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If Bleach characters were as obsessed with Halloween as is tumblr...

Author’s choice list. :)

It’s no secret that tumblr loves Halloween. As far back as August, Halloween gifs and pics started appearing, and once October hit, it ramped into overdrive. So tumblr. A fan of Halloween. But what if Bleach characters were similarly obsessed with October 31? How might that month-long obsession manifest?

1. Kenpachi: Replaces his bells with pumpkins

This was back in the days of his old hairstyle, of course. These days he settles for a pumpkin eye patch.

2. Yachiru: Trick-or-treats every day in October

It’s her way of keeping the month-long holiday spirit alive.

3. Nel: Trick-or-treats every day in October

The main difference is that since Nel trick-or-treats in Hueco Mundo, her haul is 99% rocks.

4. Shinji: Paints his face like a pumpkin for the whole month

He has the smile for it.

5. Ichigo: Wears a miniature green fez

Because if he’s going to be called “pumpkin-head” for a month, he might as well embrace it, and wear a hat that looks like a pumpkin stem.

6. Hichigo: Repeatedly takes over Ichigo’s body to shout “boo!”

Turns out he doesn’t even know it’s Halloween.

7. Hinamori: Bakes lots and lots of Halloween-shaped cookies

You know, ghosts with glasses. Pumpkins with glasses. Black cats with glasses. …She’s finding the cookie-glasses obsession weirdly hardly to break.

8. Urahara: Starts selling Halloween costumes (in August)

For a special price, you can get the combination gigai + costume (It’s a gigai already wearing your preferred costume! Super easy to change into!).

9. Yoruichi: Spends the month as a kitty

She even has a tiny, black pointed hat to wear!

10. As Nodt: Tells scary stories to anyone willing to listen

And many people who are not willing.

11. Rukia: Decorates Ichigo’s closet 

Using Halloween decorations that she “found” at his school.

12. Byakuya: Goes all out decorating his mansion

Ever since that one year (when he was still a teenager) that Yoruichi decorated the Shihoin mansion more elaborately than the Kuchiki mansion, Byakuya has been determined: *no one* will have more spoopy ghosts than he!

13. Kurotsuchi: Gets a new Halloween-themed headdress 

It makes him look like a skeleton-pumpkin-daisy, for some reason.

14. Kensei: Carves like a billion pumpkins

His tiny zanpakuto is perfect for pumpkin carving, and Mashiro may have started selling his services.

15. Matsumoto: Experiments with vodka-soaked candy corn

She assures her captain that it is a project that takes a lot of “testing.”

16. Hitsugaya: Wears his special Halloween shirt all month

It says “I AM NOT A CHILD AND NO I AM NOT GOING TRICK-OR-TREATING but if you want to give me candy okay”

17. Ukitake: Carries around a pumpkin-shaped bucket full of candy for distribution

He calls it “reverse trick-or-treating.”

18. Ishida: Makes Halloween costumes for all of his friends

They didn’t ask him to, but Ishida just loves making costumes.

19. Orihime: Wears her pumpkin-ghost costume for the whole month

She just loves it so much.

20. Barragan: Won’t stop talking about the “skeleton war”

This, as it turns out, is not actually related to Halloween at all.


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