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I thought you were my forever, baby and then you were my heartbreak, maybe. But then your love turned into a nightmare, baby. Your love fucking hurt me, turned me crazy. So this is not goodbye maybe.. forever this time baby.

C.I.V.A (pronounced like the Korean curse word shibal) is a girl group from the show God of Music 2, a mockumentary that parodies the Korean entertainment industry.

Kim Soomin (role: leader, visual, center, rapper, dancing machine, main vocalist) acts as an aggressive trainee who has been training for 18 years while Produce 101 trainees Yoon Chaekyung (role: scandal maker) and Kim Sohee (role: fan tamer) play exaggerated versions of themselves, roped into a 17 year contract with entertainment company LTE, which aims to debut a group that can overtake I.O.I’s popularity.

Due to viewer demand, the fictional group has recently made their real life debut on M! Countdown with the song WHY.

I’m sorry mommy. I’m sorry for not being the child you always wanted. I’m sorry for being a disappointment, I’m sorry for being something that could never cheer you up. I’m sorry for being a disappointment.
—  g.d (via booknerdforlife21)