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YouNow Know All Our Secrets Part 2/2


Summary: YouNow just got a litttle steamy *wiggles eyebrows suggestively*

Genre: Fluffy

Warnings: Swearing

Word Count: 500+


Dan logged onto twitter quickly, wasting no time to get on to his Tumblr too. Phil walked in with two wine glasses and a bottle of their best red wine.

“Frankly I could’ve settled for a Ribena but this is even better,” Dan skipped the wine glasses and drank straight from the bottle.

“So do we deny it and say the whole thing was a joke and that we knew the webcam was still on?” Phil whispered. Dan knew Phil got frustrated sometimes with the fact that Phan was always just one big cover up story after another.

“No it’s not even believable because that was beyond a joke.” Dan murmured. “Sure the Valentines Day video could be dismissed but this is undeniable. Either you have really good acting skills, which we both know you don’t, or it’s real.”

“How about we just come out,” Phil whispered. Dan nearly spit out the wine, his eyes widening at the idea.

“But-” Dan said. “We said we wouldn’t until we were in the right state, you now. We’re at the peak of our careers! We could lose fans or get fired from the BBC, and I didn’t even go to college I have nothing to fall back on but my lesbian looks!”

“Dan you’re being unreasonable, you have a lot to offer. You could easily get into the entertainment industry.” Phil gave Dan a peck on the lips. “Plus our fans already ship us and we both know the BBC loves Phan. Are careers aren’t threatened Dan, so please just think about the pros and cons.”

“The pros outweigh the cons,” Dan cheerfully laughs. “Yes! Let’s do this, first we post a video then we tweet and make some Tumblr posts…”

“Woah you need to slow down Dan,” Phil chuckled. “We still haven’t decided what to do about the whole stripping on camera thing. I mean the internet not only saw me attack you like a horny lion but they almost saw you…naked.”

“Oh you failed to acknowledge the fact that they could clearly see my dick! When you’re hard and only in your boxers it doesn’t leave much to the imagination!” Dan stood up to get another bottle of wine as he had finished the first bottle all by himself.

“I suggest you lay off the alcohol in case you drunk tweet or something,” Phil laughed.

“I think me drunk tweeting is the least of our problems, I checked and Tyler Oakley’s tweet has gotten more than 17 thousand retweets not to mention the Tumblr post is approaching 100,000 notes!” Dan checked his phone again, a flood of texts piling in.

“That’s it! I’m making a video that can set every record straight, and to hell with the YouNow video, let the Phandom have a field day with it!” Dan marched out of the lounge and upstairs to his own room. He shut the door so loudly that the whole house shook, startling Phil in the process.


Dan didn’t emerge from his room for over two hours, despite Phil repetitive knocking on his door. When the time neared midnight, Dan finally made an appearance in Phil’s room. His eyes red and swollen like he’d been crying and alcohol smelled on his breath.

“I uploaded a video,” Dan started. “I drank after each shot basically, but it’s up on YouTube. I posted it on all my social media including Facebook so it’s basically impossible to not know about the video.”

“Why?” Phil asked quietly, his voice cracking slightly.

“What?” Dan asked while taking a spot beside Phil on his bed, wrapping his arms around the older male.

“Why’d you do the video without me?” Phil finished.

“I explained in the video that it wasn’t a coming out video because I wanted to do that with you. The video was just addressing privacy, that’s it I swear!” Dan kissed Phil’s shoulders gently.

“Really Dan! Aw you’re the sweetest, you honestly have no idea how much I love you,” Phil kissed Dan, each kiss more passionate than the last.”

“How about we finish what we started?” Dan nibbled on Phil’s ear, leaving a trail of hickies along Phil’s neck.

“I wouldn’t mind at all,” Phil breathed and they dove under the covers in a dash for love.


Part 2 up in only 12 hours YAY! One-shot comes out tomorrow plus a new chapter of Bad For You. Plus i have to take a two day break from Tumblr shoot me because I’m going to an amusement park then it’s my moms birthday so I have to be the worlds most angelic daughter 0:)

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can you recommend some good dan & phil blogs? im new to tumblr & really need some to follow!

of course!! these are just some of my faves (not all of them though since that would take like decades) 

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anonymous asked:

can you recommend some good dan & phil blogs? im new to tumblr & really need some to follow!


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