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I meant to make this post when my blog turned 1 but I just made a little post saying thank you to some mutuals so I wanted to do one for every blog I follow and that makes this site from hell actually fun, it took me 2 months but it’s finally here. I’m really lazy and this was a lot of work but I did it!! I’m really thankful that I met such wonderful people and that you guys actually put up with this mess of a blog and me lol. If your url is bolded it means we’re mutuals and i love you very much!! We might not talk much or at all but I want you to know that I appreciate all of you, I’m just bad at talking to people and keeping conversation sometimes. Even if we’re not mutuals I want to thank you for having great blogs and always bringing nice and positive things to my dash. This is kind of a follow forever for my sideblog too I guess ( @jeoninluv ) This is the second part because tumblr didn’t let me do it all in one

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Imagine Chris finding out you wrote his favorite love story.

A/N: Part 2 is here, yo! :) You can find the previous parts here: (Unexpected Reader - Part 1) I’m really liking where this is going, do you? ❤️

After Chris returned with your second vanilla latte, and his first green tea- he wasn’t a coffee person unless his schedule needed him to be- the both of you chatted at your corner table in Starbucks. The way you talked to each other, it was like two old friends rather than a fan with her celebrity crush. You’d started the conversation incredibly nervous; you’d had to hide your clammy palms under your butt in fear that he’d reach over and give your hand another pat or gentle squeeze. But the more you talked to Chris, the calmer you became about the whole situation. You didn’t know what it was about him that normalized him despite his celebrity status and deadly good looks, but for a second- you could almost forget that you were talking to Chris Evans.

Believe it or not, Chris was everything you’d imagined he’d be, and more- if that was even possible. The way you’d portrayed him in your stories was- as far as you could see- a hundred and ten percent accurate. The man was sweet, kind, funny, intelligent, and real. Chris was real, he was real with his questions, his comments, and his interest in what you had to say. You were so lost in the conversation- in his darling blue eyes- that you forgot to take some notes so you could write a piece based around this once in a lifetime meeting, though you doubt you needed anything to remind you of this interaction. You were pretty sure this was something you were going to remember on your deathbed, which was surely moments away if he continued to smile at you the way he was.

Now the realistic side of you reminded you not to fall too hard for, or get too attached to the man you clearly had no chance with; you had to know that Chris was just talking to you to pass time in a boring airport. But the hopelessly romantic and imaginative side of you said otherwise; Chris wasn’t the kind of guy who would approach a girl unless he was genuinely interested, be it romantically, or platonically. You may not have known him personally, but you knew he wasn’t the kind of guy who would lead people on, or use people. You’d watched enough interviews, read enough articles and fan encounters, and written enough fan fiction to know that he was a genuinely nice guy who was worth befriending and loving if you were ever lucky enough to acquire those chances. Perhaps you didn’t have a chance at being his girlfriend like you’d always dreamed of, but maybe- just maybe, you had a chance at being his friend.

“So tell me, Y/N.” He began and smiled when he saw how much more relaxed you were with him now than you were at the start of the conversation. Your hands had dried and returned to thrum the tabletop quietly as you waited for him to finish his sentence. “What made you want to pursue screen writing?”

“Would you believe me if I said you?” You quizzed with a small smile, which grew wider when you saw him smile. You started explaining when you saw his facials prompt a continuation, “I um- I’ve always loved writing, ever since I was kid. I liked making up stories, imagining all the different lives I could live and all the different jobs I could do. It was a good escape from my mundane life,” you admitted with pursed lips. “But uh- I never really thought about turning it into a career until I started writing fan fiction about you on Tumblr.”

“How do you mean?”

“I wrote as an escape,” you said and he nodded, acknowledging what you’d told him earlier “I took myself into a different world where I could have the perfect life with the perfect guy so I could feel better. Writing was like a safe haven, a place where nothing bad could get to me. It made me happy and I realized…” You trailed off, licking your dry lips. “There must be a lot of people like me out there who needed someone else to be, someone wonderful to be with. I just- there had to be someone out there who needed a safe haven too.”

“So you started posting on Tumblr,” he finished for you and you nodded.

“I started out pretty slow, I had a few likes here and there. Um- It took a while for me to build a fan base, but eventually- I had a reasonable number of readers who supported all my pieces. A lot of them thanked me for writing something that took their mind off a bad day. Some thanked me for making them smile and-” You felt your eyes welled with tears of joy; you were still touched every time you talked about your interactions with your readers. “And some would tell me that my stories gave them a reason to hold out for a love as strong as the ones I wrote about.”

Chris smiled as he listened to you answer his question in great detail with an indescribable amount of pride and passion. He felt his heart flutter as he unknowingly starting falling for you. You were a lot like the protagonist in one of his favorite love stories, which was surprisingly a Chris Evans mini series written by a fan on Tumblr. He’d found the link lodged away in his Twitter mentions, a simple sentence “you deserve a love as strong as this” caught his attention and invited him into the world of fan fiction. He spent a whole day reading the entire series and wishing he’d the life that Chris Evans had, wishing he had the girl that Chris Evans had. He was still yet to ask if you’d heard about the series, perhaps you could help him find out who wrote it because he’d love to meet and talk to the talented and obviously lovely author who surely based the second person protagonist around herself. Maybe she was the one, maybe they could get together and try to work towards the life she wrote about.

“What I thought was a hobby changed people’s lives for the better,” you continued and he nodded, smiling. “So how can I not make that into a career? How can I waste my ability to inspire and touch people through my words? To make them realize that they deserve something great? I don’t know, I’m rambling a little.” You chuckled nervously and he shook his head. “I just feel like if I can change one life, my time on this earth has been worthwhile.”

“That’s sweet,” he smiled. “Like- that’s just-” He found himself at a lost for words as he watched you intently. He chuckled softly with a shake of his head, “you’re- you’re kind of amazing, Y/N.” You felt your cheeks flush as you bit back your growing smile. “That is- that’s an amazing answer to such a simple question. But before I say anything else, I don’t think I have anything to do with your decision. I’m just one of the pieces, y'know? I mean- it sounds to me like you would’ve done something amazing with your talent even if you weren’t a fan of mine. I was just lucky enough to be the one you wrote about, I had nothing to do with any of it.”

“Well that’s not entirely true,” you chuckled. “I wouldn’t have pursued anything if I weren’t a fan of yours.” You told him and he narrowed his eyes in confusion. “Yes, I would’ve wrote about someone else but- your success story is kind of what made me push myself into studying screenwriting. In all your interviews, you talked about pushing yourself into what scares you. Like working with Marvel and going to New York to pursue your acting career- those stories are what inspired me to pursue my own, I would’ve never if it weren’t for you.”

He smiled, unsure of what to say except, “I’m glad I could help. You’re very talented from what I could see over your shoulder,” he said then chuckled when you did. “Would you mind letting me read something else of yours? I promise I won’t judge,” he told you when you looked hesitant. “Unless you’re one of those kinky smut writers,” he teased. “‘Cause then maybe there’ll be a little judgement.”

“Hey, some of my best friends are kinky smut writers.”

“Oh,” he chuckled. “Well, I don’t mean any disrespect to them. I’m just- stunned they can come up with what they come up with. Perhaps I should take a few tips, turn my vanilla based life into something more swirly.” He joked and you laughed, covering your mouth when you realized you were attracting attention.

“Like you need any tips on how to get things done in the bedroom,” you said then blushed when he smiled. “Fine,” you opened your laptop screen and turned it towards him after opening your most successful piece; your mini-series. “It’s um- It’s a mini-series, so it’s fairly long.” You explained and Chris’ heart skipped a beat; his eyes quickly scanned what was in front of him so he could determine if you were the girl he was looking for. “You don’t have to read it all, you can just-”

“Holy crap,” his eyes stopped at one of the many sentences he’d read a thousand times. “Drunk minds speak for a sober heart,” he mumbled to himself then looked up at you. Your eyes narrowed in confusion when you saw the way he was looking at you. Was that- adoration? You were about to question him when he smiled and breathed, “it’s you.”

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Part 3A

we started this blog on july 17th, 2016 and today marks nakamotens’ one year anniversary!! time flies and we feel like we’ve both come so far ;; honestly, when we both started this blog we didn’t think we’d stan nct this much!! the only reason we made a blog together was because we didn’t think we’d be able to commit to running a blog on our own… and look where we are one year later :^)

so we just wanted to thank you guys!! to our mutuals, our followers and people who reblog our stuff, we’re just really grateful for everything ;; within just one year we’ve gained 16.7k and while we don’t want to focus on numbers too much, we want to thank each and every one of you for welcoming us into the fandom and for making our experience a fun and memorable one!

we did want to do something special for you guys but couldn’t really think of anything rip… but our requests are always open!! and under the cut we’ve included messages to some of our friends + blogs that we really admire ; _ ;

again, thank you guys so much!! we’ve had an incredible year and maybe we’ll even last for another one~ we hope you’re all doing well too, remember to drink lots of water and get lots of rest!!! we love you guys ♡

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Fame (L.H.)

A/N: This is not one of my best writings. I’m disappointed with how it turned out, but it has been a while since I’ve posted anything. I’m sorry I keep writing such sad imagines, but those usually have a nice plot to them. I promise the next one will have a nicer story line. I most likely will not be writing a Just Friends Part 3 or Roommates Part 2, so please stop asking. However, once I reach 1K followers, I’ll give you all a little treat :) Also, THIS GIF IS NOT MINE.

Masterlist || Ask

Part 2


That picture.
That stupid picture.
It was because of that picture that you found yourself clicking on various posts that had your heart breaking even more.
What picture?
The fucking picture of Luke in his smiley shirt - you know the one - pre-lip piercing and with fringe.
The picture made you realize how much he had changed with his new found fame.
Sure, the first year wasn’t as bad, but as the band grew, the more Luke lost himself in the fame.
Of course you were happy that the band was taking off and that he had become more comfortable and confident in his own skin, but if along the way he acted like someone he wasn’t, he’d eventually turn into that person permanently and you don’t think you can sit back and watch it unfold.
Luke was no longer the lanky, shy, teenage boy that you once knew. He had become this muscular, outgoing, nearly twenty year old man that you don’t even know.
“Hey, Luke,” you called over to him where he was sat on the opposite couch on his phone - which is really all he does anymore when he’s not playing a show, being interviewed, or not out clubbing.
“Hmm?” He hummed, not even looking up at you.
“Let’s go do something. The two of us, just like how we used to. We can go to your favorite pizza place down the road,” you suggested. You wanted to spend some time with your best friend as it has been a very long time since you had.
“Sorry, can’t. Have an interview in a few. Maybe next time,” he shot you down, still not looking up at his phone.
What a lie that was.

More pictures.
All you saw were picture upon picture of him over Twitter and Tumblr.
“Interview, my ass,” you mumbled as you scrolled through the pictures of Luke at Nice Guy with some girl.
He could’ve said he wanted to go clubbing. You would’ve joined him, but it seems that he doesn’t want anything to do with you as of lately.
After scrolling through a few more, you slammed your laptop shut in anger.
You don’t recognize the boy that was on your screen.

“Hey, Y/N!” Luke yelled at you from behind.
You turned around from where you were walking in the direction of their dressing room. “What?”
Luke caught up to you. “Geez, what’s your problem?”
You rolled your eyes and kept walking. “What do you want?”
He put his hands in his pockets and shrugged. “Thought we could go out to eat.”
You stopped in your tracks and looked at him. “Wow, you actually have time for me? Ordinary, Y/N?”
He furrowed his eyebrows. “Why say it like that? I always have time for you.”
You let out a sarcastic laugh. “Bullshit.” You turned to walk away.
Luke grabbed your arm and pulled you back. “It’s not bullshit. I make time to hang out with you.”
“Oh really? When’s the last time we hung out, Luke?”
He thought for a moment. “When we went bowling and made a bet to see who would have to be the winner’s servant for a day.”
“And when was that?” You proceeded to question him.
“Last week?” He guessed.
This time you scoffed. “More like five months ago, Lucas. Nice try.”
“So what if I haven’t made time to hang out with you? I’ve been busy with the band,” he nonchalantly stated.
“Busy with the band? You call going out clubbing and hanging with girls busy with the band? Get a grip on yourself, Luke.”
“Stop being such a complaining little bitch, Y/N. You should be thankful that I even still bother to hang out with a nobody like you.”
You sucked in a breath and took a step back away from him as tears filled your eyes.
That was the one thing Luke had promised you he wouldn’t dare to think of saying to you as he got famous more and more everyday.
Luke’s face turned into one of shock and regret. “Y/N… I-I didn’t mean-”
“Don’t worry. You won’t have to worry about hanging out with a nobody like me anymore.”
“That’s not what I meant-”
Then you said the words that broke him. “I don’t even know who you are anymore.” And with that, you turned on your heels and ran away.

You ignored his calls and texts. You ignored the pounding on your hotel door. All you know is that you wanted out and the only way to do that was to leave.
So that’s what you did.
You changed into a pair of leggings and a tank, threw on a flannel, grabbed your phone and wallet, and was out the door.
You had gotten into a taxi and gave the driver directions to the one place where you knew that you’d be able to clear your head.
You thanked and paid the driver then headed towards the building.
You greeted the receptionist, who knew you very well from the amount of times you’ve been here, and asked if your room was open.
“Yeah, go on in,” he told you and you thanked him before rushing towards your room.
You opened the door and flipped on the light switch. You walked further into your sanctuary, letting the door close behind you.
You took off your flannel and tied it around your waist then threw your hair up into a ponytail.
You walked over to the sound booth and plugged your phone into the system and the familiar tune of Justin Bieber’s song Sorry filled the empty room.
You walked over to the mirror and stared at yourself. Your eyes were red and puffy from the crying while your hair was disheveled in its ponytail.
Then you started dancing.
At first it was just a few free styling moves, but then you let the music take over as you created moves, letting out your frustration and anger.
You don’t even know how many times the song had repeated itself or how long you spent in the studio, but you got an idea when there was a knock on the door followed by Casey - the receptionist - walking in.
“Y/N, it’s closing time,” he said as he sat in front of you with his back against the mirror as he watched you continue to dance.
“Really? How long have I been in here?” You asked surprised as you came to a halt.
He shrugged. “About five hours maybe?”
Your eyes widened. “What time is it now?”
He pulled out his phone. “About a quarter till ten.” He pocketed his phone. “You’re not normally in here for this long unless you have a class. What’s up?” He patted the spot beside him.
You grabbed your phone from the sound booth and made your way over to sit down beside him. “Luke.”
“What happened this time?”
You shrugged. “He basically called me a bitch and a nobody.”
Casey furrowed his eyebrows. “That doesn’t sound like the Luke you’ve told me about before.”
You let out a sarcastic laugh. “Because it’s not. I don’t even think that the real Luke exists anymore. He got washed away in the fame.”
He put his hand on your knee. “You should find him and bring him back as that is what a good friend would do. It’s also what someone who’s in love with him would do too.”
You gave him an incredulous look. “Whoa. Whoa. Whoa. Hold on there. Who said that I was in love with Luke?”
He gave you a look. “It’s obvious that you are, Y/N. The way you talk about him, the fact that you’re angry about this, the fact that you care so much about what he does… all of that just points to the obvious fact that you love him.”
You sighed as you stared straight ahead of you at the wall. “How are you able to see all of this and yet I’m invisible to everyone else?”
He shrugged. “You’re in here a lot you know. It’s kind of obvious.”
“Yeah, to you.”
He sighed and stood up. “Come on,” he held his hand out for you to take.
“Where are we going?” I asked him as I took his hand and he pulled me up.
“We are getting some ice cream because that is always a great solution to every problem.”
You laughed. “I guess I could go for some ice cream.”
So, true to his word, the two of you went and got some ice cream. You stayed out for about an hour just talking and enjoying your ice cream until you had to go back.
“I guess I should head on back,” you tell him as you stood up to throw your cup away.
He followed you. “I can bring you back to your hotel if you want so that you don’t have to call a taxi.”
You smiled at him. “That’d be great, thanks.”
He nodded and the two of you walked over to his car.
He pulled into the parking lot of the hotel and turned the car off.
“You don’t have to walk me in, Casey. I can go in by myself.”
He shook his head as he got out of the car. “That’d be very douchey of me.”
You laughed as you got out as well. “Suit yourself.”
The two of you headed inside and into the elevator towards your floor.
“So, what are you gonna do now? You can’t just keep on ignoring him.”
“I’ll do it until I can’t anymore.”
He shook his head and the elevator doors opened.
The two of you stepped out and headed towards your hotel room. You opened the door and walked in to see all of the band inside.
“Uh, why are you all in here? This is my room in case you forgot,” you tell them as you put your phone and wallet on top of the dresser.
“What are we doing here? Where have you been? You’ve been gone for five hours and didn’t tell any of us where you were going. You didn’t even answer our calls and texts. Then you come back at a quarter past eleven with some random guy?” Luke scolds you as he got up from the bed and stalked over to where you stood.
You crossed your arms. “If you knew that I wasn’t answering your calls or text, did it ever occur to you that I was ignoring you? That I left for a reason?” You tell him.
He opened his mouth to say something then closed it again.
“Can you all just leave? I’m tired and I just want to sleep,” you sighed and opened the hotel door showing them that you meant it.
The rest of the lads got up, muttering a quick goodnight, before leaving with Casey following suit leaving Luke standing where he was and you still by the opened door.
“I mean it, Lucas. Leave,” you tell him and gesture with your head to the hallway.
“No,” he said stubbornly.
“Why must you be so damn difficult?”
“Oh, I’m being difficult? You’re the one that fucking won’t talk to me!”
“Because you’re being such a dick!” You yell at him and slam the door shut then stalked over to him.
“Oh, I’m a dick? How am I being a dick? I’m not the one blatantly avoiding another person who is only trying to apologize!”
“I don’t want an apology from you if it won’t be sincere and you’ll only do it again!”
“It was an accident! I didn’t mean to say it! It was a one time thing!”
“But you promised you would never say those words to me, Luke.“
He sighed as he rubbed a hand over his face. “It was an accident. I was just annoyed and it slipped out.”
“You wouldn’t say it if you never meant it.”
“I don’t even know you anymore, Luke.”
“I’m still me,” he told you.
You shook your head. “Fame has changed you, Luke.” You looked up at him with watery eyes. “And I really wish it hadn’t.”
His own eyes started to water as well. “Hey, the old Luke is still here. He just grew up.”
“You can still grow up and still be the same person you once were. You’re acting like someone you’re not and you’re turning into that person. Well, news flash, Luke. I’m not one to be swooned by all the glamour and fame. If you even knew me like you once did, you know I prefer the small things over anything extravagant. You know I’d prefer movie marathons in my pajamas than going out and clubbing.”
“What do you want me to do?” He pleaded.
You walked back and opened the door. “I want you to wake up and snap yourself out of this façade because until the Luke that I know comes back, I don’t want anything to do with you.”
He stared at you in disbelief. “You can’t just shut me out of your life, Y/N! Have all the years of being best friends meant nothing to you?”
You glared at him through your tears. “That! That right there is exactly what I’m talking about, Luke! You know just how much this friendship means to me! How dare you say I think of it any less!” You scoffed. “You need to get a grip on life.”
He didn’t move. “Y/N.”
“I swear on all that is good that if you don’t leave right now, Luke, I will scream bloody murder and throw shit at you until you do,” you huffed, all of your patience gone.
He stared at you in shock.
“You have five seconds,” you tell him as you started counting down. You normally would’ve laughed at your reference to their band name, but you were done with his shit. 
He shook his head and made his way past you and out the door.
You slammed the door and pressed you back against it as you slid down to the floor. Your strong façade dropping as your tears flowed freely.
You just lost your best friend.

“I Can Give You Heaven”

Taehyung smut

insp by

pairing: Taehyung x reader

Warning: strong sexual language, fluff/ soft smut, Fingering, daddy kink teasing,v

A/N: I wrote this first before, I got requests, I wanted to post this first, so you could see what kind of writer I am, so you wouldn’t get disappointed in what you thought I was like. Plus I’m new to writing my smut on tumblr so please support me (~‾▿‾)~


You were having your date night with Taehyung, dating him was fun, nothing like you ever had, he was a bit more confident in his actions. He was mainly the one to make the moves on you, made sure you were comfortable around him. He admired every part of you, your body, your skin, even if you were dark or pale. You were the sexiest, most beautiful girl he’s ever laid eyes on.

This date night, was very special to you, though you were seeing each other for years, as friends, you fell for each other easily, by strong connections and vibes. You were always attracted to him and he was always attracted to you. He waved at you with a sweet small smile, as you grinned at him. You made your way over to him, and just as you were about to wrap your arms around his, he took your wrist into his hands himself, wrapping them around his neck, pulling you into a tender kiss,

“you are showing too much Y/N” Is the first thing he says, before breaking the passionate kiss

You frown, pushing him away.

“Why are you like this?, I haven’t seen you in 3 weeks, and you tell me this? What about I miss you?” You cross your arms, pouting up at him, he just smiles slowly turning into a cute grin.

“Ah..sorry, you are right,” He kisses your forehead, and continues. Holding you close, he whispers in your ear, nibbling on it slowly he whispers “You should only show this much skin to me only”

Taken back by his choice of word, blushing was your only reaction. You looked away as he gave you that sweet rectangular smile.

“Y/N I’ve missed you,” He finally says, earning a smile from you.

“I’ve missed you more,” You kiss his jawline, earning a playful moan from him.

“Do you want to go watch a movie?, I just put on spider man 3,” You said, holding on to his stomach, hugging his small waist.

“Ya! Why did you play the movie without me?“ he playfully shouts, as you both walk back to your apartment.

He watched you, you were wearing small shorts, that didn’t cover most of your legs, a big sweater that covered your hands and, had a small word in the middle that said “yours”, and your hair was put up into a lazy-like bun. You thought to yourself, “wow, I look horrid, I shouldn’t let taehyung see me this way after 3 weeks” but to him, he thought you were so god damn fine, because he liked when you were comfortable and didn’t try hard. Though he always thought you were beautiful even if you did.

He stared at you, all the time, ever since he met you 4 years ago, Even though he was the famous taehyung from the group BTS, he never let that popularity get in between the time you spent together. However, it was difficult to get in touch because he was on tour, or practicing the same dance, that he’s done a million times. You understood that, and you were lucky to have someone so precious in your life gave up his freetime to spend with you.

You’d always think about that, whenever you felt sad or lonely of his presence.

You hadn’t even opened the door yet, and there he was, placing wet kisses apon your 3 weeks abandoned neck. It felt soothing, that feeling you missed, when your man teased you, a hand coming from beside you and wrapping around your waist.

He says to you once again. “Y/N I missed you” with more tremble in his voice, with more meaning of what he meant by those words.

“T-tae, we haven’t even-” Your breathe hitched, when you felt his hand grasp your waist. You didn’t know why it felt so good. Was it that his hands were your biggest weakness? Or you just haven’t had a man touch you the way he did in 3 weeks?

“Y/N, why do you do these things to me?” He continues, planting kissing on your neck, leaving wet marks, of his tongue.

“You’re so sexy, Y/N”

His voice tired from work, Sexiest thing you could hear all day other than his moans, and groans. You both find your way into the apartment, and he just never let go of you, still kissing on you. Making you absolutely wet for him and you haven’t even started your indoor date yet.

“Baby, please” You moan, feeling his hands glide down to your most private area, and his middle finger tapping at your quivering slit purposely leaving you wanting him to touch you there more.

He suddenly smirked at your pleads, nibbling at your ear, for him to do more.

“Do you want me to stop?” He says darkly, his voice filled with lust.

“N-noo” you whinned desperately, crying out for those hands to roam your body after 3 long weeks without sex, Sex with taehyung was unpredictable, messy and loud.

“Tell your daddy, what you want” he says, playing with the rim of your shorts, Your hips not ignoring this tease, as you sway them to make them loose on your hips.

“I want- You try to speak but he gropes your breasts,through your sweater, already he could feel your hardened buds, And surprised that went braless today. He just smirked, biting the lobe of your ear.

“If you knew I was going to make it here, you shouldn’t have worn panties either” he licks behind your ear, sending shockwaves down your spine, as your grinded on his now erect crotch.

“Baby, I need your fingers,” With your head thrown back, against his shoulder, he twirled his fingers around your nipples and squeezed at your breasts whenever you smile up at him, with closed eyes, enjoying his plessure. He pinches at the sensitive skin, palming your breasts lightly, only making you want him to do it roughly.

“How do you want my fingers, princess?” He playfully asked,knowing exactly how you wanted him. But he simply ignored, suddenly sitting himself on the couch and sitting you on top of him.“ You felt his member poke into your ass almost.

He smudges his nose and lips into your neck again, licking and kissing at your sweet spot, only making you anxious and wet for his fingers.

“fuck” A moan slipped from your mouth, when, you felt his hips thrust up into you dangerously, grinding onto your plump bottom. He sinks his teeth into your already bruised flesh of a neck, and began sucking at it. Making the spot darker than your skin. “Y/N,” He moans breathing hard into your ear, “does your pussy still get soaked for me?” He asked,only making you shiver under his touch. You only groan at his dirty questions. A leaves your neck with a small pop sound, seconds before traveling both hands into different directions that needed attention. His right hand, went low, non-hesitantly reaching into shorts, and palming you through your panties. You gasped feeling those long fingers, play with your slit, moving slow, up and down they went. Making you a shaking mess, “Babyy… touch me like that” Groaning..You let it slip from your mouth. Usually you’d get embarrassed and blush at your words, but you were absolutely horny and needed release. “I haven’t even touched your clit yet, and you’re already so wet, Y/N” He teased, licking his lips , smirking up at your reaction. His middle finger, began to move in small deep circles over your clit, you couldn’t help but grip his wrist at this, Already bringing you to the edge. He hated when you stopped him of his actions. As he was just about to play with your breasts, He sensed disobedience, and quickly grabbed both wrist into his left hand, “What did I tell you about that?” He said gritting his teeth, His hips now digging into your deeper, making you twirl into him. “Aghhh stop teasing me” you cried out. Trying to release from his hold. His pants was getting tight, loving how you suffered each time, he was dominant. “Y/N” Your name rolling off his tongue so seductive, so gargly from his deep voice, “I can give you heaven, just tell daddy what you want him to do with his hands” He lightly kissed at your sweet spot on your neck, spreading your legs with his

“Fuck me with your fingers daddy” you whimpered, desperately grounding yourself on to his bulge now.

He dug his hand into your lace blue underwear now, giving you what you needed, His middle finger, teasingly running down your slit and quickly moving back up to flicker at your clit. “O-hh shit!” You shouted, making him even anxious for your reactions. “God, you’re so fucking wet for me y/n" he grunted, speeding his fingers up when he heard you gasp. He played with your pussy, palming at your lips then covering his long middle finger over your slit and shaking it side to side, making that wet sound, that made him want to fuck you into the wall every time he heard it. “Ahh..fuckkk,” He hissed, feeling his dick pulsating, after it being ignored for some time. Only thrusting into her, through tight clothed jeans. His middle was soaked from your juices,as it spilled out everytime you felt his touch. He hadn’t even entered you yet, and you were already about to cum, that easily. He bit his lip, hearing that wet sound again, as he circling his middle finger on your clit. “Daddy, that feels soo good-” You gasped once again, blushing heavily, when you moaned his name so loudly. His finger slipped into your hole, and he decided to slouch you into his body on the couch, holding you tightly.

He plugged you up, with his digit. Biting down on to his pink lips dangerously, as he moved in and out of your wet hole at such a speed.

“Taehyu-! Fuck!!” You grunted at him rolling your head back on his shoulder.

“You like it, princess?” He whispered into your ear, keeping you from spazzing out of his lap.

“Ohh Yes! Oppa I like it” You moaned, “Make me c-cum” You repeated, whispering low to him.

“You want me to baby?” He teased, hitting up at your walls continuously, making you go over the edge.

“I’m so close!” You cried out, He slowed down at this, your hips continued to roll down on his dick, he threw his head back. Groaning your name.

His hands moved slowly inside you, but deep as you pulsated around his middle finger,

“Shitt baby” he hissed, “Y/n I’m cumming” he pumped his middle finger inside you 3 more times , making wetter sounds from your pussy, he cums violently into his pants.

He cursed, losing grip on your wrist and you came, when you felt his hot breathe repeat your name as he rode his orgasm out. 

"Ahh! Baby yesss-”your eyes rolled into the back of your head.

He took your lips, biting down on your bottom lip and slipping his tongue into your mouth.

He wrapped his arms around your waist.

"I told you not to wear things like this” he playfully says, as you slipped off his lap. You hit his shoulder.

"You could have waited!” you say buckling your shorts back up.

"I didn’t hear you complaining while you were screaming my name” he giggled playfully.

You blushed, pushing him off the couch, he just laughed,coming back up to tackle you with kisses all over your face.

"Y/n” he exaggerated your name cutely,lifting up your shirt. “I wanna make you miss me more tonight when I leave again” he pauses, when you cup his cheeks. Lust still in his eyes.

“Can daddy give you heaven again?

You nod, at this , making out with the lewd lover as you take things to the bedroom.

it’s been less than a year since I made this blog and I honestly never thought this would happen let alone have it happen so quickly. I don’t even think me writing out this little post could accurately express how I feel. like guys, 15,000 people..that’s like a mini stadium, a tiny country, the number of calories I eat in a day :’)

no okay but seriously, though I had been following bangtan for a while I never really thought about making a blog about them. but with the pressures of school I really needed an escape from it all and tumblr was this quiet place for me. a place I could come to and just forget about all the pressure and stress while I thirsted after namjoon and yoongi. and with the encouragement of those around me I decided to make this blog. even though I had run two other fandom blogs before this one, I never thought a fandom could be this welcoming. I felt right at home, memeing since day one 

through these past few months I have made some amazing friends I would have never had the chance to meet if it weren’t for this little bangtan blog. I trust and lean on a lot of them to help me through hard times as well as sharing some of the brightest parts of my life. many wouldn’t and could understand that even though we have met online only a few months ago, I feel I have known them for so much longer. meeting people in a shared fandom is honestly an incredibly special thing because you tend to meet people with similar interests, personalities and terrible humour making it so easy to connect with them and bond over things you might not normally be able to with others  

I’d really like to thank all of you who follow me and put up with my thirsty ass always crying, writing long posts about all the boys, having long and interesting discussions with me about all kinds of subjects, sending me lots of love and support if you see I’m going through a hard time, liking and reblogging everything I make no matter how shitty, talking to me and generally being interested in who I am???, coming to me for life advice, tagging me in all namjoon and yoongi posts, sending me random posts you think I’d enjoy, drawing fanart  and most importantly shipping the one true cannon ship #sabjoon 2k17. you guys all mean so much to me and it genuinely hurts to be away from you all whether it be because of school of or those time I travel I always feel like I can rely on you to make me smile no matter the situation

okay this is long enough and bless you if you read it all below you’ll find 99% bangtan 1% multifandom blogs, all a+ would recommend quality

your local sugamon hoe~

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Feeling a Bit Woozy Baby? (Pietro x Reader) Part 2/?

»Reader is very close with Pietro but when he is sedated and reduced to acting like a 3 year old she is forced to take care of him. This ensues food, entertainment,keeping him out of trouble, bathing and bed time. And to think the reader is being kept from a mission for this.«

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4

Part 5

Part 6

Part 7

Part 8

A/N: part one of this was the first piece of writing that i had ever posted here on tumblr so i was nervous about it but i was so happy to see a lot of people liked it so i hope you all enjoy part two and share your thoughts about it let me know if i succeeded in making your heart flutter >:3 Also feel free to request anything, id love to make your x reader dreams come true \(^~^)/

°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°°° You turned to face Pietro who sat looking like a lost puppy now that his pointy toy had been taken away. You walk over and sit on the couch and the realization that you’ll have mother your best friend dawns upon you. So a giggle erupts from you and you cover your mouth when Pietro who is still sitting on the floor at your feet looks at you. He tilts his head to the side as if asking what you’re laughing about. So you respond.

“You are not gonna like it when you come back to your senses and realize what happened.” You smile at him and he smiles back. You wonder what its like for him right now, he’s probably feels like he’s in a daze. He’s usually so active, rarely ever sits still so you’ll make the most of this “slow Pietro”. You took the liberty to run your hand through his hair to give him the messy look you thought he should have more often. While you did this you noticed that although he wasn’t smiling, his lips were parted and each time you moved your hand through his hair his already hooded eyes would close slightly and open again when you stopped.

‘Oh my god, this dork likes to be pet.’

You thought to yourself amused. After you stopped fixing his hair you wondered what else you would find out about him today. It would all make great teasing material when he got back to his old self.

Pietro had just started to wind his hoodie string around his finger when you asked him. “Hey Piet how about some brunch?”

He looked at you with concentration furrowing his brows.

“What’s wrong Pietro?” You asked. He opened his mouth to talk but his normally confident accented voice came out slurred and shy. “w-w'nda ate mmy s'vnndwich”

He looked like he had to make an effort to form the words he was saying and you found this and the way he was dragging out some letters and missing others endearing. You felt bad for him, he looked like he could tell he wasn’t speaking properly because when he spoke instead of looking at you he lowered his head and looked at your shoes instead.

“Aww it’s okay, ill make you another one, and mine are better than the ones from the Deli, i promise.” You said as you got up from the couch to go to the kitchen. Just as soon as you got up Pietro was up standing next to you.

“Oh! Okay, you aren’t as slow as i thought…then again compared to super speed…” Pietro was staring at your mouth, probably trying to follow what you were saying.

“Ah, never mind it doesn’t matter.” You waved your hand to dismiss it. You turned around and started walking towards the kitchen when you noticed your shirt was hugging your torso more than it should, that’s when you realized Pietro was trailing behind you while holding on to the back of your shirt with his left hand.

‘Okay that’s ridiculous…and by ridiculous i mean ridiculously adorable oh my goodness Pietro aww’

Your inner thoughts were showing themselves on your face with a wide grin, so you tried to compose yourself and pursed your lips. Once you arrived at the kitchen/Tony’s personal bar you stopped and grabbed Pietro’s left hand from behind you with your right one and gestured for him to sit on one of the tall chairs that were at the counter while you went up to the fridge to see what ingredients were available. Rummaging through a fridge equipped to feed a whole team of avengers and bit more you called back to Pietro.

“Hey Piet, do you like turkey bacon??”

No response. “Pietro?” You turn around and he is at the counter looking down intently at his left hand. He was slowly opening and closing his fist repeatedly.

“Okaaay, turkey bacon it is then.” You dismissed Pietros peculiar behavior for the moment and busied yourself with making the best sandwiches you could make.

When you had finally finished two decent sized sandwiches you placed the two plates on the counter and moved one of them closer to Pietro. “Enjoy! You must be starving by now.” You said as you dug into you sandwich careful not to let anything fall and make a mess.

A good ways into your brunch you look to your side at Pietro who is going full caveman on the sandwich. He was almost completely through it and his mouth had a huge ketchup smear taking up half his chin. You couldn’t help yourself and you burst out laughing.

Hearing your laughter made Pietro look at you with a glint in his eyes and a chubby cheeked smile, which made you laugh even more.

“Oh, now you smile. Is that how it is? You don’t smile unless you are fed?” You teased reaching across the table for a napkin and then starting to clean up his mess. But Pietro wasn’t smiling anymore. You looked up from the stain on his mouth you were wiping at his eyes to see if you could tell what was wrong but he was looking directly at you and he wouldn’t look away. And if your eyes didn’t fail you and so far they haven’t, his cheek were turning red.

‘Pietro Maximoff are you blushing?’ You would have said so out loud but with the way his eyes seemed to darken looking at you like you were something unbelievable you weren’t so sure if you weren’t blushing yourself.

“Um, actually i think I’m done with mine.Not hungry anymore.” You said picking up both of your plates to place them in the sink. Pietro pulled his gaze away from you and looked down at his lap embarrassed. Once you were done with the dishes you walked over to Pietro.

“Hey, you’re still wearing that hoodie, it has mud stains on it. Wouldn’t you like to take it off? Get comfier?” You asked and he looked down at his clothing. A shower would suit him better but it was a bit early and you sure as heck were not gonna go through that more than once. He nodded and started to pull the hoodie over his head but, of course, got stuck in the process. So you yanked at the hood part of it releasing Pietro abruptly sending him back a few steps. He was left in a regular white t-shirt.

“Now isn’t that better?” You said smiling, you thought it would be nice to watch a movie or two since at least you were free of training. You started walking towards the living room. “Let’s watch a movie, how about that Piet? Considering your current state you are in no position to protest so i was thinking Finding Nemo its-” He was holding on to your shirt while walking again.

‘Oh for crying out loud.’ You stopped walking. You hesitated a bit but you grabbed his hand from behind your back and held it in your own as you kept walking. You bit you bottom lip, you knew this would come back to bite you. You and Pietro were best friends but you weren’t the physical contact type so a hand on the shoulder would have looked out of place.

But this…this is just ridiculous.

Hey guys! I was recently asked to do a bellarke fic rec, and with Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day just around the corner (21st of August; go appreciate fanfic writers y’all!), I thought it was a good time to find my favourites. 

I’m posting under the cut, because it got a bit long and I didn’t want to make your dashes annoying. I’ve tagged the writers whose tumblrs I know, and used some people’s names like I know them even if I don’t – let me know if you want me to remove any of that (or add a tumblr I don’t know). I’m giving little review/summaries and mostly just being amazed at all the awesome fics we have in this fandom.

So, anyway – Happy Fanfiction Writers Appreciation Day!! This is me letting you know I appreciate you all a lot. Read these fics!!!! They’re great, and I encourage everyone to send writers (all that you like, not just these ones) love and kudos and comments to let them know you like their stuff.

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●                    The minute speech that is totally not small but pretend it is.

Ahem, I actually consider myself quite new in the Tokyo Ghoul fandom, having only joined it around two months ago- perhaps more but my mind is quite blurry- as if I were in a forest during humid hours at the rise of dawn… Anyways, never have I seen such a welcoming fandom to be completely honest. I have honestly met such wonderful individuals, so much support it leaves me dumbfounded~

Thank you!

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Anonymous asked: what about something smutty about being really good friends with Luke and he has a really nice gf and stuff but you two have like a huge sexual tension between each other and one day you were chilling with the guys and end up having a pretty erotic time with him ;) thanks bby, btw I love your writing so much!!!

Awe thanks for liking my writing! Sometimes I feel like they’re pretty shit, though… Haha ANYWAY! I had fun writing this ;) sorry it’s kind of late, though. Hope that it is okay I made up the girlfriends name.


Word count: 3212
Warning: Language, smut
Rated: R


“Y/n! Come in,” Mikey smiled as he stepped aside, shutting the door behind you and guiding you to the living room where the rest of the gang sat plus, Luke’s girlfriend, Cindy.

You ignored her; everyone but Cindy knew you liked Luke. Even Luke knew. Because, in one way or another, he couldn’t help but liking you back.

The way you’d scrunch your nose up before you sneezed, the observant gaze in your eyes when you saw something that sparked your interest in even the smallest ways, the way you’d walk away when you’d get sassy with him while shaking your hips because you knew how much it got to him, the way he knew you’d always be there for him and the easiest person he could talk to, and oh god— the thought of you getting on your knee’s for him and wrapping your pretty plump lips around his thick cock made his feelings grow stronger with each passing day. But he couldn’t have you even with the major sexual tension between you two and no matter how much he wanted you, he was too afraid of losing what he already had built with you— a friendship that would surely last more than a lifetime.

“Hey boys,” You greeted with your pearly whites. They smiled back and Calum (sorry had to) opened his arms for you to fall into.

You happily complied and plopped down next to him, wrapping your arms around his torso and cuddling into his side. “It’s been a while boys. How’ve you guys been?” You quirked and took one glance at Luke.

He watched you and Calum intently, jaw clenched and fists balled at his sides. He and Cindy weren’t even touching and you couldn’t help but feel like you’d accomplished a mission.

You smirked and sighed, pulling Calum tighter against you and resting your head against his chest. He always gave the best cuddles.

“It’s been exhausting, that’s for sure. But definitely worth the lack of sleep. It was fun and the fans’ enthusiasm made the tour one thousand times better.” Ashton responded. His giggle made you smile in the biggest way. He never failed to remind you of a puppy dog every time you saw him. “I’m glad you guys had fun. Meanwhile I sat around and waiting for you guys’ return. Sigh.” You sarcastically remarked as Mike came stumbling from the kitchen, a piece of pizza in his left hand and a Dr. Pepper in his right.

“Liar. You were probably out partying,” He said with a chuckled. You winked at him, “Damn right. Not much though, really. Been kinda staying quiet lately.” You really did sigh this time and stood up from Calums tightening grasp. “I’m going to the kitchen, any requests?” You turned and looked expectantly at them all piled in the room. “I want another slice of Hawaiian pizza.” Michael mumbled half-heartedly as he scrolled through his phone. “I want a beer.” Calum blinked, knowing you probably weren’t going to get it for him. “We’ll see.” You didn’t like it when any of them drank. It was a habit that should’ve only been stored for parties.

“Gummy worms!” Ashton giggled again, making you smile and walk away without waiting for Luke or his girlfriend’s order.

A moment later another presence entered the room and you chose to ignore it, thinking it was going to be one of the guys.

You were, of course, wrong.

“U-uhm, Y/n…” You turned around at the girl behind you. You tried your best to smile, but when the only thing you could think about was her and Luke alone, his lips on hers and not yours and his arms wrapped tightly around her… and the thought of them having sex made your skin crawl. You knew you could make Luke feel better than her, and yet he still chose her.

“Is there something wrong?” You questioned softly, tilting your head sideways and smiling gently.

“You… I get the feeling you don’t exactly like me.” She blurted and a blush quickly invaded her skin. You giggled and turned back to the refrigerator. “Why would you think that?”

“It’s just a gut feeling, you know? The boys talk about you all the time — especially Luke, and it would be awkward for me as Luke’s girlfriend if you didn’t like me…” She mumbled. You slammed the fridge shut and turned to look at her.

You scoffed and shook your head, leaving her in the kitchen looking as lost as ever.

“Here.” You muttered and sat down next to Calum again. “Where’s Cindy?” Luke said after a moment of nothing but hearing Ash smack on his gummies. You shot him a glare, him looking you directly back you in the eye. “Go find her.” You mumbled. He got up silently, making his way over to the kitchen.

“I guess I’ll have to.”


Some hours later, everyone slept soundly and you scrolled down Tumblr carelessly. Somehow, you ended up on the floor with Michael’s leg draped over your own. A movie that you had no interest in played in the background.

You giggled quietly at a post on your dash and scrolled on. “Psst.” The voice you knew way too well whispered. “Y/n? Are you up?”

“No Luke. My phone is on by itself and is just magically scrolling through Tumblr.” Sarcasm dripped off your voice.

You could hear him move around a bit before he stood over you. “Get up.” He hissed back. “What? No why? I’m comfy.” You stated and turned away from him. “I don’t care. I said get up.” He spoke lowly. You sighed; you figured after this you could sleep and he would leave you alone.  

You forced Mikey’s off of yours and a followed Luke to a vacant guest bedroom of the house away from everyone else. “What do you want? I wanna sleep.” You whined. “Can you cut it out?”


“Being mean to Cindy. She said that you said you didn’t like her being around me or the guys,” He leaned against the casually and folded his arms over his chest. “Excuse me? When exactly did I mention these things to her? Because I sure as hell never told her any of that bullshit. She— that bitched lied on me.” You laughed almost inaudibly and sighed. “Oh well.”

Luke let out an exasperated sigh and closed his eyes, leaning his head against the wall behind him. “What? Why are you sighing like that?”

He peeked an eye open and stared at you before finally cracking a smile. “You’re so cute.”

You could feel yourself turning as read as a tomato and you turned your back him. “S-shut-up.”

Only seconds later his body was pressed against your backside and he laced his fingers with yours at your sides.

His breath was hot against your neck and you could feel him growing closer with each breath.

Suddenly, lips attached to the back of your neck and he untangled your fingers from your hands and wrapped his arms around your waist. “L-Luke, what’re you doing??”

“Oh c’mon princess. You know you want this— need this as much as I do. No point in trying to hide it anymore. Everyone is asleep in the living-room.” He whispered against your tender skin. “Yeah, including your girlfriend.” You breathily stated.

His hands moved under your shirt and gripped your hips gently as if you were a diamond.

That’s the thing about Luke. He always touched you gently as if you would break. His assuring arms were always as gentle as carrying baby with you. You relaxed against his chest and your head dropped behind you, lying limply just under his shoulder. “Luke, I don’t want to…” You closed your eyes and you knew your voice betrayed you. “I think your lying princess. You do want to.” He smirked against your skin. He used a hand to move your sleeve a little bit off your shoulder and sucked until a dark purple mark appeared.

His free hand lifted your shirt up, signaling you to lift your arms over your head so he could peel it off.

He spun you around, and connected your lips together. You knew this was wrong, but it felt so right. The hair on the back of your neck stood on end, your lips tingled, and goosebumps peppered your skin.

He pulled you closer and gripped your waist a little harder. Your hands placed themselves on his shoulders and pushed him backwards till he was sitting on the edge of the bed. You straddled his thighs and tangled your hands through his golden locks.

You were beginning to grow impatient; grinding down on his lap and tugging at the hem of his Black Blink-182 shirt. He snickered and grazed your bottom lip with his teeth. The action made you gasp and he took the opportunity to slip his tongue inside your mouth. His tongue massaged yours thoroughly and you couldn’t help but smile when Luke pulled back and spoke softly,

“You’re so beautiful, Y/n. It kills me because I can’t have you as much as I want to.” You furrowed your eyebrows together in confusion, “What do you mean?”

“I don’t want to jeopardize our friendship… You mean too much to me.” He whispered.

You softened your gaze and rested your forehead against his, “You wouldn’t jeopardize anything, Luke. Even if we were to breakup I’d still be there for you.” You assured. He didn’t say anything and connected your lips together again, hungrily kissing you.

You didn’t object and let him take control. He traded positions, placing you under him and crawling on top of your needy body.

His lips attached to the base of your neck and trailed his lips between the valley of your breasts, stopping below your bellybutton and sucking at the skin above the hem of your jeans.

You shivered and massaged his scalp with your fingers, feeling the wetness in your jeans growing with each kiss. You closed your eyes and he buttoned your jeans and easily slid them off your legs. He looked at you with lust filled eyes and allowed a smile tug at the corners of his lips. He hooked both of his index fingers over the hem of your underwear and slid them to your thighs.

He cursed to himself before yanking them off and unclipping your bra, throwing them elsewhere in the room. “God, you’re gorgeous,” He whispered as his lips ghosted over yours, “I want you so bad.”

You gripped his shirt in your hands and brought him as close as possible to your body, “Take me then.”

He growled and smashed his lips into yours, feeling his teeth against your own.

You tugged his shirt off and proceeded to unbutton his black skinny jeans and yanked them off. His erection pressed tightly against his boxers. You could feel his hard-on press against your wet pussy as he started grinding on your burning core and you let out a needy whimper. He smiled and brought a finger to your entrance. He started slow, speeding up with each thrust. “Fuck Luke.” You groaned out, arching your back. He added another and pressed his thumb against your clit to rub in figure eights. “Oh my god.” You moaned. You bucked your hips upward, making him hold your hips down.

“Patience baby-girl.” He laughed and leaned over to take a pert nipple in his mouth. Your breath sped up when he curled his fingers upwards, hitting just the right spot. “Shit, Luke!” You cried out not being able to control your voice. “Right here?” He angled his hand, sending another blast of pleasure coursing through your body better than the last one. “Yes, yes! Right there!” You let a loud moan escape your lungs and he laughed a bit, “Quiet down sweetheart. We don’t want to wake the boys or Cindy up.” He shushed. At the mention of Cindy your eyes snapped open and it only made you want to be louder, but you didn’t have any intentions of wrecking their relationship.

You held your breath and gripped the sheets, “Luke, I-I’m gonna cum.” You warned. “Go ahead. Cum for me.”

The simple statement sent you overboard and your walls clenched around Luke fingers as your juices coaxed his hand. You didn’t have time to catch your breath before he was between your legs and sucking at your clit, darting his tongue in and out to tease it. “L-Luke…” You whimpered. You were still sensitive from your first orgasm and instantly felt the tight ball form your stomach again when his lip ring grazed your entrance and he was tongue-fucking you.

Your fingers pulled on his hair, tugging his face closer to your soaking heat. “Fuck, fuck, fuck, Luke.” You panted and bucked your hips up, making him wrap his arms around your thighs and holding your legs down with force. “You taste amazing. You like that, baby-girl?” He cooed, the vibrations sending you over board. “Shit, shit.” You cursed as the grip on his hair tightened. “Let go for me. Cum.” He demanded. Your toes curled and you let out a high-pitched yelp as your second climax washed over your body.

Luke kept going, making sure to ride out your high and to get every last drop of cum you had to offer. Beads of sweat slipped down the sides of your face and your hair stuck to the sides of your face.

You were tired, that was obvious, but nothing was over yet.

You pulled Luke on the bed and took the position he was previously in. Your thighs felt like jelly.

You pumped the base of his throbbing cock in your hand and gently kissed the tip. His hips bucked and you moved your gaze up to his and gave him a questioning look. “Fucking do something already.” He hissed. You smirked, taking as much as you could in your mouth. He let out a low growl and tangled his hands in your hair. He took control, forcing you down his length until he hit the back of your throat causing you to gag. “Shit that’s hot.” He moaned and let his head fall limply on his shoulders whilst tightening the grip on your scalp.

He bucked his hips into your mouth, repeatedly making you gag. You hollowed out your cheeks, taking over his actions. “Oh fuck.”

Your fingers dug into the sides of his thighs as his dick twitched and he pulled out, pulling you up to his lips. You could still taste yourself on his lips as he kissed you passionately.

He placed his hands on either side of your head as lined himself up and entered you with a grunt. Your chests instantly connected together.

“Oh shit you feel fucking amazing.” He breathed in the crook of your neck. You agreed, wrapping your legs around his waist. The new position made the both of you moan and you quickly connected your lips together to muffle your cries of pleasure as he relentlessly beat into you.

Within 6 thrusts, you could say that you were ready cum for the third time. He unwrapped one of your legs and brought it over his shoulder. He dead-on hit the familiar spot he only grazed earlier, making you moan louder than you have been. “Oh Luke. Right fucking there. Shit. Oh shit. I—” You never got to finish, for you were already climaxing. Your walls clenched around him and you’d let go of everything you had, taking the rest of your energy, and you fell limp under Luke.

“Oh shit Y/n.” He grunted. You wearily sucked dark blue and purple marks on his neck, shoulders, and collarbones. He panted into your ear and you knew he was close.

“I’m… Almost…” He trailed off, focusing on getting his orgasm worked through. You whimpered as his tip hit your g-spot again and you bucked your hips up to meet his thrust. “Oh damn. Do that again.” He groaned. You tiredly repeated your actions, feeling him twitch inside of you and shoot his thick, hot seed into you.

He collapsed on top of you and tried catching his breath. “That was amazing.” He whispered into the crook of your neck. You nodded, smiling at the thought of You and Luke together.

You stood up and pulled your clothes lazily back on. “You look so tired.” Luke teased as he followed your actions. “I am tired!” You whined. “Does that mean I did good?” He laughed. You nodded, “Very well. Very fucking well.” He’d officially been the greatest sex you’d ever experienced in your sex life and he didn’t need to tell you know you were his as well.

“Now can I officially call you mine? Cause really, I’m tired of pretending we can only be friends.” He sighed. You smiled brightly and nodded, “I’ve been waiting for you, Luke. I’m ready when you are.” You promised.

He pulled his shirt over his head and approached you, leaning down to kiss you. His lips only ghosted over yours before a soft knock on the door stopped him from doing so. “Luke, you in there?”

You rolled your eyes and sat on the edge of the bed. He looked from you to the door and shook his head as he opened the door to reveal a shaken up Cindy. “Is everything okay?” She looked worried. “Yes, of course. We were just talking. Why’d you wake up?”

“I got a call from my friend.”

You leaned back on your hands as an awkward silence covered Luke and Cindy like a blanket. “I just… I thought you were hurt, Y/n. I kept hearing you yell at Luke.”

You smiled, “Sorry to scare you. Luke just needs to learn when to stop.” He turned to look at you and winked, “Maybe if you hadn’t been so freakin’ alarming in the first place.” He retorted sassily.

“What did he do to you?”

“He got me really wet.” You shrugged as her eyes examined your dry clothes. “But your clothes are dry?”

“Who said anything about clothes?” You giggled. She blushed and turned to Luke with wide eyes. You stood up and laughed loudly, “I’m just kidding. He just came back from the bathroom, and his hands were wet because he washed them.” I lied through gritted teeth.

“So… You two were talking back here by yourselves?”

“Yeah. Just important stuff. Ya’know?”

“Yeah. Okay,” she said, a relieved look spreading across her face. “I should be getting home then.” She stood up to give Luke a kiss who put a hand up. “Actually, Cindy, I need to talk to you…”