Here’s what the Tumblr staff could’ve and should’ve done with their spare time during this lovely Spring Break but didn’t...

1. Give us a fully functioning messaging system with inbox, outbox, drafts, the works. If Facebook can do it, if FFN can do it, if freakin’ LiveJournal and MySpace can do it, so can Tumblr.

2. Delete all the racist and pedophile blogs. They’re out there and they need to go.

3. Up the Follow limit! 5,000 is NOT enough, especially with new people with new fandoms and new issues joining this accursed website every day.

4. If somebody hasn’t been active in 5 years, their URL should be up for grabs.

5. Make it easier to track Anon Trolls. Not just the annoying ones but folks that are lowdown enough to tell someone to kill themselves or are racist, ableist, transphobic, homophobic, all of the -ists and -phobics and then once they are exposed, the staff should take decisive action (see #2)

6. If I want to attach gifs to my text/link posts, I don’t want to see any of those gray boxes of DOOM. I know there’s a way of fixing that but make it easier to do it.


11. Up the Post limit! (see #3 and replace 5,000 with the current number)

12. Get rid of the ads. 

13. Fix trntbl permanently. I tried to use it recently and things went terribly wrong. My computer froze.

14. Fine tune the Compass feature. It’s hit or miss, now. Mostly miss.

15. If I put a typo in a tag, I want to be able to fix it without having to start all the way over and keep the typoed tag.



  • People :hey how's life?
  • Me :Well , I am doing a lot of fanart and updating some fanfic plus obsessing this new otp and that people cant understand.
  • People:
  • People:
  • People:
  • Me:Oh
  • Me:
  • Me:you mean 'THAT' life?
  • Me:Im doing okay.

Hindi ka dapat magpaapekto sa mga masasakit na salita na binabato nila sayo. Bakit? Kasi hindi ka nabuhay sa mundong to para pasayahin ang iba, hindi ka gumawa ng Tumblr account para patunayan yung sarili mo sa kanila. Hindi mo naman kailangang gawin ang isang bagay dahil lang sa yun yung gusto ng iba para sayo. Wala kang obligasyon sa iba para patunayan yung sarili mo kasi buhay mo yan. Dapat ikaw yung nagdedesisyon para sa sarili mo. Hindi naman maiiwasang may masabing masama ang iba sayo kasi hindi ka naman perpekto. Hindi rin naman maiwasan ng iba na hindi mainggit, mainsecure at magalit sa  kapwa nila kasi kahit sila hindi perpekto. Labag man sa loob nila pero minsan talaga hindi rin nila kayang iwasan na magbigay ng mga hate messages. Pero hindi naman ibig sabihin nun masama na silang tao. Lahat naman tayo makasalanan. Kung nakatanggap ka man ng mga hate messages, ngitian mo nalang yan. Gawin mo yang inspirasyon para magtulak sayo para mas maging mabuting tao. Masarap kaya sa pakiramdam yung nag bblog ka alam mong wala kang ginagawang masama at wala kang inaapakang tao.