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Can you tell me how to make followers 'cuz im new at tumblr and i need more people who supports me. Btw you're gorgeous❤️

Stay active, post good content, stick to a theme xxx


EVERYONE! We’ve got less than 2 weeks left on our kickstarter! We’ve had a great response here on tumblr but we still need support. 

I put this together because people keep asking about my process for creating the cutscene images. I hope you find it edifying. 

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Posts like these are just plain attention-seeking. I can’t believe they actually have tens of thousands of notes.

It’s nice that Tumblr is supportive of suicidal people who need help, but I hate how it’s so rampant on the website. Every now and then I’d see posts that try to guilt trip you into thinking that if don’t care about depressed kids then you have no heart.

It’s people like these who claim that “If I get a certain amount of notes then I won’t commit suicide or I will push it back” that make me mad. No. You have to be an idiot to believe that someone would actually make a life and death decision based on how much notes they get on a fricking website. And if someone really does that, then they’re simply pathetic.

people of tumblr- i need your support!

my name is domenyka, and i’m 16 years old and a aspiring actress to potentially and hopefully one day be on broadway. ever since i was 8, i’ve persued music very closely through singing but my love for musical theatre flourished in middle school. ever since then, i’ve been pursuing my love for theater in different shows and theater companies.

however, my parents are against me majoring in musical theatre in college. according to them, a degree in theater is so called….
- pointless - not worth anything - wasting my “intelligence” - wasting their hard earned money - etc.
my mom also said she refuses to support me in college and thinks i can’t live off the arts.

so… i need your help!

if you think a degree in musical theatre is NOT worthless, pointless, unimportant, undesirable, and unprofitable…
please reblog or like this post.

i want to show my parents that it is something worth fighting for. i’m not doing this for notes.. or popularity, i want to know if theres a loving community of people who think going to college for theatre is a good decision.