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Tumblr Post Volume Nearing 100 Billion Posts:  
Tumblr ended June 2014 with 2.96 billion new posts, adding to its all-time total of 90.4 billion posts. In the next few months, Tumblr will surpass 100 billion posts. The posts-per-month chart reveals January 2014 as the highest monthly post volume on record (3.4 billion posts).

I derived four years of monthly post counts using the post IDs from soundofthebeep, which publishes to Tumblr every 15 minutes. (Follow your time zone — seven sound-of-the-beep blogs are available — to add visual time markers to your Dashboard.)

Aug. 28, 2014 Update: Tumblr revised its post count method to omit deleted posts, so the total post count changed to 90 billion posts.

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Where do you see what the most popular ships are? I'm really self-conscious about Genyatta right now because like people who don't ship Genyatta just whore Genji out to everyone else and don't give a shit about Zenyatta or his love life lmao i hate people.

Tumblr released a “ship metrics” post where they compile data collected throughout their website and it listed the “Top 20 Ships” on this website. From Overwatch, only McHanzo and Reaper76 made the list. 

I’m sorry you feel that way, though. I don’t think people mean to ‘whore Genji out’ or purposely neglect Zenyatta; it’s just that people like different ships. It’s okay to have different tastes, but I can see why you might feel frustrated. I know some people can overlook or brush by Genyatta. 

If it makes you feel any better, I personally love Genyatta. I’ve joked about this with my sister and a couple friends before, but if Michael Chu approached me and said, “If you delete the McHanzo blog right now, I’ll make Genyatta canon. Do we have a deal?” I’d take that in a heartbeat. That’s how much I love them together. 

It’s a very nice, wholesome ship and I think it’s extremely healthy for both Zenyatta and Genji. Not to say that any other ships with either of them are unhealthy, but their history proves that being together brings them both peace of mind and they get along so well. I have a lot of Genyatta feelings and I’ll try not to bore any of our followers with my spiel. I don’t mind any other Zenyatta-based or Genji-based ships (I believe we can all get along despite having different ships), but Genyatta comes awfully close to McHanzo in my books. 

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Grave I think your 50000 note gif of RandL almost singlehandedly got them their highest spot ever on the fandom tumblr metrics 😂😂

I can’t believe a skit based on an almost three year old fandom meme is the one Rhett and Link thing that tumblr decided it was going to reblog.


Gimme Sympathy- Metric Acoustic Cover

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Tumblr doesn’t want to please you.

When you consider the latest highly annoying changes to Tumblr, never forget that they aren’t meant for you.   Yahoo, Tumblr’s owner, is under a lot of pressure to make some money. That means that Tumblr has to either pull its weight or be shut down.  In the Web-ancient adage, “If you aren’t the customer, you’re the product.”  That is, if you aren’t directly paying for any Website, then the Website is selling you, in the form of advertising.  Tumblr desperately needs to monetize you.   To monetize you, they need to know your  personal demographics, so that they can sell groups of similar users to advertisers.

In that light, think about the recent changes to tag search.  If you have a tracked tag for your best friend’s name, that isn’t monetizable;  there aren’t enough people following that tag to be useful to an advertiser.  Suppose instead you have a tracked tag that does more-or-less map to a demographic, or to a customer base.  Let’s say you’re following “loligoth”.  When you click through that tag, you immediately get a set of posts customized to your interest and – this is important – your eye can easily slide over ads to the good bits. Injecting ads into that tracked tag gets you a lot of “impressions” (views) but not many click-throughs or conversions, where the advertising money is.  Suppose advertisers attempt to monetize that demographic, guessing, for instance, that most lolitas will be late teenagers and twenty-something girls with disposable income and injecting ads accordingly. Click-throughs don’t go up, because loligoths will immediately reject ads for anything other than Lolita brands.  You, the product, have a finely-developed anti-ad immune system.  Advertisers can’t inject  – stereotyping here – an ad for lipstick into a Lolita tag, because it’s obviously a foreign body and is easy for products to reject.

You can’t monetize tracked tags.  Consider what Tumblr is giving us instead.  It is, as you’ve no doubt noticed, not a coincidence that Tumblr’s example is a merchandisable product.  Who wants the latest news on pizza?  Customers don’t.  Pizza sellers sure do want those customers, though.   Tracked search has some important advantages over tracked tags.  It appears randomly, so that you are likely to read a few lines before you realize what has happened.   It camouflages into your normal feed, because your interests are likely to be broader than your individual tags, and clever ads (fat chance) are less obviously out of place.   And it is monetizable not by inference from a single tag, but based on your entire set of interests.  "Likes Lolita, Crimson Peak, and college", plus any explicit age, sex, location data you’ve put in your profile, tells the advertiser a lot more than “Likes Lolita”, and is thus more monetizable.

Finally, Tumblr is under pressure not only to monetize the audience it has, but to grow that audience.  Tumblr already has you.  Tumblr knows how to get you and your friends.  Tumblr wants your uncle who uses Pinterest, your friend’s mom who uses Facebook, and your boss who uses LinkedIn.  You can expect any new features to be designed to hook those people.

Doubt me?  Look at Twitter.  Twitter just cut 8% of their jobs.  The business analysis I’ve read points to two factors:  Twitter’s audience isn’t increasing enough, and Twitter’s attempts at monetization aren’t successful enough.   If you think Marissa Meyer, head of Yahoo, isn’t evaluating Tumblr against those two metrics, I have a slice of pizza to sell you.

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Howdy: I have a few questions regarding the post about monosexual privilege. I'm not disagreeing with anything you're saying really, I guess I just don't understand how one would define "privilege" then? I'm genuinely not understanding how gay men and lesbians having access to resources bi people don't is not privilege?

Just a warning, but this is going to be very long. I go into a nuanced critique of privilege / oppression discourse and into more detail about how it applies to biphobia. I have talked about these issues a lot in the past, so if you are interested, I encourage you to search biphobia in my search bars and check the biphobia tag on my blog.

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