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Here’s a project I’m super excited about! It’s a fanime called My Anime Life!

The story follows Ken, a self-aware anime character who wants to change his weeaboo-pandering anime into something actually interesting and fun! But the writers of the show aren’t gonna let that happen so easily…

-Commissions OPEN!-


-I’m open to drawing most things! Feel free to message me with your ideas, and I’ll let you know if I can do it! There are a few things that I can’t/won’t draw, but it doesn’t hurt to ask !

-If you want me to draw your character, references are hugely appreciated! if you have none, please give me a description, the more detailed it is the better !
-After the commission has been confirmed I will show you one or more sketches. You can then choose/state that you are happy with the sketch, and then I will request payment.

Message me either here, on twitter (@leafilie), or via email !


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Atardecer Tapatío.