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Marrying James March (HCs)

Request: “I think I sent this in a while ago but I also might have imagined doing that or maybe tumblr ate it who knows. Anyway, could you please write some headcanons for a wedding with James?? Thank you in advance, I love this blog so so much. Hope you’re having a good day xx” - @justanotherfandomjunkie

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A/N: I think my Tumblr has been eating requests, actually. A couple people have messaged me about it over the past few days, so if any of you guys have sent something in the past week or so, please re-send it! Just to make sure I got it. (: 

  • First of all, it’s a complete dream wedding
  • Whatever you wanted, you got it 
  • No matter how ridiculous the request 
  • It would probably have the art-deco hints, though
  • He would (literally) kill anyone who upset you or tried to change any of the plans 
  • James would do anything to get Elizabeth and her people out of the hotel the day of the wedding
  • But if she happened to stay, he’d subtly rub it in her face
  • For example, inviting her to said wedding
  • Then completely ignoring her during the ceremony/reception/whatever
  • And if she directly addressed either of you, he’d vaguely answer her with something weird and/or cryptic
  • “I wish you well with your new bride. How do you plan on celebrating?”
  • “Thank you. We have wonderful plans.” 
  • (We all know that would drive her crazy)
  • But the whole party would be just beautiful, even she’d have to admit
  • He’d probably close off most of the hotel for it, too
  • Like, floors one through four would be totally vacant
  • But the fifth floor would be absolutely full with people
  • Because you know James is going to kill people on his wedding night
  • And hell, he might convince his new wife to help him
  • But, at the end of the night, everything is strangely good in the Cortez