tumblr is filled with good people

It kind of baffles me that a lot of people never got to experience the Mishapocalypse. Not like it was something that was good, more like, it was something you’d only see on this website in like…10 years.

Imagine you wake up on April Fool’s day. You log into tumblr. Immediately your dash is encompassed with Misha’s face. Everyone’s icon has been changed to that same, staring, blank face. You check your followers. Every single one of them has that face. You try going into your normal tags. Even those are filled with Misha’s face. Nowhere is safe. Misha is everywhere. You go to Twitter to complain about it. Misha’s face is there too.

Within hours of the event starting, there’s already a wiki entry and an urban dictionary entry for it. Gifs that you may have recognized of being popular at that time have Misha’s face photoshopped over them. Repeating patterns of Misha’s face. Misha illusions. Misha’s face OVER MISHA’S FACE

Eventually, even Misha is like, “Yeah, this is fucking weird. What the fuck are you guys doing.” But it doesn’t stop. People hit post limit. They can’t post anymore. Suddenly, you notice that your dash is starting to thin out, slowly, one by one. There’s a hypothetical tumbleweed bouncing across your dash by 10pm that night. 

Anyone who tried to blacklist the Mishapocalypse suddenly found that their dashboard was sent into the shadow realm. Nothing is there. They tried to unfollow people who were participating in it. They had no blog content at the end of the day. 

The next day, we all wake up and continue on with our lives like nothing ever happened. It was like a fever dream. What the fucked happened. Where did our lives go for that day. 

That was the Mishapocalypse. 

I want to find peace but I’m not certain where to look. I feel like my heart is all full of wildfires burning burning burning, devouring all the good things like an open mouth. But I feel more like an open wound and I try to hold onto all the good things that I can, with my hands that could be prettier. Hydrangeas and chamomile tea with milk and saying ‘I love you’ too often and sweaters that are a little too big and eating cherries until my mouth is red and when the sky looks like a grapefruit are good things. Or maybe they’re the things that make me feel human, flesh and blood, a girl with good intentions who makes mistakes a lot. And it’s okay to make mistakes; I just forget. I like mistakes, I like flaws, I like secrets, I like all the ugly things that fill you up. I like people, just not myself, sometimes
—  Zoë Lianne, “Girl/Wildfire”
carly’s pynch fic rec

basically, i’ve read a lot of fic, some of which i haven’t seen on rec lists on tumblr anywhere and i just thought that had to be remedied so: here we go. ten fics sorted by word count. most of them are multichapter, and rated M or E.

★★★★★144k+ words, rated M, completed

light with a sharpened edge by poetic_leopard aka @winterblues

Adam Parrish works as a sober companion, but he has no idea of the storm that’s soon to hit him when Ronan Lynch turns out to be his newest client. (Or the one where Adam Parrish and Ronan Lynch are trapped underneath the same roof for six weeks.)*Ronan, to his surprise, opened his eyes. For a breathless moment, Adam was transfixed in them. They were the color of the ocean on the most azure of nights, lightning right before it struck the ground, damp hydrangeas on a fog-swept morning. Those eyes gave him chills.

this fic!! solidly one of my favorite fics! (although, i’m only recommending my favorites) ronan is a little more of an asshole than usual, but, it’s an AU so.. it works. the writing in this is lovely and poetic and leaves you hanging off of every word. 

[more recs under the cut]

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So I’ve been looking through the ACOWAR tag because I needed to fill the void somehow… and I’m actually quite disappointed. 

I made a Tumblr account for the sole purpose of being able to interact with other people who loved the books as much as I did, I made it so I could come on here and enjoy the fanfics, the artwork and all the good things people have done/made. And now, I sit here and every other post I see is criticising SJM’s books or criticising her characters and the choices that she made in both of her series, and it makes me really sad? 

I know that she isn’t perfect, and I know that her books aren’t perfect either, and sure, there are bits that I would’ve changed or done differently, but at the end of the day they aren’t my books, but I’d much rather focus on the good bits than the bad. 

Everyone is entitled to their opinion, but I’ve found since the release of Empire of Storms that everyone has become so negative about her books, and this is not what I came on Tumblr to see… I feel like we should also be cutting her some slack, she’s been really ill and she’s writing two series at the same time, as well as writing the Catwoman novel, so of course it won’t be perfect. Sarah can’t satisfy everyone’s wishes, and of course there will be some disappointment but honestly this whole fandom is turning into a really toxic place to be; and I really don’t like it. 

Therefore, I probably won’t be as active anymore, I’ll still reblog stuff and make an appearance every now and then, but all the negativity is making it difficult to enjoy coming on here.

I’m so sad/angry/bitter that Pitch got cancelled. And I knew it was going to happen, I knew it, but seeing it confirmed, *deep sigh*.
It was so, so good. I mean, the first female pitcher in the Major Leagues!! A show that handled themes like sexism, mental health, rape culture, among others in an amazing way! A diverse cast! Healthy, platonic relationships! A BLACK WOMAN AS A LEAD! And people just slept on it. I’m going to be bitter about this one for a long time.

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I don't normally like scifi but I'm obsessed with these and I can't figure out why

I mean, sometimes that just happens. I generally don’t like non-fantasy/scifi/adventure stories, especially those that focus on romance, but I somehow devoured Nowhere But Here (by Katie McGarry) which is about teenage love and family drama and a motorcycle gang and I don’t even know why I enjoyed it, but I did.

But if you’re trying to figure out why you’re enjoying these, some possibilities are:

1. Good, fun writing. Tumblr is filled with talented and creative people whose work sometimes just appears in front of you, unlike books where you have to search them out, or at least read a bit more to get into them.

2. Length and setting. Tumblr posts are short[ish] and quick compared to most forms of entertainment, and often mixed in with posts on completely different topics. You don’t have to settle in and decide, “I am going to read/watch this thing which I may or may not like.”

3. Different sci-fi topics than you’re used to finding. If you’re used to finding sci-fi stories about established alien civilizations and intergalactic currency transactions and basically things that require a lot of attention to keep straight, it only takes one or two tries getting through something like that to decide to stay away from anything remotely similar. (…She says from experience.) They’re not bad, but not your cup of tea, perhaps.

But the things I’m finding and reblogging here tend to fall into a couple categories that I had not seen in published fiction before:

Like, Space Australians/Space Orcs/Humans Are From a Death World, stories that portray humans as tough and durable compared to aliens. Popular posts like this include the invading-aliens-foiled-by-animals megapost by @giraffepoliceforce, humans-come-from-a-death-world-and-aliens-think-we’re-crazy post started by @arcticfoxbear, the humans-are-terrifying post by @bogleech, posts following @timemachineyeah‘s post about “what if humans were considered really cute?” and a bunch of others.

Then there are the posts that focus on things humans do that are unusual to aliens. Some of these are written straight, like the short stories by @authorbettyadams and the Gentleman of Fortune humans-as-companions stories by @ts-porter​, while others take a more humorous view like the Star Trek-based humans-are-crazy-like-Doc-Brown and humans-are-considered-freaky-nihilists posts by @prokopetz​, among others.

Whatever you figure out, I hope you find more to enjoy. And if you find someone whose writing you like, let them know! (And if you find books about the above, let me know, I’m trying to make a list.)

A closer look into my selection process.

I believe that seeing the contact print of a picture is always something extremely interesting, so I will share a few images allowing me at the same time to talk about my selection process. These images were taken in March 2010, at Meiji Jingu (Tokyo, Japan).

The series of images weren’t planned as the subjects came from behind me and simply walked by. Seeing the selection process, also allows an insight into the shooting process as well.

Frame #1 :

The viewer is crammed by the subject, which isn’t seen by the best angle, making the image look like it was somewhat unintended, which admitedly it was, since the miko-san had just entered my line of sight.

Frame #2 :

Better framing but the steps in the foreground and on the left side, as well as the roof are distracting. The direction the Miko are walking doesn’t give much depth and makes the lack of lead-room disturbing as well.

Frame #3 :

Good framing, the lead-room issue is not a problem anymore since their trajectory brings depth. Although the step is still a bit distracting and there is another subject in the background. Also, the movement of the shrine-maidens is taken at a bad moment ; in the middle of a step.

Frame #4 : the selected shot (processed)

Zoomed in to take out the person in the background and further decrease the presence of the step in the foreground. The lead-room is not as good as the previous one, but the movement was caught at the right time. The fabric, the length of the stride, the synchronicity between the two Miko-san is most aesthetically pleasing in this shot.

Frame #5 :

The feeling of solitude disappears as the frame is filled with other people. It would have been better without anyone else. Also, being at full zoom flattens perspectives, putting more distance between me and the subject, making it feel like I was afraid to come closer. This image tells something else, the window in which I could make a good picture was already closed.

Rosemary: The Ship That Sank the Homestuck Fandom

As you may or may not know, I was recently accused of hating lesbians. Seeing as how I ship Johnrose pretty feverishly, I get this a lot. As in, every time I fucking post something on the tag. So I decided to pull up one of my old essays on the matter. I posted this some months ago on Omegaupdate under the name ‘Salty.’ Enjoy.

Long post incoming.

I think the main reason I dislike Rosemary is for what it did to the characters in terms of progression; or, in this case, the lack thereof. Homestuck post-A5 always suffered from a certain kind of stagnation, wherein neither the characters nor the author really knew what to do next. John, Jade, and Davesprite stagnated on the Prospit battleship; the Trolls, Rose, and Dave stagnated on the meteor. Both of these derived from a lack of initiative to use this time in any constructive manner, i.e, not deal with the literal garbage fire of issues that they all had looming over them. Sure, they talked about Lord English and Bec Noir… kinda. Sure, they had a few confrontations with each other… kinda, and all those confrontations had to do with romantic entanglements which I can guarantee most of the fandom didn’t particularly care for. They didn’t even really have an antagonist–Gamzee never fit that role well, and was hardly utilized in such a way that made him anything more than another forgotten character, like most of the other trolls.

Not only were these conflicts uninteresting, however, but they never went anywhere. Like the characters themselves, they stagnated, and any hope we had for them to be resolved was washed away in the actual shitstorm that was the Retcon. Everyone got a happy ending off-screen where nothing was solved; ‘show-don’t-tell’ is a good rule of thumb for a reason, even if Hussie was so fixated on ‘subverting’ typical tropes like an A+ pretentious asshat too big for his britches. Which, along with stagnation, is a good way to describe A6 and beyond: too big for its britches. It tried too do much and stretched our characters too thin. Instead of being about four kids playing a game and being assholes on the internet, it became a teenage soap opera designed to pander to it’s most vocal demographic. And that killed the comic.

Now, you may be asking 'but Salty, what does this have to do with why you dislike Rosemary so much? You’re just talking about the problems with the comic itself, not the relationship!’

Well, like almost everything in Homestuck, these all correlate pretty close together.

To simplify, we’ll start at the beginning: I think Rose Lalonde is the best character pre-A6. She had a level of depth and nuance to her personality that inevitably made her the most interesting character. We actually gave a shit about that happened to Rose. I mean, we gave a shit about all the kids at that time, but especially Rose. Her Grimdarkness? Coming to terms with the fact that her Mother wasn’t the monster she thought she was, and that she hadn’t had nearly enough time with her? Just watching the way she grew as a person? Act 5 and before, she’s honestly the reason I think the comic was so successful, or at the very least a large contributor. Her character helped tie the others together, especially Dave and John.

Then we get to Act 6, and Rosemary becomes canon.

All that development? Thrown out the window. Rose becomes a drunk, and it never gets resolved; Rose admits she was a terrible daughter, has tremendous guilt over the death of her mother, but who cares? Time to make her the comic relief! Her powers are never truly utilized again,nor her connection with the Horrorterrors: her personal growth is stagnated, her intellect and, quite frankly, most of her defining personality traits are cast haphazardly by the wayside. Her entire personality begins quite rapidly to revolve around two things: drinking and… Kanaya.

Kanaya, her badass, chainsaw wielding GF, who has her own character slowly “develop” into a full-on Mary Sue. Kanaya, the troll she had the most contact with, but they were never shown to have anything more than an established friendship between them. Hell, their trope was originally supposed to be one of moirailship.

Rosemary suffered, albeit in a far lesser sense, what Davekat suffers from: it came out of nowhere, and then never went anywhere after. Sure, they were friends, and sure, Kanaya admired her, but what about Vriska? What about John? What about her other friends, and the game she just lost her mind to? What about all this buildup to these other relationships that never went anywhere, and seemingly got dropped off the face of the paradox space? Are we to believe that Rose and Kanaya are really so callous as to forget the others even existed, going about their day-to-day in a sick mockery of 'second best?’ I wanted to see those story arcs come to something.

I wanted to see John and Rose bond over losing a parent. 

I wanted to see Kanaya finally help Vriska turn her life around, and Vriska help Kanaya become less meddlesome. 

These are problems that were never solved because of Rosemary.

Hussie wanted so desperately to appease his 'fans’ that he forgot about plot-lines; character arcs; relationships; story. He made Rose gay not because he wanted to make her gay, but because he backed into a corner and gave into the mouth-frothing rabidness of his following. He didn’t know what to do with her. This would be the first time Hussie changed his script, but would not be the last. This is the first step, as I see it, into the downfall of the comic; it’s maddening descent into stagnation and Hussie’s continued reluctance to finish the story the way he wanted, to the point where he handed the comic over to 'funny twitter man’ Cohen because he just couldn’t deal with it anymore. 

Honestly, I can hardly blame him.

Do I have a problem with Rose, or any other Homestuck character for that matter, being gay? Of course I don’t. In fact, I would have loved it! I crave positive homosexual representation in the media. But for the love of god, what I didn’t want was forced, stagnated homosexuality just for the sake of having it. As a bisexual myself, I honestly found it insulting – are we really that easily pandered to, that easily placated? Is our community so obsessed with this backwards idea of 'representation’ that we don’t even care for it to be portrayed in a decent manner? Are we so desperate and shallow that we’ll scramble towards the most lackluster, half-assed content and call it genius just because it has two people of the same gender kissing? Others might – fuck, I know others will and have – but frankly, I like to think I have higher standards than the bottom of the barrel. No artist, no writer should ever have to jeopardize the integrity of their story in order to appease the arbitrary wills of some vocal group of fans who, frankly, don’t know jack-all about romance. 

Their story is their own; people read them because of what they wrote, not because of what others wanted, which is a lesson that Hussie seemed to unlearn post-A5 – hell, maybe even post-Problem Sleuth.

I honestly attribute this to the massive decline in Homestuck readers overall. This kind of pandering, along with the stagnation that followed, and, of course, the frequent pauses, turned off at least 75% of the readers by the end of the comic, and that estimate is generous at best. A7 didn’t even reach one million views. 2011 through 2013, you couldn’t even go on the internet without seeing something Homestuck related pop up out of nowhere. /hsg/ got banned on 4chan, something that hadn’t happened since the rise of /mlp/. Tumblr was constantly pumping out new content that stretch as far and wide as Homestuck itself. The subreddit was at an all-time high. Homestuck and it’s huge fan projects dominated the internet like no other piece of media had done before.

And then people couldn’t deal with it anymore, so they left. The fanfic writers, the artists, the theorists… almost all gone, with only a handful of good content creators still around to fill an ever-growing hole.

And guess what?

It all started with Rosemary.


 If It’s Hard - You Can Quit.

 If someone told you it was going to take you 16 years to be successful - would you quit at year 12? If your answer is anything but no - you are lacking something vital for your success. The trait I’m referring to is resilience - which is being able to keep moving forward after continual setbacks.

My business mentor Gary Vaynerchuk said it’s like that Rocky movie where the guy gets punched in the mouth and spits the blood out and keeps going. This is the definition of resilience - it doesn’t matter how hard you can hit, it’s about how hard you can get hit and keep moving forward.

I’ve seen so many people give up on their “passion” after the first hurdle. I knew someone that loved to sing but rarely practiced - she went for an audition and they turned her down. Instead of becoming more determined to get better at her craft - she gave up and settled for being unfulfilled.

When you settle for your life instead of working towards something you want to achieve - this invites bitterness and resentment. My early journey was filled with people who were focused on tearing down others who were trying to achieve - purely because they had given up on doing so themselves.

I want to encourage you to think about what you want to achieve in this life and then think about how empty and boring your life would be without this sense of achievement. That boredom and emptiness is usually filled with dysfunctional behaviour like gossip, narcissism & self-destructive tendencies.

The idea that there is nothing more to this life than what people think of you, material possessions and money is ludicrous. You can fill your life with meaningful experiences, relationships and interactions that revolve around what you are passionate about. 

The question is - Are you willing to work for it?

Resilience is how hard can you get hit and keep moving forward.

Peace & positive vibes.

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What do to do to cheer up when you feel that the world is a bad place? Like I feel that everything's gone horribly wrong with the world, I live in bad place filled with bad people, and it seriously feels like the world is closing in on me right now, it's suffocating.

This is going to sound so Tumblr but I do it and it helps. I just look at cute dog pics online and it instantly makes me smile that things like dogs exist because that is something great in this world. Then when you think of the millions of dogs that exist the majority of them have owners that love them to pieces like I do with my dog. You realise there is good in the world and lots of love just because of dogs existing. Then add human relationships, other pets, people’s passions and music existing like music brings so much joy. Basically dogs are the best and can make even the darkest things look bright because I can go to that place a lot but I always come out eventually and 97% of the reasons why include my dog or other dogs. TLDR: JUST DOGS

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Hi, Do you have any ereri\rireni fic suggestions? or a link to any?

Hello anon! I definitely can recommend you some! Sorry this took a while, I was very busy yesterday.

I went to check the bookmarks on my other browser (I really have to update my new AO3 account already and add all my favorite fics to bookmarks in there, but I always forget to do it, I’m such a mess ;_;) and I’m listing some for you.

You didn’t specify any genre or preferences so there’s a bit of everything in here. All of these are personal favorites of mine, and are very special for me for different reasons, so I hope you like them!

Don’t Speak Against the Sun, by appleapple.
If I had to choose a favorite fic from this author, I probably wouldn’t be able to. Everything they write is spectacular. I’ve always had a preference for canonverse fics, so when I first found their works, it was like christmas came early for me. Still, I’m choosing this story, because it made my chest hurt in all the best ways, and everyone who likes canonverse should read it at least once, you will love it.

Fireside, by twisting_vine_x. [ @twisting-vine-x ]
I always loved this author’s writing style, because it’s the kind that gets you squealing, jumping, covering your face with your hands and making silly sounds at every minimal interaction, and builds anticipation masterfully to the point that gets you trembling with them just as much as holding hands. It has such an effect on me, it’s so embarrassing lol. Fireside is one of my favorites, I love the fact that these two just can’t help falling in love with each other no matter the circumstances, even if they just met and are stuck together in a house in the middle of a snow storm.

A Learned Misbehavior, by sciencefictioness. [ @sciencefictioness ]
One of the best takes at a student/teacher relationship I have ever read. Student/teacher usually isn’t one of my favorite things to read about, I find there’s always something all these kind of stories lack for me, so I don’t really read that many.  But then I found this story and it was like FINALLY, this is exactly what I was looking for all this time. It doesn’t ignore all the complications a relationship like this would have, the struggle in the mind of someone who suddenly feels a strong attraction for someone he shouldn’t, the consequences of acting on their desires. It touches every single thing realistically and that just makes this story even more beautiful, their love more intense, their connection stronger, their commitment even more meaningful. It’s one of my top favorites and I strongly recommend you to read it!

Eight Times the Fun, by ryuusea. [ @ryuusea ]
So, how do you feel about tentacles anon? (´ヮ`) This is definitely one of the best smut fics on this fandom, a must read. It’s very original, hot, and funny (especially the end, oh my god). I do not want to say much more because I don’t want to spoil anything, but trust me, you need to read this asap because it’s amazing!

Leave Your Lover, by SailorHeichou. [ @sailorheichou ]
The way this author uses music, descriptions, and pictures to tell their stories is fantastic. It allows you to get fully immersed in their world, and visualize every single detail, and I love that so much. (I even have a playlist collecting all the songs from their fics and I go back to listen to it sometimes lol). All of their fics are really good but this one has a very special place in my heart. You will daydream about Eren singing for weeks after reading this, trust me!

Lips like Sugar, by TheSpazzBot. [ @fuzzyporcupine ]
I honestly could fill another whole list of faves just with fics from this author (I just can’t help it, I love bottom Levi too much), but I’m choosing this one because it gives me everything I’ve ever wanted, it seriously has every single one of my favorite things I would want to see on a story and combines them together to form my dream fic. Older, rich, and caring sugar daddy Eren, taking care of a younger, inexperienced and adorable Levi, who has a heart of gold, and makes sure that even stray cats get to eat even if he barely can feed himself. And on top of that it’s also so well written, it’s just perfect, I just adore this fic.

Inanimatum Quoddam Sidus, by Miku.
This fic is the one that will make you cry hysterically. It has a major character death warning, but please, trust me and don’t let that discourage you from reading it. I usually avoid sad fics, because I get very emotional very fast. But I gave this story a chance and I am so glad I did. It will break your heart but it will do it so beautifully that you will be fine with it, believe me!

Flight (When None Pursueth), by mongoose_bite. [ @mongoose-bite ]
When days and even weeks since you have read a story have passed, and you still find yourself thinking about it almost everyday, you know it was really good. This happened to me with this story. I read it in one sitting (to be honest I could not stop once I had already started) and I was obsessed with it for weeks. This story touches so many things I wanted to see on a reincarnation fic, especially the repercussions that remembering another life, full of painful memories, could have and how that would affect someone trying to live their new life while dealing with all that.

Fever, by noero. [ @lancefanclub ]
From all the amazing works this author has, I’ve come to dig up the oldest! But I really can’t help it, because I love it a lot and it’s one of my favorites. I have terrible memory, and I’ve read lots of smutty one shots, and I’ve forgotten most of them, but this one caused an impression on me and it comes back to my mind often. What can I say, It’s just really fucking hot. The continuation made it even better so don’t forget checking out that one too!

Eight Months, by elliewritesthings. [ @crying-abt-fictional-people ]
Of course I could not finish this list without mentioning Ellie ♡. Eight Months is such a sweet and heartwarming story. The cutest, most adorable Eren, doing his best to please Levi, loving him so much with such a pure heart. The most gentle Levi, trying to do what’s best for Eren, but wanting him so much at the same time, taking care of him, loving him back with equal intensity. If I ever have a bad day, reading anything by this author always makes me feel better. Her stories are filled with love and happiness, and it definitely reaches you. Please give it a chance I promise you won’t regret it.

Honestly this is only a small part of so many good stories and writers we have on the fandom, we are really lucky we have so much talented people that give us so much. I had to leave many out of this list but the post is already super long and I wanted to keep it at only 10 recs or so. I’ve also added their tumblr urls on the post in case you want to follow them here (except appleapple’s and Miku’s, I don’t know their url or if they have an account here, sorry about that u.u).

Anyways, I hope you enjoy these, anon! Also, with this you gave me an excuse to go back and reread most of these fics again, so thank you for that ♡ .

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Hello I just discovered your blog today and read through it all today I really loved the writing I just want to say that this is the most amazing blog I have seen and can u plz do hc of badass mc with saeran cuz I love them both too much (lowkey love fluffy sae sae)

thank you so much <3 !!! that really means a lot to me :-)

- you two are known as the BADA$$ couple and no one can stop y’all

- even Seven doesn’t mess with the two of you after he pranked you and learned it the hard way whoops

- you terrify people in the streets but that’s a good thing because they kept annoying you guys anyway

- they’re just jealous because y’all are seriously #couplegoals

- like your street fashion is freaking amazing it’s totally instagram worthy and tumblr aesthetic 

- but the best thing? the relationship is so positive and filled with lots of love

- it’s Saeran’s first time in a relationship and he’s giving it his all

- it’s awkward in the beginning but that’s what makes him cute

- give him an award because he’s the most perfect (yes, perfect in every way) boyfriend

- you guys are really meant to be for each other

- you depend on each other and you guys complete each other

- if there’s anyone who dares to hurt your relationship, they better start running before you catch them

Breaking Younow

just a short lil one shot for you :3 

Prompt: Hey I have a prompt for you :) Ok, so Dan’s in the middle of a younow. He’s talking about something then gets a call from his mom. She starts talking really fast giving Dan no time to tell her that he’s in the middle of a younow. She asks him how his boyfriend’s doing (phil) Dan says something like I don’t know what you’re talking about. Dan’s mom starts to freak out because she thinks Dan and Phil broke up (they didn’t) ending is up to you :)

word count: 1.2k

warnings: none 

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I have always been that black hole friend
the one that would just pull everything from you
to ease the burden from your shoulders 

So, let me take the weight from you
Give me your lonely.
Give me your heartbreak.
Give me the anxious tremor
that shakes your hands in a crowd.
Give me the tears you shed
alone at night in your bed.
Give me the kisses that felt
like they were sucking the life from you.
Give me the old endearments
that stung like hits across your face.
Give me every ounce of your hurt
because I am the void
waiting to be filled.
No one realizes
that the reason I am so good at taking
all of that suffering in
is because my own pain
pulled everything out of me,
leaving me empty.

People forget that black holes
were once bright stars
that collapsed in on themselves.

—  I can’t remember a time when I was ever a star || O.L.
BTS Blog Types

A/N: I was inspired by ships to do this. This is basically what type of blog BTS members would have if they were on tumblr.

Namjoon: Aesthetic and fashion blog. He is up to date on all of the newest trends no matter how strange they may be. He also likes to reblog a fair amount of aesthetic pictures, usually involving music or fashion. 

Hoseok: Dance and shitpost blog. He would have so many videos of people dancing and would cover some of his favorite dances and post them to his blog. He would also shitpost all at once. He would have only been posting dance covers and gifs for a month straight and then one night your dash is filled with text posts and weird pictures courtesy of Hobi. 

Seokjin: Food blog. His blog would be pleasing though it would occasionally be spammed with video games such as Mario. It would be a very personal blog that had about 13,000 followers because Jin was always so kind and very cute.  

Yoongi: Shitpost with some quotes. He’d probably have a lot of aesthetic as well, though it would be different from Namjoon’s blog because it was less fashion aesthetic and more like cities and maybe even some hair. He would rarely update his blog. 

Taehyung: Animals. His blog would be filled with adorable animals and adorable animal videos. He would be the type to write what he was thinking in the tags. He’d occasionally reblog something weird but for some reason it would fit in with his blog ???? 

Jimin: His blog would include a little bit of everything, but it would contain a lot of selcas. He’d be tumblr famous because so many people thought he was adorable. He would always low-key be trying to get Jungkook’s attention. 

Jungkook: The quietly inspirational blog that makes you feel good about yourself. He also would post the occasional selca that would get a lot of notes. He may reblog some fandom posts and probably some pictures of iron man. He would also have a lot of followers because he’s adorable. 

The horse of morning with laundry and eggs on its back. The horse of afternoon with ribbons of road streaming behind. My little ones close to me on horses of backpacks full of car trip colouring books. The horse of evening with a house I’d never seen and a cousin and her happy-loud sheep. In this house good stairs good bread good rooms good fire.

Out to the garden from the house filled with people to quiet lavender visiting peach trees in blossom. Trees who are bursting and meeting the world again even after winter even after closures even after pain.

And night streaks past riding the highway lights horse and my horse of tomorrow is dreaming.

Dude at the hookah lounge last night
  • DudeBroMegee (after talking for .5 seconds): So you tryin to go home with me?
  • Me: Nah, I just came here to smoke with my friends. And I'm super gay, so there's that.
  • DudeBro: We can be smokin better after we get it on. Girl like you is too good to be gay. Don't gotta make shit up, I see right through it.
  • Me: **pulls up my Tumblr blogs, including one titled Gay the Pray Away, one called Femslash Trash, and a third one filled with WlW & MlM Power Ranger ships**
  • Me: suppppeeerr gayyyyyyy
  • DudeBro: ...
  • DudeBro: ...
  • DudeBro: ...People ship Power Rangers?
Your Beauty to Your Partner

Aries: OGOSH, the intensity in your eyes as your partners looks at you; it’s like no one else in the world exists but them. You’re such a rough, go getter character but when you hold your partner it’s like they’re the most fragile person in the world. And your hair, it’s so thick and so nice to wind through

Taurus: The way you hold yourself and walk through life with such grace is so admirable. Your sass and the words that expel from your mouth are nothing less than gold. The way you say everything so softly- to your words and to your laugh make them want to envelop you in an eternal embrace

Gemini: Your laugh is heavenly and your smile is contagious. Your entire face lights up and a glow arises from you. The beauty of your mind: Your quick wit, your intelligence, your spontaneous wiseness is WOW. It awes your partner and makes you 10x more beautiful

Cancer: Your eyes ohmygoodness. They can get so soft looking at your partner with such adoration or fiery with passion. Your warm but jittery aura always keeps them on their toes because they don’t know what to expect. You’re so reckless, tripping and falling everywhere but it only makes you cuter

Leo: Your confidence is something everyone aspires to have, your partner especially. You stand so regal, your eyes filled with mischievousness, and you do everything in such a sure manner. Your hands are calloused from hard work but they’re strong, lovely. Your beauty rests in your voice and your smooth pick up lines

Virgo: You’re the poster child from nerdy cute. You remind me of a coffee shop character with big tumblr glasses, reading classics from Fitzgerald or Hemingway. Your speedy voice, filled with such intelligence is alarming but admirable. You get really loud sometimes because you’re impatient and it can be scary but your passion for things is really refreshing 

Libra: Your facial features are so angelic. You look so pure and innocent, your partner just wants to cuddle you. Your positive mindset makes others feel GOOD. Your will to good, your gentleness with others, your instinct to be motherly make others feel so warm and protected.

Scorpio: You’re intimidating, almost predator like but people still gravitate to you. Your limbs feel like you’re going somewhere with a purpose, your aura is dominant and ready for anything at any time. You don’t smile often but when you do OGOODNESS. It’s sultry and sexy and beautiful. You can capture their hearts with one smile and they’ll never let you go.

Sagittarius: Your eyes light up and your smile glitters and your hands fly as you talk about your favorite things, your dreams and conspiracy theories. We can literally see your mind work and it’s breath taking. You can be cute in a large sweater and then BAM, slap on some red lipstick and you’re the epitome of hot. You’re determination to keep moving forward in life challenges your partner to be the best person they can be too.

Capricorn: You’re such a careful person. When you embrace your partner, you hold them if they’re about to break but your arms are so strong too. They feel like they can do anything because you’ll protect them and love them through thick and thin. Your heart is so pure because your mind is so full of experience.

Aquarius: You live such a practical lifestyle. You always want to do the best thing for you and your loved one, but at the same time your head is filled with imagination and innovation that you want to pursue. Your partner admires the way you gesticulate as you talk endlessly about your dreams. The way your eyes light up when you talk about something you love, and your GODDESS eyebrows are amazing, especially when they furrow so cutely in frustration. The way your body seems so fragile, but your heart and soul is so full of fire and strength surprises your partner pleasantly. They may even be scared about how independent you are, though they don’t have to worry because when you love someone, you fall for all of who they are with all of who you are.

Pisces: Your lips are divine: Their shape, their color, the way they purse when you’re frustrated and the way they turn up when you smile. Your aura is a combination of both youth and motherly. The way you aren’t afraid to show your affection towards your lover, emotionally, physically, mentally bewilders them in the best possible way. The way you hug them with such ferocity makes it seem like everything is good in the world. The way you listen to them when they talk and how you respond so genuinely makes them fall in love with you all over again.