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Glass Animals • Tumblr IRL • Los Angeles • 8/31/16

Bringing an album to life at a Tumblr IRL had yet to get THIS literal. 

The characters pictured in the Glass Animals’s new album and videos added a whole new dimension, inviting fans to be Human Beings with them. With a background of 8 bit projections from the minds of Whoopi (@whoopthis​) & Myk (@myk31​), the band (@glassanimalsband​) performed their new songs on stage in a world made from their imagination. 

Graced with some oldies, and hit hard with new music that could only make them dance, those in attendance at The Village Studios in LA didn’t just get a show. They got to truly experience the album. 

Listen to How to be a Human Being here, and check out all the art on Glass Animals’ Tumblr. OR get the damn thing on vinyl and impress your friends. 

Big thanks to the band and their brains, to Whoopi & Myk and to Ice Breakers Mints (@icebreakersunicorn​) for making this happen, to Vinyl Me Please (@vinylmeplease​) for putting Tumblr IRL art on a record (!!!), to Yours Truly (@yourstrulysf​) on production and to Spotify Sessions (@spotify​) for enshrining it in their vault so we can all enjoy a show with as much energy and passion as you’ll ever see.

We’ll let you know when that’s available. 

Photos by Ponneh Ghana (@poonehghana)


THE 1975 • TUMBLR IRL • 28/02/16 • LONDON

The 1975 (@the1975music) brought Tumblr IRL to London in style. Thousands of fans came from all over the United Kingdom to hang out with them, as the line must have extended for at least half a mile.

Inside, white walls were lit with the colors of the album and dressed with the neon lights and images created by Samuel Burgess-Johnson (@samuelburgess-johnson). Photos and selfies rolled, while Tumblr IRL was pleased to see some polaroids in there too.

London, thank you for having us. We hope to be back soon. And a big thanks to The 1975 for hanging out for 8+ hours. It meant the world to a lot of people.

Photos and GIFs by Giles Smith (@giloscope). Go here to listen to the new album, I like it when you sleep, for you are beautiful yet so unaware of it, only on Apple Music (@applemusic).

Jess Pt. 2

Jessica Pt. 2- ok I should start w/ this… last march when they first hung out I wasn’t around that wk bc I was on a cruise so literally the whole wk I was gone & didn’t get on my phone/online at all! I had no idea Jessica existed until I got back & got a brief recap on tumblr that they only hung out 1 time & the media/her were extra as hell, basically same old same old w/ every girl! Figuring we’d never see her w/ Niall again I didn’t bother reading the articles- I googled a pic, rolled my eyes & moved on lol! I knew she was a model or aspiring model & supposedly had a kid she abandoned, nothing else. So back to nov. so I explained the whole concert/AMAs wk & after that like I said she quit posting things alluding to Niall but I kept following for a while bc she seemed the type to start posting about him again &/or being super extra again out of nowhere! And here’s the real start of my pain… It took ab 2 days to realize from her snaps that this girl is literally the most obnoxious person I have ever seen! I can’t even explain it really… she doesn’t really act the stuck-up bitchy model type “like I’m so hot I’m better than you” vibe that most models act like. At least the majority of the time she doesn’t act that way! She acts ignorant… seriously her snaps- she’s like an annoying 13 yr old girl in a hot adult body! Idc how pretty she is, LA is a fairly pretentious place and ALL the females are smoking hot, so I honestly have no idea how she works there based on how she seems to act most of the time! And I cannot believe that Niall hung out w/ her once more than about 2 min, let alone a second night! At least girls he’s been linked to- I might not like them & they may be bitches to other girls or give off those stuck-up vibes, but I’ve always been sure around him they acted chill & like “fit-in” with whatever crowd they were around! Jessica’s on a level that I don’t think she’d have it in her to act un-obnoxious! She’s so bad it almost made me judge Niall! So worst part of it all at Xmas she’s posting all about going home & I see day 1 she posts when she lands in Little Rock (Arkansas in case your not sure) & I’m like WTF?! I’m from AR & lived in a suburb of Little Rock, essentially 10 min out of the capital. So then she posts when she arrives in her home town, which is no lie literally 15 min from where I lived! She’s a bit younger than me, and we obvi went to different high schools anyway, but I had tons of friends from her hometown, like we may even know some of the same people which made me die!!! I couldn’t help but think oh my fucking god it’s ppl like her that give the south such a bad rep! Not like the racist redneck rep, but more just that ppl from the south are a lot times viewed as ignorant, uneducated, uncultured, buffoons! She 100% embodies that rep ok! So anyway I’m literally just rambling now, the point is I could not believe she was essentially from where I was & was linked too Niall- like it was a weird connection I felt to her & him that I DID NOT WANT! And it just really embarrasses me. Idc so much ab other ppl/the rest of the free world, but I don’t want Niall assuming ppl from AR all act like this girl! That’s honestly how bad she is! She’s a moron 98% of the time and the other 2% when she ~is acting all “I’m so hot” completely full of herself, it’s still embarrassing bc it’s obvi she’s trying WAY too hard! It’s like “oh I’m annoying as hell” but as a consolation I’m hot & here’s a pic of my naked ass to make up for it! Not to mention she’s snapped at least 3 times her sister Sky (Skye ?) sitting on the toilet & showering & then Sky had her phone & posted Jessica on the toilet & showering too the same 3 times! In the shower she kinda blurred their parts, but like could you cry for attention any harder?!! And the toilet ones were from the side so no vag, but full side ass! And god that’s so fuckin crass & gross! Like wtf? Who would post that?!! It honestly makes me cringe so hard to even think about it! I can confirm that Jessica is complete and utter classless, white trash! He is honestly such a good person & radiates pure class 100% of the time, so it physically pains me to think they might ever hang out again! And wow, this is prob longer than the first message now. I could honestly give examples all day but I think this more than stresses my distaste for this girl! 😖

oh my god i dont even know what to say lmao this was more than i was expecting but i believe it tbh…


MAC MILLER • TUMBLR IRL • 9/18/15 • Pittsburgh

In the last week, Mac Miller (helloitsmacmiller​) returned home to Pittsburgh for the impending release of his major label debut, and a big agenda. Among the softball tournament, pop-up shop, tailgate and scavenger hunt, Mac threw down a Tumblr IRL for the books. 

With the help of his mom and brother, millermccormick​, the room looked like a cross between a high school auditorium and a bar-mitzvah party. He even had the classic childhood photo, Ken-Burns-effect slideshow to go with it. 

Even the mayor of Pittsburgh was there and ready to Horah.

Mac set the mood with an a-cappella “Star-Spangled Banner” and then took the crowd through a high-energy, live version of his new album, GO:OD AM, which is out now right here

Stay tuned for more pics like these, by hannahaltmanphoto.



When Tegan and Sara (@teganandsara) found water-color-master Sirin Thada (@sirinthada) on Tumblr, little did they know she was a fan of their music. It made everything come easy for Sirin, who created a whole bunch of art inspired by the twins’ new album, Love You to Death. She and the band brought it to life in San Francisco.

Fans in attendance not only got to experience an intimate show, but Tegan and Sara stuck around to answer their questions in an entertaining Q&A session that brought out the best banter in sibling rivalry appreciation.

Big thanks to Sirin for transforming Folsom Street Foundry into an immersive art exhibit, and to Tegan and Sara for filling it with music and making their fans—and Sirin’s—dreams come true. 

Listen to Love You to Death here.

Photos by Tom Tomkinson (@tomkinsonphoto).



When you have a free show on a rainy day, you’d think most people would stay home. Not in a town like Nashville. Not with Cage the Elephant fans. 

Some drove as far as eight hours to stand outside for another eight to see their favorite band perform in a setting they couldn’t even have imagined. Their thoughts at the end? WORTH IT.

@cagetheelephantofficial​ asked nearly a dozen artists on Tumblr to create pieces inspired by lyrics from their new album, Tell Me I’m Pretty, before it was ever released. Last week, they brought this art, and their favorite fan submissions, to life at Studio 615 in their hometown.

It was the first time they performed music from the new album, and they played it all, followed by an encore of crowd favorites. 

Thanks to the artists, @thetaxcollection​, @avd78​, @thixotropy7​, @felicezhukov​, @baboquivari​, @ittookthenight​, @garybeauvais and more.

Photos and GIF by @poonehghana. Listen to the album here

See you next year.



This band and their fans are something special. More people showed up for this Tumblr IRL than any other before it, and the smiles didn’t stop. 

With the help of longtime collaborators, thebaxley (that’s husband and wife duo Ryan and Alice), and zcrytuff, fidlar dressed LA’s The Well with two years’ worth of a Tumblr, as well as life-sized versions of their album artwork and R. Kelly times two. 

Fans in attendance got to design their very own, limited edition vinyl sleeves, and silk screen unique artwork on top, or on anything they wore that night. fidlar treated the crowd to a steamy show, with oldies and new tracks from the album, Fidlar Too

Thanks, fidlar for everything you do, to thebaxley and zcrytuff for making everything, to momandpopmusic for putting out this great album, and to frappuccino for providing some fuel. We will never be the same. 

Photos and gifs by ouncehouse.

Get that album here


Tobias Jesso Jr. x Eric Chase Anderson - March 20, 2015

This 6-foot-7 Goon turned his Tumblr into an IRL songbook, which he handed out to the smiling faces that entered Ironwood Hall. He taught fans and aspiring musicians alike how to play his songs. Finally, on a stage surrounded by projections of ericchaseanderson​‘s art & sheet music, tobiasjessojr​ breathed life into a shiny grand piano.

Read more about it at Stereogum.

Visual installation by candystations. GIF and photos by poonehghana



Unprecedented. Magnificent. A crazy amount of fun. 

Santigold (@santigold) transformed Jack’s 99¢ World (@jacksnyc) into her own theme park for a night, and invited her fans to a two-story emporium we like to call her Tumblr IRL. 

With help from Nu California (@nucalifornia) and Bel Downie (@fuckyeahbeldownie), everyone in the store got the deal of a lifetime. Santigold performed songs from her new album, titled 99¢, of course, in the aisles and behind the register. 

Tumblr IRL will never be the same.

Photos and GIFs by Laura June Kirsch (@laurajunekirsch)