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ok ok ok WOW HOLLY SHIT JUST TOO MUCH! HEEL TRUNS after cap just what the shit is going on here

……………………….my god no no nooooooooo!…….one is safe run just RUUUUUUUUN!

20 Random Questions for January 1st 2017

1. What’s the one thing you cannot live without?

Answer: Music. I need to listen to music to survive this hellhole.

2. What is your favorite youtube intro ?

Answer: “ What is up my cranky crew it’s Ethan from Crankgameplays “

3. Got a stupid quote from something stuck in mind?

 Answer: Yes… “Frobo, my sack broke!”

4. Any song lyrics stuck in mind?

Answer: Yes….curse the Hamilton sountrack…

“ Imma get scholarship to King’s College

I probably shouldn’t brag, but dag, I amaze and astonish 

The problem is I got a lot of brains but no polish 

I gotta holler just to be heard 

With every word, I drop knowledge […] “

5. What’s the thing you thought when New Year’s happened?

Answer: “ Great, 23 days left before I start my second semester “ - Crankgameplays: The Gingerbread House Building Challenge

6. How are you feeling right now?

Answer: I feel good. I am eating Oreos while chilling on Tumblr and listening to the Hamilton Soundtrack

7. What time did you get up today?

Answer: 3pm … I fell asleep at 5 am due to chatting with people on Tumblr and forgot to take sleeping pills

8. A youtube series that you like a lot currently?

 Answer: Jack & Robin playing Astroneer! I looooove that game so much. A close second is Mark playing Subnautica.

9. A thing that made you happy today?

Answer: the fact that I have inspiration to roleplay again! 

10. What’s a thing you got at Boxing Day that you adore?

Answer: My big tube of Wild Rose Hand Cream from The Body Shop! It was $8.00 CAD instead of $20.00 CAD

11. Anyone making you happy today?

Answer: Markiplier. Seeing him with his original hair color brings me back to when I discovered him, in October 2014. My lord has I changed since then.

12. How were the holidays for you?

Answer: Rougher than I would like to admit. Which reminds me: Gotta go back to Court in 2017 - Fuck my life…

13. How was your first College Semester?

Answer:  Amazing! Even if I failed Quebec’s Cultural Institutions, I passed every other class over 75% as final grade!

14. Which class did you get the highest grade in?

Answer: My complimentary course, Stress Management! I got 98% as a final grade!

15. What songs do you have on repeat lately?

Answer:  My Shot - Hamilton Soundtrack; Monster Dance Off (VIP Mix) - F-777; Jackpot - TheFatRat and Retro Life - Averse & Sad Zombies

16. What’s your opinion on the art of rapping?

Answer: I always believed that rapping is an art! It takes lots of breathing coordination, good pronunciation, and some rhythm.

 17.  A Thing that will happen this month that you are excited for?

Answer: The continuation of an egobang chaptered fic that people wanted make to continue

18. A sad and certain thing that will end in 2017?

Answer: The final season of Orphan Black & Pretty Little Liars, the only two shows that I watched on TV.

19. A thing you see a lot on Tumblr that annoys you?

Answer: Anything Yuri On Ice & Lazytown related.

20. Are you feeling anxious at the moment?

Answer: I feel hyper and happy. No anxiety here at the moment.

Friends! Followers! Comrades!

Sup? I’m going to be around online all night. I got plans for cheese, wine, bread, and Internet. Will it be playing Dragon Age? Or will it be doodling madly? Or writing fic? If you’ve got something you’d like to see me draw or write, gimme a holler! I’m alone tonight IRL so I’d love to hang out on Tumblr as I’ve missed it lately.

Send along fic prompts - fluff, angst, holiday themed, whatever - and if you want a doodle I’ll do that too. Happy new year!