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This scene actually got separated into two parts and the more I run through the plans for Mistakes in my head, the more it looks like it will be 10 to 12 parts long… Soooo “6ish” may have been a bit off. Anyway, just glad you’re all enjoying it. Happy Friday the 13th! Have a great weekend! XD

Crymini, Niffty, and Baxter all belong to @vivziepop! She and her crew are currently working on getting the legitimate Hazbin Hotel its first full length animated pilot so go show them some support! XD

Let's get something straight

I do not hate Iris West. In fact, when I started the show last year, I kind of liked her. She was feisty, and for the most part, she knew what she wanted. But, even in season one, she did stuff I didn’t like. But I didn’t really care. I was excited to see what was gonna happen on the show. And as I started shipping Snowbarry, I was excited to see where that would go. But then I got on Tumblr. Mistake. Well, actually, not really, but yet, it kinda was. If you are confused, let me explain. It wasn’t a mistake, in that Tumblr is a place where, for the most part, I can safely fangirl about my ships, without the eye roll from my sister as I start giggling uncontrollably at 10:30 pm. But it was a mistake in that, not only did it open my eyes to how badly Iris is being written (I was ignoring because I had, at this point, become indifferent to Iris), but I also discovered how nasty people can be. Especially when you don’t happen to really like their interracial ship (oh no). And actually, up until I really got involved with the Flash fandom on Tumblr, I could live with WA. I might not love it, but I could live with it. But, as I read the horrible things written by the WA Stans, even the name Westallen started to make me roll my eyes, because WA fans take that poor ship, and hold it over us Snowbarries, calling us racist pieces of turtle poop, telling us about the canonicity of their ship, shoving it further down our throats than even the show does. And you know what? I would actually like Iris more if they let her go back to doing her job at the paper, telling us that she actually still has a life outside of Barry. That is all.
Footnote: I am actually not a racist piece of turtle poop.

10 weeks ago today, I was secluded in darkness. I was kneeling in the middle of downtown on my knees begging him not to leave me. I sliced my arms open and downed a bottle of Aspirin. I blamed his depression on myself; he blamed me too. 10 weeks ago today, I never even imagined being alive to write this.

9 weeks ago today, I met someone new. I knew it was soon to move on from an 18 month relationship, but something felt right.

8 weeks ago today, I won a grand prize for an art competition: an art competition I never would have entered if I was still involved with my last relationship.

7 weeks ago today, I officially had a new boyfriend who treats me like a princess. I don’t feel like Aspirin will save me this time, because he already did.

6 weeks ago today, I received a university scholarship: a scholarship I would never even know of if my last relationship still haunted me.

5 weeks ago today, I was accepted into the Peer Leadership Team at my school: a program that I would never even dream about trying out for if the thought of him still distracted me. I was one of the 4 out of the 50 that tried out.

4 weeks ago today, I was accepted for a prestigious summer internship: an internship that wouldn’t have crossed my mind if it was still cluttered with his words.

3 weeks ago today, I volunteered at a festival for children with disabilities as a face painter: a festival that would’ve meant nothing to me if he was still all I cared about. Now my conscious is once again proud of me.

2 weeks ago today, I was one of the 5 out of 70 applicants to get accepted into Teen Council for Planned Parenthood: a council that I never even would have listened to if his abuse still manipulated me.

1 week ago today, I read my report card and it showed a perfect 4.0: a GPA that I never would of cared for if I still pictured him as my future. A GPA I hadn’t seen since before I started dating him.

Today, I’m writing this to show you that it gets better. I’m the happiest and most confident I’ve ever been in years, and it only took me a 10 week countdown. My destiny was my depression and trauma, because without it, I would never stand as tall as I do today. Don’t let it defeat you, let it teach you.

—  It gets better. (c.g.)
Squids Comissions


im really happy to say as of now, my commisions are official open! ive always wanted to be able to propel something with my art, and now i actually can (aaaaAAAAAHHHHHH)

If you want to see other examples or bigger views of of any of the images just let me know and ill be glad to show you ^^

(Payment through paypal only please)

Headshot prices// + $5 per character
Lines: $13 usd
Flats: $15 usd
Full color: $18 usd

Half body prices// + $10 per charcter
Lines: $18 usd
Flats: $20 usd
Full color: $25 usd

Full body prices// + $15 per character
Lines: $20 usd
flats: $27 usd
Full color: $30 usd

Chibi prices// + $8 per character
Lines: $10
Flats: $13
Full color: $15

you guys can message/ask my tumblr, or email me!
ill answer any questions you have, just shoot me an ask

I LOVE doing original characters for any fandom, so yes those are allowed, as well as canon characters
I will do ocxcanon or canonxcanon (as long as its yanno legal i.e. no pedophilic, non consensual stuff, but I don’t think there will be any)
I will do mlp pony art and adventure time style as well, and we can discuss prices!
on the matter of pets animals or pokemon, if you choose a trainer to be surrounded by pokemon ( or any ocwith an animalistic character) it counts as a whole separate character ( though im willing to negotiate due to sizes and things)
tipping is highly appreciated! but of course not required

once you message me, expect me to reply within two days, and once you make your payment expect the piece within two weeks!

AAAaaaand I think that’s it? any questions again feel free to message me( if anyone is interested I’ll let you in on what the commission money is going to, its a very exciting semi personal thing im doing)
and share it around if you can and tell anyone you think might be interested, and finally thank you SO SO much for reading this

It’s virtuosicstudyblr!

Hey, I am the second admin, Lux.

Before I spam this blog, I want to introduce myself to you guys. Let’s start with positive thoughts: 10 things I love and admire:

1. Classical music. Within only one year it became a *huge* part of my life.

2. Fall. Literally, it is the best season at all.

3. The smell of books.

4. Space. I’m not the kind of person who wears planet-pattern shirts or sth like this but who scrolls trough the NASA-Tumblr and daydreams about travelling around the universe.

5. Mozartkugeln.

6. I absolutely admire ballet.

7. The anime Yuri!!! on Ice. No matter how bad the day was - watching this show brings me in a cozy, peaceful mood. Sometimes I get so happy about it that I start crying.

8. Watching the fire, gently burning in the fireplace.

9. Green Tea.

10. Beethoven. I know, this is totally “mainstream”, but have you ever listened to his Kreutzer?!

11. mEtApHoRs

(I know I said 10 things but… who cares?)

Random facts:

I’m a minimalist or at least on the way to minimalism. My friends always wonder about my “empty” closet. But I am very comfortable with this way of living.

I play 3 instruments decently (viola, violin, piano) and learn 3 others more or less passionate (cello, alto recorder (more passionate) and guitar (less passionate))

xoxo Lux


I had the most amazing time at the Pheonix convention! I am so thankful and blessed that I got to go. I met the most wonderful people and am currently still in contact with one of them. (P.s. Jensen is even more beautiful in person. And he does smell like wood.) I have more pictures but tumblr only let me show 10. Love you guys, and I should be up and ready and back on track starting today or tomorrow!


Yes, there’s a point to all of these obnoxious pictures of my handsome face.
This morning I woke up feeling REALLY good about who I am. That in itself is like the moon colliding with the Earth and instead of destroying everything, it cures all of our illnesses and rids the world of hate and injustice. So, yeah, a pretty big deal on a much smaller scale.
I’ve struggled with being myself my whole life. I’ve always worried what the people I care about think of me. Suddenly, though, the thing that seems important is what I think of me. There are people I love and have known for a long time who don’t like me anymore. They don’t care anymore. They got out of me what they needed. That used to break my heart. But not anymore. Because I like me. I love the man I’ve become. I love every goddamn thing about me.
I go through 100 moods a day. I’m just that way, but I don’t see it as a bad thing. Sure, I can handle certain moods better than I do. I’m working on that. But my emotions make me who I am. They are my passion. My love. My desires. And I wouldn’t trade them for anything.
So, that’s where the pictures come in. I’m so many more things than these show, but Tumblr only lets me post 10 and I’m sure more than that would just drive everyone nuts. So, here’s me. Take a look. I’m kind of awesome.
1.I’m nerdy and always looking for my next read.
2.I am in love with everything Harry Potter, especially these beauties tilly-and-her-books gave me.
3.Sometimes I struggle to read. Sometimes I fall so deep into a book everything else disappears.
4.Sometimes I’m pensive and look sad.
5.Sometimes I rap and dance in my car.
6.Sometimes I get that look like something stinks when a line of a song is so on point I can’t help it.
7.Sometimes I get emotional with Taylor Swift.
8.Sometimes I need coffee in order to survive (ok, always).
9.Sometimes I’m so stressed out I want to scream or cry or curl into a ball under my desk.
10.Sometimes I’m happy and sorta sexy.

But I’m always me. And that’s more than enough.

thank you to 5sos // need your help!

Creating a video for 5sos to thank them for SLFL and everything they’ve done recently! I need your help with it!! Here is how you can get involved and in the video for the guys!

Email a video (keep it short, turn your phone so it’s horizontal) of you saying whatever you want to the band, thanking them for SLFL and whatever else!!

If you can, send in a short clip from your SLFL show if you went! Make sure it’s short!! It can be of the guys singing one of the song or even a video of you jamming out!

Please let me know your Twitter or tumblr user so I can put it in the info box. Also feel free to add one photo of you at the show!

Email the videos to SLFLThankyou@gmail.com
Email the videos ASAP!

The video will be posted on my YouTube channel (KaitlinMaree15) this weekend and probably on Twitter! My Twitter is sieepykiss! If you have questions, contact me on here or Twitter!!

Please reblog and tell everyone about this project! I’ve been promoting it for about three days and only have gotten around 10 emails!


What a smooth talker…

Here’s another dub and as always, it’s drawn by the lovely tai! (You guys should know him by now! Come'on!) But just in case anyone is new here:


So I think I’ll be uploading a dub or two every Thursday since that’s what I’ve been doing for a while now and today is a double feature! Why? Because I’d also be pretty pissed if my favorite voice actor/VA wannabe (such as myself) only uploaded a 10 second video once a week. So hooray!

Since tumblr doesn’t let me show cast 2 videos at the same time, you’ll have to come over to my channel to see the other video. Who knows? It could be your favorite comic that you’ve secretly wanted me to dub ;)

Hello! So it finally happened, I hit 200 followers on this blog, yes I know…took me long enough, but hey, what can I say? Anyway, it’s that time again…time for another follower appreciation, because you guys deserve it. Not that I don’t appreciate you dears all the time, because I do. *snuggles you all*  So yes…thank you all for following me and tolerating my mediocre writing. I love you. <3 I’ll leave it at that because I’m the shy awkward type of person who will start rambling if I keep attempting to talk…err…type. You know what I mean.

Oh and pardon the simple graphic, I just wanted something to show all the love I have for each and every one of you.


  • You must be following me because “follower appreciation” and all. I will check to see if you are following me when I’m working on your prize, but quite honestly if you unfollow after the appreciation ends it won’t bother me, I’m used to it.
  • Reblogs and likes count…but since tumblr is only showing one reblog in notes now, and activity does get messed up occasionally, if you reblog any additional times inbox me to let me know (and I’ll check).
  • This must reach 50 notes.
  • Winners will be chosen via random number generator.
  • Your ask box should be open so we can discuss your prize should you win.


Honourable Mentions (5 Winners)

  • Group Promo
  • 5 icons

Third Prize (3 Winners)

  • Individual Link Promo
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Second Prize (2 Winners)

  • Custom Promo Banner (example: x & x) + Individual Promo
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First Prize (1 Winner)

  • Custom Promo Banner (example: x & x) + Individual Promo
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  • 2 threads (AU if you wish) between our characters

More examples of promo banners available upon request.

Ends May 29th (same day my extended teaching placement ends) at Midnight Eastern Time