tumblr isn't working right for me

Signs + Frustration
  • Aries: "leave me alone!"
  • Taurus: "you don't understand!"
  • Gemini: "do it for yourself!"
  • Cancer: "it keeps getting worse!"
  • Leo: "I'm not good enough!"
  • Virgo: "it's not working out!"
  • Libra: "it's not fair!"
  • Scorpio: "that's so stupid!"
  • Sagittarius: "just go away!"
  • Capricorn: "this isn't supposed to happen!"
  • Aquarius: "you're not helping!"
  • Pisces: "I can't do anything right!"

anonymous asked:

Wow bro fuck this blog. My fucking girl of 5 fucking years bro. 5 whole fucking years. All because of you. Bro I hope tumblr shuts this fucking blog down this isn't right at all. I fucking loved her now she's gone and it's all your fucking fault. You're a fucking sell out of all men. That fucking other girl meant nothing to me. Nothing at all she was just a fuck toy that's all. That's all she meant to me. I was working on fixing myself and you ruined it. That was my last strike now she's gone

I’m glad she left you.

  • me: I have finals in two days. I should probably start studying.
  • me: *30 minutes of mostly staring into space later* Woah. I need a study break.
  • me: But I have to keep studing! I've only been sitting here for 30 minutes!
  • me: Well, yeah, but everyone needs to take study breaks. You shouldn't overload your brain with information or it won't remember any of it.
  • me: fiiiine. *logs onto tumblr* okay. Only five minutes and I have to stop and go study again.
  • me: *30 minutes later* oh please i still have loads of time to study. I'll just scroll through my dash for 10 more minutes.
  • me: *3 hours later, still on tumblr* ugh I'm tired. *looks at clock* 1 a.m.
  • me: Should I study or sleep? If I study right now I'm just going to fall asleep, so I might as well just go to sleep. Besides, if you study while you're really sleepy, you won't remember anything anyway. So what's the point? Okay. I'll study tomorrow!