Can’t believe this is my 2000th post! 💕

To celebrate, I thought I’d share some of my most Tumblr-popular pieces from the last few years.

Big thanks to everyone who likes, reblogs, comments and shares – I’m so grateful for your support. I love reading your messages, and the often funny and heartwarming notes you write when you reblog (sometimes the ones in the hashtags are my favorite – I see you, shy, witty people).

And thank you to the amazing Tumblr Community Team who have shared my work on the radar (most recently last week!), I’m really thankful for the supportive and kind community you’ve built for artists and creatives!

Here’s to the next 2000!😊

we are all searching for someone
whose demons play well with ours…
[Royalty x Kai]

Requested by @kpopfanfictrash for the 500 Milestone

this is a really long list, i tried to fit as many people as i could haha D’: because i’m so mushy & sincerely care about all of you. i would love to be friends & have the chance to write with every single one of you! even if i forgot to mention you here, i love you & want to know you ♥

you can also check out my smol giveaway which is nothing special but its done out of love  ♥

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