tumblr is messing up my pics

Otayuri week, day 3 - future
YAY im back from warsaw and i finally got some time to do a lazy comic XD
I like the idea that they would adopt a child xd
For those who cant see what i wrote here, because tumblr messed up quality of the pic :
“Ya know Beka? I fear NOTHING”
“Oh really? You sure? What about Dad leaving you?”
“But thats impossible.”
‘They are too lovey-dovey but i still love my dads. Theyre awesome"


So I guess my tumblr app is messed up.. it won’t let me post any photos at all… it crashes everytime I try.. I have lots of more pics for you guys. Just hang in there with me.. GIVE ME A HEART IF YOUR STILL THERE.

Imma bout to post my Avengers doodles… but as I was loadin up all the pics… Tumblr kinda messed up but I managed to get it to save as a draft… so if I post it and there are pictures missing… im gonna be mmmmmmmildly perturbed.

Theres a lot of crap in that post BTW… like a lot… I doodle Tony one could argue… too much. hmm.

Why does tumblr mess up posts that much?! I wrote a whole paragraph explaining my cat pack was a b-day gift for purrsephonesims (which got deleted for some unexplained reason) and also the pic is blurry af? Geesh, @staff


Here’s another process record sort of thing for those of you who were wanting them. I kept forgetting to take pics cause I was drawing this really late at night (also why I messed up on the bow-thing, and later had to fix it), so this one isn’t particularly interesting, with only 3 stages. I’ll be drawing something new this afternoon, but to tide you over until then, this is the process for my Shiroba from a month ago.

Here’s a link to the original post of my Shiroba drawing:


And, just for kicks, here’s another Shiroba that I drew several months ago (though I don’t like it quite as much):



Sorry for the quality of the top pic but something with the upload to Tumblr keeps messing with it. The noise is not showing up on my computer screen before upload.

Anyway, these were taken at the Polaris Booth on the first day of PAX Prime 2015.  I was just wandering around and stumbled upon these guys. I have no idea who the guy kissing Ross is. edit: I’m told that it is RicePirate, a fellow illustrator and voice actor (X)  Can someone help with that?  Super nice guys.

PAX Prime 2015

please do not repost or edit. Thanks

copyright: Bristlee1 Photography


Times Past 2/5

“We are the bad joke I keep trying to tell.
And I mess it up every time.”

“Sun spots mark those years under the sun.
Lounging and soaking in every moment to the depths of my skin.
Still so remarkable how we were so different back then.
Carefree and hopeful.”


Some of y’all wanted to know more about me so meet my homie for life AKA my brother. His name is Salvador but that shit is too long to be saying on the regular so he goes by Sal. Anyway, we just chilling today….he ain’t working and neither am I. He said ladies hit him up if ya’ll wanna know something. He bout to take over my tumblr for  most of the day so y’all can send asks directly to him. Just ignore his ugg mugg messing up my pics.