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Prompt from anon on Tumblr: Kim going to pick up Trini for training and walking in on her masturbating and getting flustered.

An anon asked cchasing-the-sunn to fill this prompt, but they don’t do NSFW and left it open for anyone else to take. Here, you go, anon. 

Kim frowned down at her phone, unable to think of a reason why Trini wouldn’t be answering any of the numerous texts she had recently sent. Trini knew they had training today and that Kim would be picking her up so that they could run there together. She had been standing outside for the last ten minutes with no text response from Trini so she went up to the door and decided knocking couldn’t hurt.

Gee, Kimberly, maybe knocking to see if she’s home would be a good idea, the sarcastic voice in her head told her Originally, she hadn’t wanted to do it because she didn’t know whether Trini’s parents were home or not. And after all shit she’d complained to Kim and the boys about when it came to them, Kim was ready to not meet them anytime soon.

She stood on the porch, awkwardly waiting to see if anybody would answer the door or not. After a minute of nothing, she figured it was the latter. This wasn’t right. Trini knew she was coming over today and she knew they had training, so why wasn’t she responding to anything Kim did?

Sighing, Kim walked over to the side of the house and stared up at Trini’s window. She had come in this particular way plenty of times before, but ever since Rita had attacked her, Trini kept her window locked nearly 24/7 (something Kim could hardly blame her for). She jumped up to grab onto the frame, very grateful for the super strength that allowed her fingers to hold her up on the small ledge. She was about to tap on the glass when she froze, eyes widening and jaw dropping.

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Parsley, Sage, Rosemary, and Thyme…

The way The Adventure Zone juggles humor and drama reminds me of Scarborough Fair/Canticle. On the one level it’s an old nonsense song, and then on the other you’ve got a pretty serious poem describing the horrors of war. I also drew it because my response to all the intense, amazing plot twists has apparently been to post even more jokey scribbles, haha. So here are the boys, tromping through the woods, probably just before The Suffering Game. Magnus is getting an inkling of what’s coming in the arcs ahead…

(Do we know how well Taako and Magnus sing? Hmm.)

I pulled colors from some Breath of the Wild screencaps! I’m unlikely to play it but golly is it a gorgeous game!

  • Draco: Nice robe, Granger
  • Hermione: Even if I got it at 50% off? Isn't that too cheap for you?
  • Draco: Well, I'd like them better if they were 100% off
  • Hermione: Stores can't just give away clothes for free, Draco
  • Draco: ... That's not what I meant
  • Hermione: *not listening* That would be an awful way to run a business
  • Draco: ... *gives up*

the cacti section at the smith botanical gardens was awesome!!
ig: peachy_gogh


Sneak peek to my first anamatic I’ve been working on. Kinda nervous about making one of these but i was inspired by amazing creators like @galactibun and @gyerangyeran thank you so much for everything These were my favorite to draw


Early morning walks around Paris with @tamingthetides

  • Veronica: Alright, from now on, we're going by code names. I want you all to call me by "Eagle 1".
  • Veronica: Archie, you'll be "Been There, Done That".
  • Veronica: When we refer to Betty, she'll be, "Currently Doing That".
  • Veronica: Cheryl, you're "It Happened Once In A Dream".
  • Veronica: Josie, you'll be "If I Had To Pick A Pussycat".
  • Veronica: And Jughead
  • Veronica:
  • Veronica: You'll be "Eagle 2".
  • Jughead: Oh thank God