tumblr missing e crash

cutlerish  asked:

Blogs are not applications. "Crashing" makes no sense. So long as Tumblr works for others, their blog is still intact. If their browser cannot access their own blog, there may be other issues, but nothing that can be done on the user end would destroy a blog's content.

ah okay :) thanks for the confirmation! i appreciate you taking the time to let me know about this (:


cutlerish  asked:

Missing e does not "crash" blogs. That doesn't even mean anything that makes sense. You can always just uninstall it anyway. Also, it doesn't put ads on your blog or anything like what one of your earlier askers mentioned. More likely is they screwed something up and decided to blame an extension without any evidence.

i had a feeling i’d get a message like this :)

i knew it didnt put ads on my blog, sorry if i didnt make that clear. can you be completely sure though that its not the missing e that crashed her blog? especially as it’s an unofficial extension? thank you for the other opinion on the matter :) i may reinstall it at some point as i am missing it slightly now ;) but i just wanted to be safe rather than sorry!

thanks for this message though :) and anyone with missing e can decide for themselves whether they want it or not :)) xx