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I loved her as if she had put the stars in the sky, which in a way she did. She put the stars in my sky and cleared the voices in my head, because of her I can finally sleep at night and for that I will always love her..
—  It’s always gonna be her.

Like I know Magnus can portal himself anywhere he wants, but I like to think that him and Alec also Skype each other because they worry ya know.

Like how I dunno harryandmattwereonskypeonharry'sinstagrambeingadorablelittlepeoples

Furry Tarot Cards

Okay, I need some help here guys, i’m planning on doing a furry tarot card deck with furs from here on tumblr, all I need is for people to see this, and contact me on here if you would like to be a part of this, all of this is free. You will be able to choose the card you want and what sona you’d like to have in there, please also reblog this so people know this is going on

0-The Fool: Taken By @Ugly-filth 

1-The Magician: Open

2-The High Priestess: Taken by @thatthing978

3-The Empress: Open

4-The Emperor: Open

5-The Hierophant: Taken By @Oleanderwasp

6-The Lovers: Taken By me

7-The Chariot: Open

8-Strength: Taken By @shivawuff

9-The Hermit: Open

10-Wheel Of Fortune: Open

11-Justice: Open

12-The Hanged Man: Taken By @gay-yiffy-love

13-Death: Taken By @darkaos-zombispitz

14-Temperance: Taken By @askanalogstick

15-The Devil: Open

16-The Tower: Open

17-The Star: Taken By @dillardthehusky

18-The Moon: Open

19-The Sun: Open

20-Judgement: Open

21-The World: Open

Jump On My Saddle - Etwas_Schlau - Doctor Who (2005) [Archive of Our Own]
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Series: Part 4 of Prompt Fills

While Ian’s at work, Rose decides to spice up her cleaning.

Prompt fill for Caedmon. Based on “Pony” by Ginuwine.


To all my mutuals here in tumblr please this needs to stop now we need to do something about this transphobic bus that’s being driving around spanish cities in the name of hazteoir.org sending this awful message of hate to kids in my country
Not happy enough with it they have sent another of these buses to NY city this week
If you see it around NY today please call the cops they will stop it from driving around the city

  • Tumblr College Freshman: Dude. Money sucks we should just get everything free. Man is the only animal that pays to live on the Earth!
  • Me: You are aware that other animals spend their days scrambling to get enough to eat while avoiding predators right?
  • Tumblr College Freshman: We don't need money man.
  • Me: How would we pay for goods and services?
  • Tumblr College Freshman: By trading stuff!
  • Me: What if you are a bowmaker and I am a shoemaker and I need a bow but you don't need shoes?
  • Tumblr College Freshman: Easy man. You just write down what you have on paper and I could trade it to the next guy.
  • Me: You mean like ... uh ... I dunno ... money?

swishyclang  asked:

So, I'm plotting out a Tumblr!Malec AU starring Alec Lightwood as The Science Side of Tumblr and Magnus Bane as The Fandom Side of Tumblr. And I need help! I've gotta find urls for a bunch of characters. Can you help? The list: - Izzy, a fandom blogger - Magnus, also a fandom blogger - Alec, a science blogger - Clary, an art/fandom blogger - Jace, a half-arsed occasional food blogger - Max, a tiny fashion blogger - Simon, a fandom blogger - Raphael, the grumpiest fandom blogger ever to blog

oh wow, this sounds cool!!! LETS ALL HELP WITH THIS! i can’t think of anything bc i’m so tired and my inspiration is dead rn lmao, but i’m gonna tag this ask so everyone can see it and submit their urls to you! :D 

anonymous asked:

Hey, I saw a post of you that talked about porn bots. Well it happens that I had Tumblr previous week, and my five followers are all porn accounts. They clearly aren't here for what I post and that really bother/ embarrass me. I'd like to know how you react to those type of profile. I'm sorry if it bother you but I had to ask someone. Thank you (ps: I absolutely love your account!!!)

Well for me personally (this is Lucia speaking) i feel like Tumblr needs to devote more time into getting rid of them because 1) think of the children…. like this website is targeted age 13+ and i don’t think they want or need to be seeing these blogs in their notes and 2) since they’re getting “smarter” per se and straight up reblogging posts now it’s concerning because it’s way easier to accidentally click on a virus or other dangerous link

edit: my response is to block & report them asap when i see them! until tumblr cracks down on them the only thing we can do is keep reporting bots so at least they know it’s a bigger issue than they think

  • Trust Issues: Scorpio, Capricorn
  • Extreme Anxiety: Sagittarius, Pisces, Virgo
  • Insecurity: Libra, Cancer
  • Stubbornness: Taurus, Aquarius
  • Constant Need for Attention: Leo, Gemini, Aries