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hey just in case an eldritch being takes my everlasting soul at night i just want everyone to know that i’m leaving all my possessions to duckling to do with as she sees fit but she’s gotta survive texas for a whole summer to collect them failing that all my assets are to be incinerated and duckling will have to foot the bill for the scorching since she’s the one that failed the trial

In the early days Genji surely must have had a breakdown once in a while. And while Gabe is maybe not the hug-type can he at least provide some feel-good-movies. 

it’s prom season again and marinette’s ultimate plan is to get chat to come as her date and make adrien jealous…much to her disappointment, adrien isn’t present at the prom (gee i wonder why), but she ends up having a blast with chat anyway.


thanks for being patient with me guys! this is a birthday gift for a friend. speaking of birthdays, i turned 18 today!! it feels so weird. i’m now legal……….ヾ(。ꏿ﹏ꏿ)ノ゙

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A promise for a child is as powerful and binding as a contact is for an adult.
When you breach a contract there are legal consequences.
When you break a promise, not much happens to you but you kill a part of that child.
The more promises you break, the sooner the child grows up.
And as you may know well by now, growing up isn’t too fun.
—  Inspired by a conversation with the awesome @autumnsunshine10

i’m sure everyone will have many questions and  debates post-american gods s1 finale but all i care about finding out is: is shadow still even legally married to laura??? like… she died. “’til death do us part.” it did. she died and they parted. i just skimmed the indiana legal code for ten minutes, b/c laura’s hometown of eagle point is in that state and i’m assuming they got their marriage license there, but i couldn’t find anything in article 15 “family law: the dissolution of marriage and legal separation” about the impact of death on a marriage’s validity (which i guess… makes a certain amount of sense)

so i leave u all with this question:

in the unlikely event someone died and then came back to life, would their marriage still be valid???