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I’m currently arguing with myself and drawing quite a bit.  I actually like both of these but I’m like I should move on and work on the other things in my queue..butIlikethese.  I kept fighting with miss Angel Kitsune up there (who is another friend of Trevini’s down the line, specifically in the Heavens MOREONTHATLATER) because her sketch was stylized, then I went more actual fox like, then went back to stylized. It fit the simple style thing I was going for or whatever I was going for there.  Also random headshot by her.  I actually have a whole thing about Kitsunes who have “closed” looking eyes, sligthly open, and fully open.  Fully/wide eyed kitsunes are usually trouble makers.  “Closed” close their eyes to the evil around them and very slightly open keep their guard up around them. Still figuring out what the three eye types mean but wide eyed Kitsune are the ones to get away from.

Also little Gwen dragon again holding her poor Walking Lantern who is like excuse me EXCUSEMEJKLfkl..also I liked the idea that her two tails in her dragon form are two chochins or..something because she’s a Chochin normally.  I don’t know if they’re sentient or just you know, decoration.

I have a super hard time loosening up while drawing and I do enjoy simple and super detailed drawings.  My mind fights with me over it though when I do simple things even if I like it a lot.  Like I want to push myself more in drawing, so it’s like when I try to have fun and do something more simple/loose my mind goes HISSS YOU AREN’T DOING THE RIGHT THING..or something.  Does anyone else get that?

I really like how Miss Kitsune came out so she may go into the finished stages.  WE’LL SEE.

These two reside with meee


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