tumblr moms unite

i don’t care if you had an epidural while you pushed a baby out so you didn’t have to feel the pain

i don’t care if you had zero medical intervention because you wanted it that way

i don’t care if you had a c-section because it was the safest option for you and your baby

hell, i don’t care if you had a c-section because you didn’t want to destroy your vagina

if you have birthed a human being, in whatever manner it came about, you’re a fuckin champ and i applaud you!

i just want to thank you ladies for not having me kicked off of Tumblr the other day when i poo-pooed birth plans.

sometimes i feel like i’m gonna get banned from the internet because i don’t have a birth plan, because i love me some epidural, and because i didn’t breastfeed and don’t think my son is any worse off for it (okay, so i did when i stopped pumping but i won’t have that guilt this time around).

but, hey, i love wearing my babies and i cloth diaper (both things i never thought i’d do/say) so maybe that’s what allows me to stay?

seriously though, it’s so nice to have this Tumblr parent community to make you realize that sometimes you’re not the only one that feels some way, to have support and backup when other people just don’t get it, and just because others don’t talk about it doesn’t mean they don’t agree.  it’s always nice to not feel alone in any struggle… especially parenting : )

umbrella stroller poll

okay, so thinking i might just buy an umbrella stroller for the trip since our City Select (which i love and adore and live for) just isn’t quite el or airport friendly.

so after hearing the horrible tales of Maclarens chopping baby fingers off i think i’ve narrowed it down to the UPPAbaby ones.

so here’s my question: G-Lite or G-Luxe?

does anyone have either of these? thoughts? things you like/don’t like? comperable stroller you’d recommend instead?

Tumblr to the rescue

whenever my baby (toddler?) is curious about something i let him try it out. so long story short i’ve started using the Sonicare on him and he loves it. loves it loves it.

i was hoping someone could tell me if this is too harsh for his little bitty teeth or if i should be happy he’s down with the super cleaning.

any Tumblr moms in the dental*/ped industry want to tell me if i should stop doing this NOW before we get to our 1yr Dr. appointment at the end of the month and get reprimanded?

*you know who you are and i’m hoping you’ll weigh in : )

question for moms of toddlers+?

what the heck are you supposed to do with babies when it’s nice out??

if i want to be outside i feel like he has to be restrained - either in a stroller or by being carried/held and that’s no fun for him. if i go to a park or something and put him on a blanket he’s off it faster than i can chase him and i’m constantly pulling globs of dirt or mulch out of his mouth. even going to the playground is only fun for a bit because the swings get old and i’m only willing to go down the slide so many times.

i know that when he’s older it’ll be awesome and we can go outdoors and he can run around and it’ll be a blast but what on earth do you do with babies before then?

we give up

we’ve finally accepted the fact that our formal living room will now be turned into a playroom

now i need ideas. designs. inspiration!

show me what you’ve got Tumblrs - photos, pinterest boards i should follow, etc.

(also, not trying to make it look like a nursery school but cute and livable instead)