tumblr is capable of beautiful things

Hey, honey pie. Yes you. Listen to what this ghostly queen has to say…

You wanna put yourself in the same universe as your favorite character? Do it. You’re lovely and you deserve it and your fave is so happy to have you there!! You make them!!!! So happy!!!!!!

Dearest, hear me when I say that self shipping and self inserting are beautiful things. You have the power to put yourself there in that world, and absolutely no one can take that away from you. You are so wonderfully capable.

You are not cringey, weird, ect. Give yourself powers! Make your hair whatever color you want it to be! Be a part of a character’s family if you want! Date them! Heck, marry them! I’ll support you if no one else does.

Point is, you’re allowed to self ship/insert. Don’t let some sour grape tell you otherwise, my dear. Consider my little corner of Tumblr here a safe space for this kind of thing.

Feel free to pop in my ask box and gush about your fave. You’re always welcome to visit my little haunted kingdom here 💜

diamond eyed
calvin lucido

written in 2 days, took more than three months to get to a workable first draft

the parts i didn’t pitch correct sound like robotic like i did, but i’m certainly still not hitting the notes ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ (yes i did pitch correct other parts whatever it makes me a little more confident) (excuse the first verse tho nothing could save that……..) (anyone who actually knows how to mix and produce music hmu this is hard)

inspired by a beautiful quote i saw illustrated on tumblr  (likely stolen from somewhere tho)

people do things that sound and seem alluring and caring and well-intentioned but they can hurt; they can stifle you and destroy you. the brightest colored animals are the poisonous ones, and the people who shower you with affection can end up ruining the person they loved.

i do believe in love, but i’m cautious. i believe that everyone is capable of healthy and beautiful friendships and relationships, but i’m still hesitant.

((((that got way too fake deep for what amounts to a pop song but hey i have thoughts sometimes))))

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Nov. 9 “love letter to yourself”

I love you because you’ve been through so much shit and I would do the best thing in the world. — all the people who’ve hurt you, I’d make them pay by the blessings you were given. You have this one life to live and you shouldn’t hate yourself. Not for the shallow people who’ve never given you a chance nor for the anime-obsessed bullies who hid behind Tumblr. You’re a beautiful man. You should own it. You should remember the things that worked in your favor. It seemed like God pushed them away. It seems that some mystical wind had calculated your own demise , but you eventually were led to your own meaning of success. You don’t have a girlfriend and maybe in part of the pity you’ve inflicted it was because they didn’t deserve you. Someone artsy. Someone eccentric. Weird. Humorous. Ambitious and even capable of being his own person. You’re the only person I’ve should’ve loved my entire life and the vessel of strength that can surpass every single negative word or thoughts naysayers could ever harness. I love you.

1. You’re going to be given something that you only ever imagined was attainable in your dreams. This will then be ripped from your grasp. You have two choices: give up or fight.
2. Fight. You’re stronger than you think.
3. The world isn’t out to get you. Life sucks for everyone.
4. Life is also amazing and beautiful if you choose to open up your eyes and find the wonderful things around you.
5. Stop looking for “your other half.” He/she doesn’t exist. You are already whole.
6. You are capable than more than you think. Don’t let anyone, especially yourself, tell you otherwise.
7. Whether fate is on your side or not is truly no match to your own willpower.
—  pah
Fall in love with someone who loves you back. Someone who shows through their actions that they love you back. Someone who makes you feel special in an extraordinary way. Someone who starts a fire in your heart that can not die. Someone who tells you that this bond that keeps you two together is more than chemistry. Someone who believes in you. Someone who is ready to give up the world for you. Someone who makes you feel nervous. Someone with whom you feel sparks ignite in your body. Someone who makes butterflies flutter in your stomach. Someone who knows what intrigues your mind. Someone who knows how to cheer you up when you’re sad. Someone who knows that you’re capable of comprehending intricate things. Someone who makes you laugh so hard that you feel like you've never laughed this way before. Someone who tells you that you’re not wanted but needed. Someone who makes you feel complete. Someone who doesn't know how to break hearts. Someone who truly loves you, not because of your beautiful face and body but because of your beautiful soul.
—  @epiphanies-mindofapoet // fall in love
She Was An Ocean

Her eyes were brown
But inside them
Was the coursing rivers
Dragging away the things daring enough
To test her waters

Her hands were small
But they were capable
Of snapping the roots of trees
And rushing them out of their homes

Her body might seem
But it is a body
That has destroyed
More then one

She was an ocean
Strong and beautiful

But a monster


Today I learned what family really means.

Today I was astounded and saddened by the amount of blatant cruelty that affected so many in the form of anonymous hate messages to Supernatural blogs on Tumblr.  That there are people who would choose to hurt rather than to heal; people who, for whatever reason, believe they will gain something by putting another person down… I can’t begin to comprehend such senseless acts.  And I was struck with pain and grief for those affected.

But what warmed my heart and renewed my hope was the way that this family came together. To join as a unit, to fight and protect, to say no to hate, and say yes to love. What beautiful things we are capable of doing.

Please know that there are more people in this world who understand that lending a helping hand or speaking a kind word can make someone’s day. People who will stand up for you in the face of adversity. Who will pick you up and help you dust off your knees because they believe in you and they love you.

More than anything today I learned that what this fandom claims is true: we really are a family. So let’s show them what family really means to us. It’s more than a word. It’s a promise. Our family doesn’t end in blood. And this family will always be there for each other.

((If anyone, ever, needs someone to talk to, please do not hesitate to send me a message.  My ask box is always open. Stay safe my loves.))

It is a gentle nudge in the kitchen
or lips red from wine
and hands tied to one another
to keep the bed down.

We are the moon,
made like stars
in the eyes of children
so quickly
between our skin.

In this life,
it is beautiful to 
be able to 
set aside the hurt,
if even for the moment.
It is hard to look at
and not see
things capable of 
doing that which all
the others have proved themselves
capable of.

It is the roof of a home,
and how we cannot
remember the last time
we thanked it
for protecting us and
for loving us, in its own way.

We are the heart
of a living thing.
Each of us,
meant to keep a thing

It is not so terrible
for that thing
to be the place where
fingers touch.

It is a beautiful thing,
to save yourself. 
It is a beautiful thing,
to know we are capable of
seeing the sun
rise, like it is not
so ready to burn us.

—  “When You See The World, In The Eyes of The Person.” by Emma Bleker