tumblr is full of babies

i may be happy that the baby vid is early but i’m also stressing bc if she doesn’t upload within the next 2 hours i legit wont have the chance to gif until like this time tomorrow :(

My Trip to Mr. Napa Valley

I just got back from my amazing 4 day trip from San Francisco. Mr. Napa Valley and I met on a millionaire dating site in which the spoiled girlfriend role has become a new conquest for me. Him and I texted and called everyday and Skype once before meeting him a week later. Although most may say that’s too fast for meeting someone, I’ve noticed that if I don’t meet a guy within a week or two they lose interest. If it’s local, it has to be within 48 hours.
He had everything planned out for my trip the the most minor details. He picked me up and we stayed at the W Hotel in the heart of San Francisco. He upgraded the room, room service, the whole nine yards and YES we stayed together. NO SEX was engaged because we had talked about it prior although many attempts were committed due to the chemistry between him and I. Haha we stayed strong though… sadly.
Prior to leaving the hotel the next morning he handed me $500 just for the time I had called off work to come see him. We then ventured over the Golden Gate Bridge to hit a day spa before going back to his house for the duration of the trip.

He did have a spare bedroom prepared for me but he and I knew that it wouldn’t be necessary but I did appreciate the fact that he thought of me and my own safety. I also realized that I couldn’t fall asleep unless he held me at night or I was on his chest. And that hasn’t happened since I was engaged two years ago. Lol

He took me to such amazing restaurants both of which were Michelin Star, absolutely incredible tasting menus.

The last full day was our favorite. We toured wine country. We ran into people he knew as he introduced me as his girlfriend (good sign). My favorite part about him is that he TIPPED extremely well. I know that’s a stupid habit to pay attention to but if a man treats people who are “below him” in a sense like hard working food workers well, it means he sees those people as a equal and will treat you as such.

It ended too fast. No sex the entire 4 days (believe it or not) but it means he values me which I can appreciate. I hope to see him again soon.

*****A note to those who pick these posts apart.

Yes, I stayed in the same hotel, house and other amenities with him. It’s called INSTINCTS. Based on our three hour FaceTime conversation, I could tell he was a very good guy in which the fear of traveling to someone I didn’t know diminished.
Even if it could have ended bad, you’re a sugar baby. Being a sugar baby comes with RISK all the time. Risk of your identity, safety and financial well being. When you’re ready to fully be a sugar baby instead of a Tumblr Baby, you understand this in full.


inspired by an otayuri comic •v•

*phone call
friend: heyy wanna come over?

me: starts sobbing

friend: are you watching those things again

me: no of course not



me: *stares at tumblr dash full of yoi otp’s


What types of Tumblrs the Tales of Symphonia characters would have:

  • Lloyd: Food porn, gifs from video games, and Lord of the Rings quotes by Gimli
  • Colette: Nothing but Biblical quotes and gifs of dogs in people clothes
  • Genis: Math puns
  • Kratos: A bunch of comments about how Tumblr is full of children…along with embarrassing baby photos of Lloyd that he posts
  • Raine: Is ruins porn a thing?
  • Sheena: A bunch of quotes complaining about how perverted men are (and by men she means Zelos) and Naruto gifs
  • Zelos: Hot girls and little jabs at the rest of the party
  • Presea: Artwork and paw pads
  • Regal: Reblogs of Presea’s paw pad posts since he doesn’t know how to type really well with handcuffs on anyways
  • Yuan: Puns, medieval fashion, and telling Kratos to stop obsessing over his kid in the most passive-aggressive way possible
  • Mithos: Social justice gone horribly wrong
  • Noishe: Text posts full of jumbled letters…since you can’t type with your paws

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Which of your characters can/would swallow the most amount of people at once? - BiggestNoms

Tbh? It’s a hard choice between Dark and Scott. Scott is Bigg™ and can eat a whole ton of tinies, but Dark’s TRUE form (which is here, but he looks kind of like a bug and there’s eye horror, so if you don’t like bugs then I wouldn’t recommend looking: http://mrhoneystreak.tumblr.com/post/164774411192/here-are-some-full-ref-fuckin-alien-babies-u) could possibly do him one better. He’s just a big ol’ 16 foot tall yellow alien so he could eat a whooole lot of people :3c

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Omo omooo just realized u finish that tattoo au 😣😣😣assfagshjskakkak i have full class this full weekend so couldnt reach tumblr oftenly. Just wait baby, gonna read ur new one 😙😙😙

Don’t worry, you can read it anytime! Focus on your studies 💖love you💞

@rad-opal is a TERF.

Heads up for everyone, @rad-opal is a TERF. This post is a prime example, and also has a few other TERFs to block. Feel free to add a cut if you like, this is going to be a bit long. Their theme is a bit hard to read on but here is the jist of the post:

  1. OP: Respect masculine presenting trans women. Respect all trans women.
  2. agnostic-gnostic: Saying men have male privilege isn’t making fun of them.
  3. rad-opal: Gender conforming men are literally the most toxic people on this planet. I will keep making fun of them as long they’re still murdering my sisters.
  4. OP: Trans women are women.
  5. galacticberyl (Me): Stop being a TERF. Stop holding trans women to different standards. Stop separating trans women from cis women.
  6. rad-opal: Anyways gender nonconforming women especially lesbians are beautiful and ethereal. You’re trying to convince feminists to cater to male feelings. Masculine men/MtFs are violent and gross and responsible for brutalizing women. They feel entitled to woman-only spaces and try and coerce us into sex. Honestly the world would be better without them.

Here’s another post, this is a direct copy/paste of what it says:

If it’s a person’s unalienable right to invent their gender or have more than one then it’s my right to reject the gender cage as nonsense.

Don’t you dare call me “cis”. I do not identify as a woman. I am a woman. I am more than a series of stereotypes and misconceptions that a person can dress up into as they choose.

And another:

Was just about to browse a Holtzmann blog when I saw in the about section ‘no terfs allowed’ which personally, I find hilarious because Holtzmann is a lesbian scientist and really how deep in the cult do you have to be to think a lesbian scientist would actually ignore everything science has taught her about biology and sexual orientation and believe males are female if they only believe it hard enough I mean really

Here’s another one that I’m going to paraphrase:

  1. OP: Cis lesbians can’t call themselves lesbians if they exclude trans women.
  2. giveyourreasons: Don’t you people ever get tired of guilting us into sex?
  3. ironfoxe: “How can you be a lesbian if you don’t like dick?” Wow great logic OP.

And another, wow this is getting long:

tbh sometimes when i see people joke about how tumblr is full of ‘easily offended babies who get butthurt by everything’ i feel like correcting them but then i remember that grown men here literally cry and throw tantrums whenever they have to acknowledge the reality that they have dicks

@rad-opal is also incredibly Islamophobic/anti-religion. Examples here and here.

So TL,DR: @rad-opal is a massive TERF and you should block them ASAP. Sorry for this post being so long, but all of these were posted within the past few days. I also apologize for their theme being so hard to read. I would reblog onto my own blog, but rad-opal blocked me as soon as I called them a TERF.

Calling all Shenko fic readers

Have you ever thought “Man, the tags on tumblr are just so full of sad piss babies talking about blowing up Kaidan and it’s harder to find good fics?” or “Wouldn’t it be better if it was all in one place?”


I’ve just started up a blog called shenkofic (also linked right there) to serve as a resource for those looking for reading material!

I’ll use the blog to reblog and share fics people post in tags, or submit to the blog personally. I’m hoping it gains enough of a following that it really does help people who want exposure for their writing so that they can get more feedback for their work.

So please, give it a follow, check the guidelines, and submit away!

Also spread this post around, that way more people can see it and help out writers in the community. Tell your mom, tell your grandma. I’m sure your uncle will love it too.