tumblr is obsessed with halloween


Hey guys! This is my first ever giveaway and since I and the rest of tumblr is obsessed with Halloween I thought I’d do that as a theme!

🎃Must be following me bubblegum-graveyard
🎃Reblogs and likes count! Reblog as many times as you like just be courteous of your followers
🎃U.S. only! (Sorry once I get a job I’ll be able to do international shipping)
🎃Do NOT tag as ‘giveaway’
🎃Follow my Instagram (taybabe1300) for an extra chance (must message me your URL for proof)

Items listed:
👻Doll legs tights (size L/XL from hot topic)
👻skeleton hands hair clips
👻Color drip candles (red)
👻Pumpkin spice lip balm

Items not listed:
🔪Wool beanie (knitted by me in any color)
🔪A special note
🔪A new friend/follower (me) 🔪Tequila worm lollipop

If this reaches 500-1000 notes I’ll add one or two other cute Halloween themed items. ENDS OCTOBER 18th at midnight