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Impressionen aus dem Þingvellir National Park  •  Island

  • Þingvallakirkja
  • Flosagjá
  • Drekkingarhylur
  • Almannagjá 

Impressions from Þingvellir National Park  •  Iceland

  • Þingvellir Church 
  • Flosagjá-fissure 
  • Drekkingarhylur
  • Almannagjá gorge 

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Everyone told Rein that he shouldn’t wear that stupid ass shirt when he was going out to pick up the new “transfer” agent from the airport. In his defense, he said that it was his “lucky” shirt and that he wanted to give a welcoming appearance for them.

Cerys’ first impression of Rein was that she thought he was some eccentric uber driver who talked about food a lot.

In the first hour of our grueling, most uncomfortable seven-hour sail across Luzon Strait to Calayan Island that summer morning, our small group, with many other passengers, were readying for the untoward scene that anyone would not want to picture in his mind. With high, defiant waves battering our boat from every direction, we were at the mercy of the ocean. For the next hours we were scared, soaked, seasicked, famished, and shivering – surely my wildest travel to date. It had me musing: Our will is so powerful that if we live on or perish we bring it upon ourselves

The trip was deadly. But all the same Calayan was a dream fulfilled.

Calayan Island
Babuyan Group of Islands
Calayan, Cagayan
April 2017

Things that turn 10 years old this year

Wizards of Waverly Place
Super Paper Mario
The Orange Box
Team Fortress 2
Half Life 2: Episode 2(the most recent installment in the Half Life series)
Chowder(the cartoon)
Total Drama Island

Think about that for a second.