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Portal Stories Mel: Written Fanworks List

This list displays various written fanworks* of Portal Stories: Mel, a fanmod for Portal 2. While there was no lack of narrative work for PS:M, there wasn’t really a way to get those narrative works together in one spot (to my knowledge, at least), which is why I made this list. This list currently consists of fanfics and RP blogs. Triggers are included, but please @ or message me if I missed something and I’ll be sure to put it in. If you want your written fanwork to be added, please either @ me or message me. Please include triggers. You can also @ or message me if you do not want to be on the list, for whatever reason. I will make a post on the main PS:M tags about this post updating once every three new fics and/or RP blogs.

*For this list, I will be defining written fanworks as ‘essentially anything that consists of a written work, follows a central plot, and has one or more characters from PS:M in a main role. This will count fanfictions, RP blogs, and fancomics.

-I will keep dead blogs and fics on this post because I feel that they all should be put together, but am willing to take them down if the creator asks me to.

-This list is not the end all, be all! Narratives and storytelling change with time, and this list should change too! If you have an idea, send it in, and I’ll check it out! I can take requests through messaging, PMs, @-ing, or by reblogging or responding to this post.

-Anyone who wants them or their work(s) to be taken off this list for whatever reason just has to message me, and I’ll do it, no questions asked. :) 

-Once every three new additions to this list, I will post in the main tags telling folks such, to help get the new works/blogs a head start.

The List:

AEGIS Command Log (da) Triggers: death. AEGIS’ command prompts during the events of Portal Stories: Mel.

Aperture Cafe (tumblr) (AO3) (ffn) Involves Portal 2 characters. Implied RainGil, ChellMann. A Portal coffeeshop au that brings together the entire cast of both Portal games and the Portal mod Portal Stories: Mel in a fun and, for once, non-threatening environment.
Mel/Virgil BrOtp, Halloween (tumblr). AU. Takes place in the coffeeshop AU.
Mel x Chell, Prompt Word: Comfort (tumblr) Mel x Chell. Postcanon. Involves Portal 2 characters. Triggers: PTSD (implied)

Making It Right (ao3) (da) (ffn) Postcanon. Involves Portal 2 Characters. He wasn’t the only core who had made mistakes.

Coming Soon-ish (tumblr) Postcanon. Involves Portal 2 and Blue Sky characters. Scene from a possible future fic in which Wheatley and Garret get an odd caller on their radio show.

Testing Maintenance (ao3) (tumblr) (triggers: death, suicide) Postcanon. Involves characters from Aperture Tag, Portal 2, and Meet The Cores 2. Mel finds herself trapped in Aperture once again, but this time while GLaDOS is back online and in charge. With the help of Virgil, the Maintenance Core, she must devise a way of escape before its too late, and the only way to go up…is to go down. { A sequel to the fan-mod, Portal Stories: Mel }

@elvenwhovian and @starry-nightengale :
The Tale of Melanie (ffn). AU. A Poetic Retelling of the Portal 2 mod “Portal Stories: Mel” Set in the Medieval AU Established in “The Trial of the Bow” and “The Heart of the Exile” (also on fanfiction-dot-net). Written by ElvenWhovian and Starry-Nightengale

Blank Filled Mind (tumblr) AU. Triggers: Torture. Mel wakes up in a new body after being put in extended relaxation.

How Dare You? (tumblr) Triggers: Death. Virgil’s thoughts during the end scene in Chapter 10 of Testing Maintenance.

Portal FPS (ffn) The complete portal time line, including mods! From portal stories mel to Portal: Skyline, this is the true tale of aperture science

Virgil Is Always Good At Everything He Does, And It Bothers Me More Than I Care To Admit (tumblr) Involves characters from Portal 2. WheatGil implied. Triggers: Operation. Wheatley finds himself in a sticky situation, and Virgil comes to the rescue.
Pain Receptors (tumblr) Triggers: Eye trauma, operation. RainGil. Roy finds himself in Virgil’s repair office- and wondering how to get Virgil to make a move.

Better Than Black Mesa/Aperture Science Academy (ffn) (tumblr) Multi character RP blog. Includes characters from Portal 2 and Aperture Tag. Triggers: Death, suicide, abuse, casual homophobia. Bi Virgil, MelGil. The highschool AU nobody asked for. Includes characters from Aperture Tag and Portal Stories: Mel. (RP Collection from tumblr aperture-science-academy)
(Note: BTBM/ASA is an RP blog turned fanfiction blog, that occasionally takes asks. I put it in the fanfic category due to this post by the writer.)

What’s An Olympian? (ao3) Triggers: Death. Involves characters from Portal 2. Postcanon. As Wheatley destroys Aperture Science Laboratories another core is facing his own problems, and remembering his own test subject.

Who Are You? (ao3) (triggers: Death) Involves characters from Portal 2 and Aperture Tag. Precanon to Portal. Employees in Aperture go through various struggles as the company goes through a financial crisis. This is canon divergent. It will not be 100% compliant to canon.

Untitled (tumblr) Postcanon. Mel ruminates on her last few moments with Virgil

RP Blogs:

@ask-aegis-2016: AEGIS askblog.
@mute-olympian: Mel blog. Selective, Indie, no nsfw.
@polychr0matics: Rainbow core blog. Multiverse. No nsfw, gore is fine.
@silencedsecurity: AEGIS blog.
@vxrgil: Virgil blog. Semi-selective. Multiverse. No nsfw.
@wifixoverride: Virgil blog. Selective. Multiverse. No nsfw.

  • me irl:i'm old as fuck and i might as well go coffin-shopping later today so you don't have to do it tomorrow.
  • me on tumblr:listen up, 26 is not that old and you have no idea what you're talking about. I HAVE PLENTY OF TIME TO FIGURE OUT MY LIFE AND SETTLE DOWN STOP RUSHING ME.

anonymous asked:

Who are you to say whether we can headcanon the girls with mental illness (i bet you're neurotypical)? I do it bc it helps me cope with my own and bc there's so little representation

I never said anything about mental illness. My original post was just about how there’s no need to constantly pit the two girls against each other (http://bmgmw.tumblr.com/post/150913667219/a-concept-both-riley-and-maya-are-two-teenage). Do I *personally* think either girl has depression or mental illness based on the episodes so far? No. Is it possible they go in that direction? Sure, and I’ve said as much in the past. And never have I said it’s wrong to headcanon as a coping mechanism. People can head canon whatever they want!

You’re right, I’m neurotypical, but mental illness hits very close to home for me, as I grew up with a mom who had both DID (dissociative identity disorder aka multiple personalities disorder) and depression, which had an enormous effect on my childhood. I understand how you feel about the lack of representation, particularly accurate representation. Growing up, DID/MPD in Hollywood was typically depicted (in the rare instances it even got depicted) as crazy, an excuse for a character to commit a crime, or the person was faking it (an example of a terrible inaccurate and harmful depiction is SVU episode 9x01 Alternate, and Cynthia Nixon even won an Emmy for it yikes). It sucked and made me feel like shit (I had friends tell me my mom was faking). I didn’t have much of a coping strategy, so if head canons help you cope, you do that.

Tldr: my original post had nothing to do with mental illness and if you use headcanons to cope with your own mi, that’s totally within your right.

I haven’t been on tumblr for some time now and i want to say that im sorry for not posting/ updating as much 

I just feel kinda low and… Stressed? anxious? unsure? i’m not sure how to describe it.

some issues came up with my family and its getting me down I try to not let it get to me but, everyone has their limits right? anyway i have been drawing but just not digital art, just a bunch of sketches in my notebook I might post them later. And thank you guys for all the support It really cheers me up 

Thank you for reading and sticking around for um all “this” 

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Hi! I saw your tag on the porn blogs post and I just wanted to tell you that blocking does work. A little. It won't stop new porn blogs from following you or that blog from following others but your blog won't contribute to their "credibility". Your blog won't show up anywhere on their blog where it would make google think you are in contact with them. You won't appear between their followed blogs and they won't be able to like or reblog your posts. So block as much bot blogs as you can.

Thanks so much for this information! I had no idea, but I’m sure as hell blocking all the weird bot blogs that follow me from now on! 

A thing! (or two)

Just wanted to say that all the prompts posted here I post them automatically on my secondary a03 acc: Shadowselene in case anyone wants to read them once again or just reach for the slightly older ones. There are more than a few though that due their amount are still solely displayed here under the tag of “prompt” on my tumblr acc.

The latest ones are:

Inked line: Regina has a tattoo… Emma sees a glimpse but Regina won’t tell her what it is. Not established SQ

And so we talked over breakfast   Regina only drinks skin milk and Emma’s not a fan of it. Established sq

100+8 are…?   Emma and regina are fighting over who has to help henry with his maths homework tonight… neither of them know anything about maths

Turning point:  Emma getting shot by a suspect but she turns out fine and regina gets angry but she actually is super worried and emma smiles and just kisses her to shut her up

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Are you against sex workers using tumblr as a medium for work? Honestly just curious after your last post mentioning them when you were complaining about a pornographic ad?

No, the point I was trying to make is that it’s a huuuuuge double standard for Tumblr to delete sex worker’s blogs saying that they violate terms by posting sexual content when staff continues to allow porn blogs to not only exist, but to follow minors. Obviously Tumblr just has a problem w sex workers.

I don’t have a problem with sexual content at all as long as it’s tagged properly so that children and other’s who don’t want to see it don’t have to. I follow a couple sex workers and I believe some of them have other blogs dedicated to their work and I think it’s probably a good place for them to advertise and see no reason they should be deleted as long as they tag appropriately.


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In October, I will begin posting horror movie…

I think I understand why you’d want to post this but ya know some idiot is going to complain you didn’t warn them anyway lol but bring it on in all for it haha

I think you’re right. I mean, obviously everyone is taking a risk by coming to tumblr (or going on the internet in general) just like with spoilers or whatever. But I usually try to like, ADVERTISE this thing anyway because it’s such a pain in the ass to accomplish each year (I think this is the last year I’m going to do it - for real this time - mostly because i’m super picky about the movies I gif and it’s increasingly difficult to come up with 31 each new year). So because it’s such a task I try to drum up interest (when every other gif blog is producing gifs every day like it’s nbd). And since an advertisement of what’s to come and a warning are so similar in content, might as well frame it that way if it helps some people avoid something that might make them feel real shitty. And also, though I’ll never tag all my gifs for offensive content, I really don’t want to bum anybody out. This is supposed to be a fun thing for horror fans to enjoy and sneer at my lousy jokes, but if I can reblog a warning a couple of times to help some people out, why not?

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Blankets I sleep with: one

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When did my blog reach its peak? let me just check my tumblr records

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BTS~ YG Magazine First & Special Edition of 2016 Interview [TRANS]

Rap Monster’s Real Charms

Strength: Physique, rap, brain

Weakness: Dancing

Secret Charisma: He can always accomplish anything but doesn’t always tell everyone.

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Learning choreography

Happiest Moment: When the choreography is over

Goal: Become the strongest rapper in the universe!

Jin’s Real Charms

Strength: Positive

Weakness: Too positive

Secret Charisma: He can always live happily and freely

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Dancing

Happiest Moment: Eating

Goal: Buy a house!

Suga’s Real Charms

Strength: Ability to compose

Weakness: Lazy, doesn’t like cleaning up, hard to focus

Secret Charisma: Has a lot of beard/mustache (facial hairs)

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Dancing

Happiest Moment: Sleeping and composing

Goal: Become a great producer!

J-Hope’s Real Charms

Strength: Good at creating (positive, I’m guessing) atmosphere, amazing and dancing, real and humble

Weakness: Loves to hit V and Jimin, nagging

Secret Charisma: Smile

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Can’t sleep/insomnia

Happiest Moment: Performing in front of ARMYs

Goal: Make lots of money!

Jimin’s Real Charms

Strength: Self-confidence

Weakness: Too much self-confidence

Secret Charisma: Eye smile, firm thigh

Hardest/Saddest Moment: When he’s nervous and cannot do anything right

Happiest Moment: Eating

Goal: Fulfill all the goals he wrote down

V’s Real Charms

Strength: Can be friends with everyone, kind

Weakness: Always getting into trouble!

Secret Charisma: Cute/adorable but also cool/charming/handsome!

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Worrying about a lot of things

Happiest Moment: Being with Jimin and Jungkook

Goal: To never stop challenging himself and to always improve himself

Jungkook’s Real Charms

Strength: Muscles!

Weakness: Too much muscle, tries too hard

Secret Charisma: Actually a bad boy!

Hardest/Saddest Moment: When he cannot go to the gym and work out

Happiest Moment: Hitting V

Goal: Join the Iron Man Triathlon 

T/N: None of these translations are mine as I cannot understand Korean. All credit goes to  (twitter user) “givemekookies” whom I would like to thank for letting me use her content!

♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOMAEDA !!!   ♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧

it’s also my 1 year anniversary for starting SDR2…a hope-filled day…

“I’d always hoped that when I finally said ‘I love you’ to a girl, she’d say ‘I know’ back, like Leia did to Han in Return of the Jedi.”

- Simon Lewis, City of Bones

“It doesn’t matter if I get my memories back or not,” Simon said. “It doesn’t matter if another demon gives me amnesia tomorrow. I know you: You’ll come find me again, you’ll rescue me no matter what happens. You’ll come for me, and I’ll discover you all over again. I love you. I love you without the memories. I love you right now.” […]

Isabelle said in a calm voice: “I know.”

- Born to Endless Night


i.c. // “lights shine brightest in the dark”