tumblr is messing up my pics

I imagine that when Marinette finally asks Adrien on a date it will be with full Ladybug confidence and full Marinette awkwardness. (She probably fell into that position and only narrowly avoided calling him “hot stuff”)

Thank you to everyone who came to the stream! Bonus doodles under the cut:

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the only thing i love more than this filter is my angel 😢💕🌷

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The Doc with the Butterfly Tattoo

Pairing: Bones x Reader

Word Count:  1949

Warning: One swear, nsfw mention but not explicit, tooth-rotting fluff

A/N: I’m very annoyed that this header pic is pixel-y bc i spent a good 2 hours editing it but of course tumblr’s size guide messed it up *sigh

“Nurse Y/L/N,” Bones said, popping into the exam room where you were triaging your newest patient. “Will you see me in my office when we’re done here?” Bones put a hand on the small of your back as he took the PADD from you, and you knew immediately what he wanted.

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Red Velvet’s Tumblrs

Irene: aesthetic, pastel colours (mainly purple), cute cats or dogs, cute clothes. She may post ootd’s or selfies if she’s really feeling herself. Has cute anons that compliment her and she loves them so much.

Wendy: PUPPIES and cute animals in general. She would also reblog political stuff, like gifsets of feminist quotes or anti-Trump stuff. Posts covers of songs once in a while that get like 3 notes at first until two years later they blow up somehow and get thousands of notes and drown her dash in notifications.

Seulgi: Bright and motivational stuff. Her theme is yellow/orange and she reblogs pretty flowers or cute gifsets of people helping the homeless or sticking up for gay rights. Built up a following slowly but when she hits her peak, she’s really liked. That’s bc she doesn’t involve herself in drama. Her blog is a happy, reassuring place and random anons message her about their troubles since she gives nice, understanding replies ~

Joy: Shitposts and memes and funny gifs. Somewhere in all this mess would be stuff about her favourite bands. Tries to make friends but ppl never reply to her. Finds pics of her fav member, screenshots a close up then posts it on tumblr, ranting about how SHE WANTS TO PUNCH THEIR BEAUTIFUL FACES HOW DARE THEY -

Her tags are a mess btw.

Yeri: Posts like mad for a week straight then disappears for six months. Pretty illusive. Doesn’t interact with others much. Mainly just reblogs pretty pictures of bands she likes or perfect makeup looks: #must try this #nvm I can’t do winged liner :/

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Warning a Facebook user named Awesome Sniper is claiming to be giving away a rifle using a picture they took from my page. The rifle is custom built by me so it isn’t a case of the same model etc…

My original post-

Ripped off pic on Facebook (let them know in the comments!)-

I messed up the original post trying to fix a link so here is a repost.

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Do you know what hobi's sisters clothing line is called?

mejiwoo! http://mejiwoo.com/

Hey Kim! sorry if this is a bothersome question but you use xkit right? Could you maybe link me to the download link? after the mess with the xkit guy i kind of lost him and i thikn he said he would stop making more updates? but i cant even find the one that would work with this tumblr version (?) ;; I use firefox btw if thats important

hey! don’t be sorry :’) i use the new xkit extension on chrome! https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/new-xkit/inobiceghmpkaklcknpniboilbjmlald?hl=en-US

‘boyfriend pics’ about sums up my thoughts holy shit


“fd au” kim why do you hurt me like this

i wasn’t even thinking of this until my friend mentioned it aND FUCK!!!! :-)

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what sizes do you make your posts so that tumblr doesn't mess them up when you upload them? thank u so much !!!!

hiii!!! i usually don’t resize my photos at all :/// for the shiro snapchat one the psd i used gave it the ~iphone~ dimensions & just as i was queuing i came across this post and was like *shrug* why not and resized down to 540px. i like how it looks so i’m gonna try out resizing my next few posts and see how it goes! 


So I guess my tumblr app is messed up.. it won’t let me post any photos at all… it crashes everytime I try.. I have lots of more pics for you guys. Just hang in there with me.. GIVE ME A HEART IF YOUR STILL THERE.


Tumblr didn’t upload my pictures into my drafts yesterday until this morning so here we go.

Yesterday, April 25th, was my little baby Juniper’s birthday, she is officially 1 now!

We adopted Juniper back in early October when she was a wee six month old kitten. The picture on the left is from day 1 of when we got her and the picture on the right is her now from the other day. 

She’s still small, yes, but she’s definitely changed a lot. She still has a long way to go so let’s see how much more different she gets! She has been such a blessing at home since we adopted her and I’m so glad ;w; 

dramallamadingdang replied to your photo: Just a pic from my game (taken last March!!)

It’s good to see you! I hope the little one is well! :)

Thank you :D I’ve really been missing tumblr. Got bodyshop loaded though so I can mess with those custom sliders and carry on cleaning up my downloads as soon as Baby Taylor goes to bed. She’s doing well, teething though, which is not nice at all. I kinda wish that they’d all just through all at once so we can just get it over and done with asap.