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YCPfE Side-Stories You Want?

Please tell me which of the following options you might like to see as side-stories for YCPfE. Choose as many as you like or let me know if I’m missing one you’d like to see. 

  • Yuuri & Phichit’s heat 🍑☄️👯🔥
  • Victor & Chris’ heat 🍦👅🍾🔥
  • Yuuri, Victor & Shoji Threesome 🦄🍌🍆🌽
  • Yuuri’s ‘first’ time/heat with Katashi 🔥💦🙌
  • Victor’s POV 😍👀🙃😎
  • ‘What-if?’ Yuuri & Shoji blowjob 💋🌬⛈
  • Victor in Rut 🌶🐓🔥
Station to Station is now casting!

Update: Auditions for Station to Station have now closed! Thanks for your interest. Callbacks will run March 4 to March 14.

Station to Station is an upcoming podcast from the Procyon Podcast Network. It was created by Alex Yun (@stardust-rain), co-written and co-produced with Andrea Klassen (@thischarmingand).

This is a sci-fi mystery/horror about a science project with dark secrets, a biochemist with melancholic tendencies, and the mysterious notes of a lost scientist, set on research cruise many miles away from land. Also featuring: corporate espionage, loss, morality, and close encounters of the eldritch kind. 


1) You must be over 18 by the time auditions close (March 1st). No if, no buts. No “but I’m almost 18!!”. This is a Procyon-wide policy that we will not budge on. 

2) Upload your audition file. We prefer Dropbox or Google Drive, but any hosting site is fine. Please name your file Character Name [Your Name]. Please also state your name before reading. 

3) Fill in this Google Form. (Now closed) Note that we don’t require you to have professional setup to do this - that’s what our Kickstarter is for! Once recording starts, we’ll provide professional mics if you don’t have your own. 

If Google is not accessible where you live, you’re also welcome to email us at station2station@procyonpodcasts.com (but only if Google isn’t accessible, please use the Google Form otherwise). 

Auditions will run from Feb 15th to March 1st. Callbacks will be from March 4nd to March 10th.

You can audition for more than one role. 

This is a paid gig. You’ll be paid $15/hr (or the equivalent in whichever currency you use) for each hour of recording. For now, the rehearsal time will not be paid. 

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To the Check Please fandom: I love you, but you guys are missing out on something that I think you’ll love. 

It’s called You Could Make a Life 

The latest Check Please update currently has over 12,000 notes on tumblr and the ycmal chapter with the most likes and comments has less than 1000. Based on how great ycmal is, I can only assume that you guys are unaware of its existence or these numbers would be more similar. 

It’s superficially similar to Check Please in that every story is about a gay, male, hockey player and his life on and off the rink. 

Keep reading for my pitch or just go straight here and treat yourself to some fantastic writing 

Ycmal is a series of stories that exist in the same universe but can each be read independently. There are nine (NINE!) complete stories ranging from less than 4000 words to 158,966 words (trust me, when you read this long one, you’ll be grateful for the length). 

In addition, there are so so many short snippets about the characters. Think Ngozi’s extras but this is where the author’s incredible generosity comes in. Most of these stories are based on direct requests from readers and they range from “everybody’s cats!” to bodyguard AUs. If you’re still not convinced then read on. 

To borrow some quotes from that amazing Check Please primer that went around for a long time:

What’s that you like zany casts? 

Dan Riley: The gateway drug and a true romantic 

Marc Lapointe: Shitty’s social justice in an almost Bitty-sized body but with more pretentiousness, and he’s French! (Canadian)

Ulf Larsson: Swedish sex god who makes bad decisions 

“Vinny” Vincent: His teammates call him Bambi and he’s a goalie

Anton Petrov: Angry bub defence man

David Chapman: Seriously his character development is the most amazing thing. You will LOVE him

Jake Lourdes: We voted on what we thought of him and half of the suggestions were some variant of “golden retriever”

This isn’t anywhere nearly all of the characters. I haven’t even touched on the supporting characters and they’re all delightful

Are main character guy and pupil guy going to kiss? (No, nobody stylistically differs by having pupils but they all have pupils so it still fits)

There is pretty much always kissing ;)

How do I read every [ycmal story] ever? 

Good question, we’ve got you covered. 

This is the author’s Archive of Our Own page, which has all the official plotted stories

This is the author’s tumblr, which has all of the extras and also where you should go when you need to yell at someone once you’re crying

OKAY YOU GOT ME (hopefully). Here are a few hours of my life. What do I need to do to get into this rad universe?

Good question, we’ve got you covered. Again, we voted. 

The number one recommendation as long as you’re up for paying for a novel right now is purchasing You Could Make a Life here. This is the namesake of the whole universe, the epic love story of Dan and Marc and a book that I have read approximately six separate times not including the times I’ve read sections. 

The number two recommendation depends on what you’re feeling right now. 

- between the teeth is my personal favourite. It is absolutely incredible in terms of plot and character development, and it has a lot of my favourite characters. (Hold your breath for Kiro people, then you can use the breath you saved to laugh your ass off) This is the long one though so maybe the next suggestion?

- Vinny gets a life would be an amazing first entrance to this universe. Vinny is a super fun narrator and the story and central relationship are both compelling

- In taking it apart has the tagline “He made his bed and then he fucked a teenager in it.” This one earns an Explicit rating on ao3 more than any of the others

- No expectation of returns is the ultimate friends to lovers so if that’s your jam, start here first

Just please don’t start with throw up your fists, throw out your wits because that one can be emotionally tough to get through. 

You guys, Check Please is an incredible and unique work of art but everyone I know that loves ycmal loves Check Please so I think they cater to similar tastes. Give these stories some love and improve your lives. 

It's cool and nice that staff 'is trying to make the safe mode work better', but it isn't enough

And everyone commenting on the safe mode and how it’s a problem shouldn’t stop right now after the staff said they were going to fix the problem.
The idea that the teens on this website can’t decide what to see and what not to see is the problem to begin with. The idea that we don’t know what kind of blogs we follow, that someone should decide for us what we’ll see is the problem. The idea that we shouldn’t see nudity and curse words because we aren’t 18 is the problem (because honestly, damn, I use curse words and artistic nudity isn’t damaging to me, I’ve seen a lot of painting and sculptures of nude people and, wow, it didn’t harm me!).
In fact, I, a minor, was hurt by the safe mode (which worsened my anxiety and ruined my routines for a day, and keeps being harmful to me) a lot more than by any kind of ‘explicit content’ i saw on my dash (I actually didn’t; the only harmful explicit content I saw were the porn bots and I still can see some of them, so the safe mode didn’t even help with that).
So the staff doesn’t actually care about minors - especially about LGBTQ+ minors - or their mental health. And what makes me really uncomfortable is adults saying ‘okay stop shouting at them now they’ve fixed everything’ when they didn’t allow minors to turn the safe mode off so we didn’t reach the goal at all. It’s ageism and lgbtq-phobia we’re talking about here and we shouldn’t stop.

To all the lgbtq+

please do not be discouraged by the ‘sensitive content’ shit that’s happening. we are not ‘sensitive content’  we deserve to show our gayness @staff and I’m not talking about sexual things like sex. I’m talking about things like holding hands and positive things. I see a lot of things like actual sex gifs and stuff floating around not being marked as ‘sensitve content’ how is that right?

I’m not able to tell people that I support gays or that I like girls or that lesbians are cute? but others are able to show themselves naked having sex and that goes unmarked? that’s bullshit. 

why should my sexual orientation be put to shame? why should who I am be counted as “sensitive material’? 

safe search is for people who don’t want to see NSFW thing. I don’t want to see that but what I do want to see is my fellow lgbtq+ be happy in who they are and their sexuality. I don’t want them to be ashamed that they like boys or girls or whatever they like. I don’t want them to be ashamed of their identity, sexuality, or gender. 

I thought this site was for us to express ourself and be able to post what we want. how does Tumblr want us to express ourself or be happy in our skin when innocent stuff like two girls holding hands or I saw a picture of wonder woman marked as ‘sensitive content’ 

this thing that’s happening is putting us down and basically saying that hiding ourselves and our gayness are more important than straight people having sex where we can see it. I can’t even express how mad and upset I am. us ‘sensitive content’s’ shouldn’t have to be hidden from other homophobic people. 

I’m upset that my girlfriend and I would be marked as ‘sensitive content’ or that some of my other friends would be too. 

please, understand me and my fellow lgbtq+ and supporters, understand that this update fixed nothing, it only made it worse. understand that this update it’s basically you telling us to go back into the closet, it’s telling other members that haven’t come out yet that they can’t because it’s not right and its ‘sensitive material” 

it is a sensitive subject for some people but not in the way this update is putting it. it’s sensitive for people to talk about if they haven’t come out or are afraid to. 

I feel like this update is telling us that we should be proud to be lgbtq+ or nothing we say matters. this update is the worse one yet and if this is where Tumblr is going I don’t want to be a part of it. 


dear, lgbtq+ members 

you are valid, your sexuality is, your gender. that’s who you are and don’t let anyone tell you differently, you deserve to be able to cast your opinions. you should be able to express yourself however you want. don’t let Tumblr tell you differently. we’ve been unaccepted but don’t let tumblrs hoe ass get to you. YOU ARE LOVED AND YOU ARE VALID! JUST KEEP BEING YOU!

-with love, Hailey ‘sensetive content’ 

idea for LGBT+ people to get around the safe mode

okay this is gonna sound weird at first but bear with me. what if we just, replace or double certain letters in the words so that the algorithm cant recognise it anymore??


poly –> p0ly
trans –> tr4ns
sapphic –> sapp)(ic
gay –> g4y
lesbian –> L3SB14N
queer –> qu33r
pansexual –> panse%001
bisexual –> bii2exual
wlw –> wwlww


it’s kind of a weird idea but i really think it could catch on! what do you guys think?


For those who don’t know, last year, my friend made a book with about 100 pages that consisted of fan letters and fan art dedicated to the boys. Shocking enough, we didn’t expect SO MANY people to participate in our small project. It made us extremely happy to receive so many letters filled with heartfelt words to be delivered to Bangtan. Because of this, we decided to create another fan book so more can participate! And yes, our last book was safely delivered to BIGHIT.

We just care about sharing the love from international ARMYS, so we’re continuing to make this project free and decided to cover the expenses ourselves knowing not everyone has money. All we need is your support, so please join! Please share! Thank you so much for loving and supporting Bangtan. ♥


Franxesca’s PERSONAL instagram: whispersjyp [x]

email: btseproject@gmail.com (updated as well as date and word limit listed in picture)

Kas’ tumblr: jhope-shi [x]
instagram: jhobies [x]

When sending your letter, set your title as “BTS LETTER PROJECT” so it makes it easier for us to organize everything. Also, I will be updating here on tumblr of any changes or updates to the project.

Good morning, evening or night everyone! I’m proud to present the first poster for Demon, Arise, my upcoming webcomic, a collaboration with @the-bean-fantroll-team !

Demon, Arise is an action story about Demons and mythology in a modern setting! It’s an ambitious project, set in and around England. It revolves around the life of a seemingly normal teenager and college student, Selena Clarke, and her friend Rory getting caught up in the business of a lone demon hunter. The unusual trio have to stop the Demons from returning to Earth from Hell- by any means necessary, racing against a cult to collect thirteen Demonic books.

The comic is chock full of mythology and magical powers, with a mostly female and LGBTQ+ cast. It touches upon themes of religion, realities of mental illness, and romance to name a few. The characters are written to be three dimensional and realistic with ambitions, fears and strengths rather than just heroes who want to do good.

Lastly, you can expect a late 2018 release, so if you’re interested keep your eyes peeled, and boost the post to get the word around! Also, some beta pages will be posted in two weeks to give you all a taster of what’s to come! Making a webcomic has been a dream of mine and I’d love to put myself and my work out there as much as I can. If you have any questions about the comic- feel free to ask! I’m happy to answer :) thanks for reading!

((So I just noticed that the blog got mentioned but never got notified about it until I noticed it was in our notifications hidden under some likes. So let me make a small statement:

If anyone ever mentions the blog, please leave a message saying that you have mentioned us so that way we can actively participate in the post!

Thank you for your time!))

Goodbye, cuties, I'm going to drop tumblr

Dear Tumblr friends…

It’s been 2-3 years since I made this tumblr and it’s been quite a journey, and I’m really glad I made it because I found a lot of friends, love, inspiration, and so much amazing and lovely people whom I spend moments with…

There so much I learned, so much I shared, lived, laughed & stressed over about in this blog, even when it was anime related only, you guys were always so nice when I shared my personal posts, when I asked for asks to spend time, that asked me for edits when I wanted to make one but couldn’t decide…

I’ll take all those memories with me now, as I decide on dropping for good this tumblr. Like I said, it’s been a journey, and today this journey comes to an end… tbh I’m not going to delete this blog, after all, I can’t exactly detach myself from it so easily but at the same time I’m not really interested in keeping it updated anymore, it has become a boring thing to do and that’s not supposed to be the purpose of this blog.

I met a lot of great people thanks to this blog, I keep them all in my heart, all of you, Katie, Lelou, Aidah, Sen, Seda, Emma, Kat, Kisa, Momo, you guys, were amazing to me while I was here and I still have contact with must of you outside tumblr and that makes me so happy?!? I’m really happy I can still be friends with you all outside this website and I just can’t believe we have made it this far. I’m really thankful.

Anyway this is really long already so I’m just going to say, thank you for sticking with me all this time, through my Kuroshitsuji, Shingeki, Free!, Tokyo Ghoul, Magi & Bts phases, tbh just by following me I’m really grateful to you.

I hope I didn’t bother any of you with my spam, or with my bts posts when you didn’t want any kpop in your dashboards lmao, seriously, thank you for sticking with me even after that.

I love you all, and if you wanna keep contact or just want to talk to me I’ll leave my current active social media here:

Twitter: http://twitter.com/yoongihearted (warning: I tweet about bts on daily basis lmao)
Instagram: uriekookie
Line: kurokocchiz
Kakaotalk: Cyphertrash
Snapchat: montselovato

Thank you so much for this amazing 3 YEARS I LOVE YOU ALL.

With love,