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me @ 2 pm: everybody shut the fuck up get away from me fuck off

me @ 2 am: all i want is love please somebody come over and snuggle me why does nobody love me

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I was tagged by @sleepyredink 

Name: Lisa

Nickname: Jotu

Height: 1,68m, (5′5 in feet are hopefully right. Had to look that up ; v ;)

Hogwarts house: Well Slytherin by heart and Slytherin on Pottermore

Go to SSBB character: Samus <3 

Fictional character I’d date: A lot tbh? Well shit. When I would’ve to choose then definitely Kylo Ren! (Or Varric from DA:I I love this dwarf)

Favorite band or artist: None really. I love Hard Rock, but I also listened to everything that fits my mood or my current fangirl hype. So almost any genre is involved

When did I make this blog: Dunno. This is just my sideblog of (@Jotunori)

How many blogs do I follow: Can’t follow with this one, SADLY

Do I get asks on a regular basis: Recently a few very very nice asks, but normally I don’t get any asks.

Relationship status: Single (or not?)

Favorite Greeting: “(Insert someone’s name in here that I’m greeting very loudly)”

Pet(s): Sadly I don’t have any pets anymore :( Would love to have one!

Last song I listened to: Cobra Starship - Hot Mess


First Fandom: Naruto? Oh no wait it was Yugioh or the old Beyblade? I can’t remember anymore….

Hobbies: DRAWING, going to the cinema with my besties, Is fangirling a hobby?

Books I am currently reading: Dan Brown’s Sakrileg (The Da Vinci Code)

Worst thing to have graced my taste buds:  Srsly nothing can be that worse for me. I eat stuff mixed together like a pregnant woman, who has weird cravings 24/7. But I DESPISE every form of Mushrooms

Favorite place: We went to Formentera a few times and it feels like a 2nd home to me

I’m tagging: Everyone who does want to do this :)