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How to Download Songs Off of Tumblr

So say I’ve found a great song on Tumblr that I just can’t live without and need on my phone. Today our example is an MP3 of every time the name Hamilton is said in Hamilton the Musical because that’s the kind of quality content I want on my phone. I digress,

1. To start out, find your song: 

2. Next, right click on the song and click on Inspect. (Use Google Chrome)

3. This will open up a tool bar along the bottom that developers use for stuff. What you want to do is click on the Network tab and then the button that says Media. If you don’t click on media you will get a whole bunch of other stuff that you don’t really need. 

4. Next, play the song and it will pop up in the panel. Right click on it and click Open Link in New Tab

5. This will take you to a new tab that is essentially the MP3 able to be played through your browser (Google Chrome). Right click around the song until you get a drop down list of commands and click Save As. Finally, enter what you want to save the file as. It will download and you can drag it into iTunes. 

And voila, now I’m a proud owner of every time Hamilton is said in Hamilton the Musical. Pretty cool, huh? This is great for downloading weird edits that people do, another one I considered for the example was It’s Quiet Uptown Funk. :P

how to download tumblr audio posts (google chrome)

yes, i am aware that there is a chrome extension and also an xkit extension for this, but the chrome on doesnt work for me and my xkit crashes a lot and im sure im not the only one with this problem so here you go

1. go to the blog page with the desired audio post and click play

2. right click on the audio player and select inspect element

3. look for the <audio type=“audio/mp3" section. it should look something like this:

4. copy and paste the highlighted content into your search bar

5. once you have done that, something similar to this will appear

<audio type="audio/mp3” src=“https://www.tumblr.com/audio_file/wienerlicious/100721148739/tumblr_ndvnowuY2R1qbopwj?play_key=e6ba8f023e92bbb5aaf06052cd0c6551&amp;tumblelog=wienerlicious&amp;post_id=100721148739”></audio>

6. delete everything before and after the highlighted area

so, basically, delete everything before https:// and everything from&amp; until the end

7. then press enter, and you should get something like this on your page

8. the download may have started automatically. if not, right click the pause/play icon and select save video as, and it should start downloading! 

goner (3d)
goner (3d)

goner (3d) - twenty one pilots

Copyright: Fueled By Ramen © 2015. All Rights Reserved for Twenty One Pilots/Tyler Joseph + Josh Dun. Tyler Joseph, Maurice Gleaton, Charles Hammond, Robert Hill, Deangelo Hunt, Bernard Leverette, Gerald Tiller and Jamall Willingham


Tumblr’ın böyle bir açığı var ve ses dosyalarının çoğu 320 Kbps. Yani kaliteli, orijinal ve albüm kayıt bilgileri de dosya üzerinde mevcut. Eminim indirmek istediğiniz çok güzel şarkılar kayıtlar önünüze geliyordur. Bu sayede Tumblr’a upload edilmiş tüm müzikleri indirebilirsiniz ve bu yönetimi illa ki aratarak değil de Dashboard’da gördüğünüz bir ses paylaşımı üzerinde de bu yöntemi uygulayabilirsiniz Dediğim gibi ilk önce play butonuna tıklıyarak ses dosyasını yürütmeniz gerekiyor. Bu yöntemle indirebilmeniz için Tumblr’ın kendi serverlarına upload edilmiş olması gerekiyor. SoundCloud, Youtube, LastFM ya da Spotify için bu yöntem geçerli değildir. Denedim ve işe yaramadı. Firefox ve Internet Explorer kullancıları da aynı yöntemi kullanabilir. Diğer tarayıcılarda “Öğeyi Denetle” yerine “Kaynağı Görüntüle” ya da benzer tabirlerde seçenekler vardır diye umuyorum. Denemedim. :( Deneyen olur da olumlu sonuç alırsa yorum ya da mesaj olarak yazsın hiç değilse haberimiz olur. Hiç olmadı Google Chrome’u bu yöntem için öneririm. Hızlı ve kullanışlı. Bu arada paylaştığım hareketli görseller ve yazılar küçük gelirse tıklayarak büyütebilirsiniz. Umarım işinize yarar. Kafanıza bir soru takılırsa sormaktan çekinmeyin ama sormadan önce lütfen birkaç kere denemeye çalışın. Sevgiler. :)

Write a book in a day


Write a book in a day w/ @paigenumberr & @bookishnessnessness

Get excited about 12 hours of book writing, ranting, music, more ranting and you know, talking.

This is for the Kids Cancer Project raising awareness for the kids spending their childhoods in hospitals unknowing of the friendships they are missing out on so please, listen in when you have time and enjoy.

xx Bookishnessnessness

*Live in 18 hours*

Save Audio Posts in 8 Easy Steps

I found a really easy way to save any music/audio you have on Tumblr in Chrome (I think it works in Firefox, too)!

Step 1: Go to the audio post’s page.  (I’m 99% sure this works with any audio post on any blog, but please correct me if I’m mistaken.)

Step 2: Right-click anywhere on the page and select ‘Inspect element.’

Step 3: This brings up a lot of text on the bottom of your page; click anywhere in this text.

Step 4: Press CTRL + F (Command + F on Macs) and type 'mp3’ in the box that appears.  This should highlight a certain part of the code.

Step 5: Press the play button on the audio (you can pause it afterwards, just press play once), and a new link will appear.  Right-click on this and select 'Open link in new tab’.

Step 6: This will take you to an all-black page with an audio player in it.  Right-click anywhere on the page and select 'Save as…’.

Step 7: Name the MP3 file whatever you want, and select where you want to save it.

Step 8: You’re done! You can listen to your file however you want, including importing it into iTunes.

I’m sure someone has come up with this before, but in case they haven’t I hope this helps someone out there!  :D

Instructions for how to download audio off tumblr:
  1. Right click (Control + Click) the audio
  2. Click “Inspect Element”
  3. A window will pop up from the bottom of the screen with code
  4. Search for (Command + F) “audio/mp3”
  5. That will bring you to a line of code with a link.*
  6. Click on the link and it will open a window, which is black except for audio in the middle of the screen. **
  7.  Right click (Control + Click) in the audio widget
  8. Click “Save As…” from the drop down menu that appears
  9. Enter a title for the song and what folder you want to save it in
  10. The song or audio is yours!!

*There have been times when searching “audio/mp3” has yielded 0 results, in which case I don’t know how to download the song.

**If you click on the link and it doesn’t open a new window, copy and paste the whole piece of code into your search bar, and then erase everything that isn’t part of the link. (The link will be in quotation marks, so erase everything outside of those and the quotation marks themselves).

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I've been going crazy trying to find out how to download Fantastic Tune off Tumblr... TTATT how do you do it...

Well the way I do it (I’m not sure if there’s an easier way or not) but I’ll just show you my way I guess ^^ so here’s

How to download music off tumblr”:

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