decided what he’s going to be wearing, so I’ve come to Tumblr for help. 

To recap, Prompto is a soldier-turned-love-slave who is constantly horny but can’t seem to get laid (his boyfriend is a corpse so…). He’s based on the Lexx characters Zev/Xev – but she had three different main outfits in the show (not to mention two actresses) and I can’t decide which one to go with. 

The options are:

Classic blue dress 

Bad-ass cluster lizard armor

The hellooooo midriff <3

Thoughts? Suggestions? The sooner I can decide the sooner you guys get some Promptio porn (sorta) ;3