tumblr is more fun when people talk to you

I’ve been on tumblr for a while and this is the first time I’m doing a follow forever lol. A while back I left this site for reasons but coming back here has gotten a lot better especially after meeting and talking to some incredible people. every single person I’m about to list has made being on here a lot more fun and relaxing and that’s what I need with everything that is going on with my life so thank you so much! not adding the fy blogs (sorry for the bad edit, did it quickly)

bolded = mutuals

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thank you again! and I’m sure i got all my mutuals but let me know if I didn’t :)

friend, i don’t remember your username but your replied to one of my posts with “the triggered meme isn’t making fun of mentally ill people, it’s making fun of how people use the concept of triggers on tumblr”

i deleted your reply as soon as i read it because (1) how people use the concept of triggers on tumblr is far more conservative than how actual therapists and doctors use the word “trigger” and (2) the meme has made mentally ill people literally afraid to use the word trigger even when talking to their therapists and doctors, which prevents them from getting the healthcare they want (see the reblogs with commentary on this post if you want a source for that)

it does not matter that the people are “only” making fun of how the concept is used on tumblr. the people using the concept on tumblr are overwhelmingly mentally ill people describing their mental illness symptoms

it really bothers me a lot when some people make fun of kylo’s tantrums.

tumblr loves mental illnesses and their symptoms only when they can romanticize them, only when they’re pretty. that’s not okay. a lot of us could actually relate to him losing control and lashing out. it’s not a butt joke.

different characters speak to different people.

you don’t like kylo ren? congratulations. maybe spend some time loving and appreciating those characters that spoke to you instead of bitching about us. 

Fun things to do on Tumblr when you’re bored:

1. Pick a blog you like. Pick a tag of theirs (the more posts the better). Read it chronologically, and like a lot of posts.

2. Go on anon and drop anonymous love messages. Short ones. No chain letter ones. Just say “Hi ****, I like you, bye!” or something

3. Comment on every single thing on your dash that has replies enabled for one hour. Even the people you’re afraid to talk to.

We should talk more about archaeology on tumblr(?)

Like have long debates about post-processualism and the effects of the Annales school on archaeology theory, the role of heritage in politics and how it’s ignored/recognised, or discuss the pros and cons of different migration hypotheses, why cup and ring marks exist, interpret grave assemblages and ideas of the concept of gender in different archaeological cultures, make fun of each other’s trowel choices or excavation positions?

People could post starter questions/topics/anything with the tag  #discussarchaeology or something, and then it could all snowball beautifully? And it could drag geologists and social anthropologists and scientists into it too, as well as people who’ve never even thought about archaeology in depth/if at all because different perspectives are vital and I don’t think there’s enough done to get people from all backgrounds involved/enough platforms for them to speak on.

I just want everyone infected with the archaeology curse bug, and thinking about it all the time, plus everyone should have the right to help shape our understanding of the past, not just people with degrees in archaeology/history. 


Tumblr is absolutely the most fun, when you don’t give anything about the numbers and just talk to people. How many notes you have, how many and who follows you, it all doesn’t matter the slightest. Yet if people reply to your posts or you to theirs and a conversation starts. That’s what makes me happy. :) Thank you all. Thank you to everyone who ever sent me a message or replied to me. You mean tumblr to me and are the reason I am here.