tumblr mom gives us the talk

work thoughts

-elaborating on something I said to a friend earlier today: one of the things I love most about the “facts” about mythical creatures that have solidified over the course of history is the way we can come up with new interpretations of those creatures in our modern stories!  coming up with all-new stuff is also great, but having tropes and archetypes gives us a base to twist and form into something recognizable but fresh, all the better for its familiarity, and I LOVE IIIIIT~

-why yes I have been having a LOT of worldbuilding thoughts about vittoria and ale’s world why do you ask.  I don’t even know what to do with them.  patreon??  tumblr??  talking to someone???? //screams

-I feel like Me with short hair.  getting it chopped way down in the back is so freeing. o<-<

-y’all (tumblr) wouldn’t like my mom if you talked politics with her but I still wanna make a quote blog where I share some of her best advice because she’s really smart and thoughtful and has helped me through some super rough times.

-today I thought “man, that’s a super-bummer” about something and then started thinking about other classifications of bummer.  giga-bummer.  mega-bummer.

-on which topic, the word “bummer” is one of those that sounds extra english when said in an english accent and extra american in an american accent.  you might say “doesn’t that apply to all words?”.  no.  “burger king” sounds american any way you slice it.  “bloody” used as a swearword sounds english any way you slice it.  bummer goes either way for me.*

*these are just my opinions

-on which topic, today I took the penguin magnets on my fridge at work and rearranged them humorously with post-it notes containing speech bubbles saying things like “by jove, percival, your head’s come off!” (the magnets’ heads can mix and match for festive scarf/hat combinations) and “I say!!”

-I want a christmas version of the buzzfeed thanksgiving video, this time on the theme of “up on the housetop”, because the eye-rollably gendered gifts mentioned in the children’s stockings make me laugh, especially this one:

“this is little will’s stocking.  look at santa’s gifts for little will.  here is a hammer, to increase productivity.  here are tacks to be made productive by the hammer.  also little will has received ay hwip.  it will be an interesting year for little will.”


LMAO Ok so this one is really long but hilarious

Basically, this chick talks about how she’s been shoplifting for a long time and was planning to go steal stuff from Kmart, but wasn’t sure if it would work out. Loss prevention starts following her so she gives up trying to shoplift stuff. Then she gets mad at loss prevention for searching her and said “he didn’t have a reason” to search her.

There’s some extra irony because the sister mentioned it to the mom because she was scared “thinking that the guy was gonna rob us” lmao what was he gonna steal, the stuff you were planning to take from the store he’s guarding?

God what a moron. I know it’s against the rules of r/tumblrinaction to contact the people that are featured on the blog but I really hope this person sees this post so they can know how strongly I feel that they sound like an entitled criminal.

P.S. It does seem that the LP guy was in the wrong as far as asking to search her things though (if he’s not a police officer, he shouldn’t be asking that) but still… It is utterly eclipsed by the myopic selfishness of OP.