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All of bakusquad loves pineapple pizza except for Bakugou who will constantly rant about technical culinary shit along with just a tonne of insults and disbelief (he’s secretly not sure if they’re messing with him ((they’re not)) but is too proud to voice his doubts) while the rest of them make sure to order pineapple on every pizza they have for months

  • Important first date question: Do you drop a frog that pees on you or keep holding it


ยังไม่รู้แน่ชัดว่าจะอยู่ทัมนานแค่ไหน ไม่ก็ผมอาจจะกลับไปอยู่ fb เหมือนเดิม

แต่จะพยายามมาลงผลงาน ขอบคุณฮะ :‘3

fandom: *has a reasonable and civil discussion over a topic that isn’t totally black or white*
me: nice,
fandom 0.1 secs later: *uses ableist/sexist/homophobic slurs to refer to the opposite side of the discussion, thinks the opposite side is an evil virus of Satan™, harasses people en masse, i wouldn’t be surprised if this was the reason twitter just crashed*
me: … un-nice

I Don't Remember That

So can we appreciate this Kishi SS and Team 7 parallel yet again?

This is Sasuke trying to forget his past in part 1.  He vehemently denies the memory Sakura brings up because it’s about the formation of Team 7 and we all know Team 7 represents camaraderie, family, and love for Sasuke.  The very thing Sasuke tries to suppress in order to achieve his goal of killing Itachi.  But we all know he fails to do that because he references the same aforementioned memory when he’s leaving.  More importantly, Kishi is reminding us and Sasuke that he cannot forget Team 7.  Team 7 is full of important, irreplaceable, and unforgettable people:

And now in part 2, Sasuke says, he will destroy the past.  In essence, Sasuke is trying to forget the past yet again. 

And we all know he’s trying to forget Team 7 because they mean something to him- they are his family.  It what grounds Sasuke to this earth because what’s stopping him from joining the rest of the Uchiha clan?  He did say he would have rather died with the rest of the clan:


Like Kishi is showing- Team 7 will always be a part of Sasuke and they will always influence him.  Sasuke knows this and that’s why he wants to make Team 7 hate him or “kill off” his teammates. He cannot have Team 7 distract him from his goal of “his hokage."  It’s why he cast a genjutsu of him killing Sakura.  It’s why he told Hagoromo that he needs to kill Naruto.

See the parallel between his previous goal and his current one?  Team 7 is always his goal’s way.

Yet if he’s forgetting the past, why does he use those same words of the past to Sakura again?

Why does he bring Naruto to the Valley of the End?

These are all things of the past-  Sasuke no matter what you say or try to do, the past will always shape what you do next.  But anyway this is for you:

Just accept Naruto’s talk no jutsu and become a happy Team 7 family again <3 <3 <3

  • Tumblr: i do NOT support eating disorders!! I am NOT pro ana!!!!!!!!!!
  • Tumblr: here's what your goal weight should be
  • Tumblr: here's how to fast for longer
  • Tumblr: here's how many calories you should be eating
  • Tumblr: NOT A PRO ANA BLOG!!!!!!!!!!

Pro-lifers, I see you ignoring detailed, sourced responses to your posts and requests for citations. I see you going on and pretending you only get name-calling and “go swallow glass” or whatever.

I have a top hat. The question is, why don’t you? (Yours won’t fit as well as mine. Tumblr totally modeled the angle of the top hat on the angle of my icon image, which incidentally has stayed the same for like three years. Let this be a lesson: consistency is king.)

pro, as explained by the highly informative video, is somewhat like a sir:

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Note both pros and sirs wear top hats at a similar jaunty angle (provided your head is positioned correctly).

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anonymous asked:

the only argument pro's have against you is "why can't you respect kishi?". He literally signed up for criticism. It's not our job to make him feel good about himself for the trash he's written. You see ladies and narutards, when an artist publicly publishes his work he understands he gets reviews or criticism. Naruto has always been criticized since day 1. It's nothing new. Everyone from every profession gets criticized. Stop kissing his ass for his less than mediocre bullshit and accept that.

They think he’s just like a fanfic writer and we should go easy on him. In fact, we’re already nicer to him than fanfic writer. We don’t leave comments on his own blog, it’s not like he gets a notification when we make a post here, he doens’t have to see our posts if he doesn’t want to.

Truth is it’s not Kishimoto who’re bothered by the posts anti make on tumblr, it’s pros here that’re bothered by hate for their ships and favourites. I know it for a fact the pros hate other ships and characters beside their favourites themselves. At least, the anti are fairer in their hate.

Tbh, they’re all written by the same shit author, his characters and writing ranges from mildly entertaining but shallow to illogical and sappy, to ideologically convoluted and dangerous. He can’t write, his ideas are ignorant, misguided and offensive, he draws quite well when he tries. He should’ve been an illustrator tbh.