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Isn't it kinda funny how aces hate aphobes for their nasty and awful aphobia (sometimes there's even combo, like aphobia AND biphobia), but aphobes after seeing one ace person acting shitty are like "YOU SEE?? ACES ARE FUCKNIN PIECES OF SHIT, I DO NOT WANT THEM IN MY COMMUNITY"? like damn, of course there are some shitty ppl on ace side, but they don't represent the whole existence of ace ppl?

The best thing is if you ask them for proof of how the ace community is bad it’s literally always a tumblr post. No real life examples. Not even anything from other websites. Just tumblr posts. And 99.99% it’s anonymous so you can’t even tell if it’s a troll.

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Are you posting sensitive media? My tumblr says you are but I don't believe it. I feel like Tumblr is not letting me look at a lot of posts that aren't actually sensitive so I just wanted to ask.

nooo i’m not!!! this blog is 100% SFW don’t worry! Idk why but with this tumblr update one of my gifset has been marked as nsfw as well :(( look

and the same happened with my main blog, my gifs (more than 20) have been marked as nsfw too ToT. As you said, with this “safe mode” thing, tumblr has blocked graphics/art/gifs/etc that are not nsfw :(

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I really want to see Julian's reaction to Cal in rq4. (I really just want him to have more page time tbh, he's my favorite character)

I’ve already made a post abut Julian a while ago: https://chaoslaborantin.tumblr.com/post/158636458793/rq-4-prediction-julian

What will Julian do now? He seems - well, loyal is too strong a word, but he is quite supportive of the Scarlet Guard. But will he run over to Cal and the throne now? Will he support Cal and Anabel or will he chastise him when he fucks up? How did he get along with Anabel? Is he completely shocked that Cal said yes? Or did he suspect as much from him?  But he might have known about the plot. Does he - maybe forced so - stay with the Guard and Davidson? He seems to be very important to them.

Or what if he does both - he goes with Cal, but on Davidson’s orders? To be a mindfucking spy/operative to keep things going the way Davidson wants it to go? Maybe he’s even licensed to kill people (note: Julian doesn’t seem to like violence. I mean taking action in a worst-case scenario)? And ultimately, will Julian obey Monfort or will he act of his own accords? He seems like a rather free spirit, but I like the idea of him embracing a cause somehow …

Will Mare still talk to him? And what about my ship, Sara x Julian?

I think Julian is used mostly for info-dumping and not that nice in other regards, but it would be great to see more of him, especially when he shows personal opinions and feelings.

icon update

okay, I am done with the “My existence is not sensitive content” icons. I no longer feel comfortable posting them. I do appreciate all of the nice messages and support so thank you so much for all of that. if anyone else wants to make these icons feel free, i just can’t anymore. I also want to apologize to the people who sent requests i wasn’t able to make, i really appreciate you taking the time to send an ask.

again, anybody can make the icons i just can’t make them anymore, i hope you understand. thank you !

~~elizabeth keen appreciation month~~

HAHA you all thought it was just going to be a week!! but in honor of mboones basically falling in love with me (we’re already planning our wedding tbh), i though we’d extend our appreciation for one whole month! from july 1st-july 31st, gifs, fics, picspams, fanmixes, fanvids, moodboards, WHATEVER, can be posted every day to celebrate our favorite female lead.  tag (within the first five tags) #lizkeenappreciationmonth or, if i miss it, feel free to submit it. i can’t waaaaiiiiit!!!!!!!

below is the list of episodes to highlight every day. don’t feel obligated to do something every single day. 

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tbh I feel you say/post everything I want to say/post regarding Jughead and Betty as both a ship and as individual characters and thus it makes me feel like if we met in a cafe we could have great conversations.

we totally would! and i’d completely talk your ear off. i have nobody to talk to bughead about outside of tumblr lol. my grandma watches the show with me, but i try my best to not show her just how obsessed i am. your art work is incredible, by the way! you guys should check if out, if you haven’t already (x

Negan Oneshot?

(A/N) I wrote this and I just felt like posting it. Eric’s part will be posted tomorrow as usual. If you want me to continue, let me know!
Also, it’s short…enjoy!

Summary: Negan visits Alexandria and you see him for the first time. Let’s just say you’re not his biggest fan and take shit from no one…

Warnings: Swearing, angst


If the two of you don’t want to be tagged in Negan stuff, just let me know! :)
If anyone else wants to be tagged, just say so :)

Check out:

Eric Fanfiction: First Part: https://home-of-the-lonely-writer.tumblr.com/post/160344801874/eric-fanfiction-pt-1

Eric Headcanon: https://home-of-the-lonely-writer.tumblr.com/post/161321605264/eric-headcanon-in-the-bedroom


Originally posted by rikkisixx

Fixing my hair into a pony tail, I suddenly heard a commotion outside.
Grabbing my handgun from my nightstand, I ran outside. Trucks and people I’ve never seen before entered Alexandria. Running to the gates, I found Rick and most of the others already standing there, discussing something with some guy in a black leather jacket.
“Listen Negan, we don’t have-” Rick tried to reason with the men, but I cut him off.
“Wait, you are the fucker that killed my friends?” I stormed past Rick and shoved Negan’s chest. His eyes widened momentarily before a smirk graced his face.
“Well, hello to you too. And who might you be, doll?” I ignored his outstretched hand and stared in his eyes. “Listen here fucker, call me ‘doll’ one more time and I will cut your fucking balls off before you can utter ‘psychopath’.” My voice was but a whisper, only he could hear and instead of being frightened his smirk grew.
“Ouch. That hurt. Normally women don’t react to me this way.” “Let me guess, normally they open their legs for you.” He grinned at me, giving the answer away. I huffed turning away to walk back to my house.
“Wait sweetheart, I didn’t quite catch your name!” He grabbed my wrist and I froze on the spot.
“Let. Go. Of. Me.” He immediately dropped my wrist and I continued on my way.
Entering the house I currently occupied, I ran up the stairs to my bedroom, hiding my gun and everything important to me. I already saw them raiding the other houses. Sooner or later they will also try to break into mine, not that I’ll just open the door for them. They will have to fight.
Trying to get my mind off things, I sat in the living room, reading my favourite book again.
Out of the window I could see Negan being shown around by Rick. The poor guy even had to carry the bat ‘Lucille’ for Negan. Fucking asshole.
A few minutes later, I heard them just outside my back door. Father Gabriel apparently joined them at Maggie’s ‘grave’. If Negan only knew. I smiled to myself.

It’s been a few hours since Negan invaded Alexandria and he was about to leave when a few of his guys found our arsenal. Cursing I ran out of my house again, hearing Negan telling his guys to load everything onto the trucks.
“Hey! Asshole!” Negan spun around, smiling when he saw me. “How nice to see you ag-“
“The deal was half of everything, not everything of everything!” I didn’t let him finish and instead threw the facts at him.
“Well, you’re completely right. But you know what the good thing is when you’re the stronger one? You can make the fucking rules and you can change them any-fucking-time you want.” This fucking grin of his didn’t leave his face the whole time.
“Fuck off! Keep your fucking PMS mood swings to yourself and don’t let others suffer because of them! Deal is deal, take half and leave the other half here.” Finally the grin vanished. Instead he raised an eyebrow and faked thinking about what I just said.
“With all due fucking respect, I think I’ll take all of it.” He smiled and turned around.
“Oh… You are afraid we will attack you if you leave us the weapons. I understand. You’re fucking scared we will kill your man again, like we already did. Look around you idiot! Half of those people don’t know how to use any of them and they don’t want to know. The rest, you broke them. You broke them all! They are afraid of you! There is nothing you have to be afraid of.”
“What about you? Did I break you?” Staring at him, I gave the answer away. “I see. You can’t break what’s already broken, now can you?” He laughed. Not a quiet chuckle, no. A full blown laugh.
“That’s right. I lost everything I had and that broke me. But at least I’m facing it. You’re just hiding behind a façade, ignoring your problems. Who is Lucille, huh? Either daughter or wife, probably deceased.” This time I smiled and his grin vanished completely.
Grabbing my jaw, he positioned my head, so that I looked directly into his eyes.
“You. Don’t ever. Talk. About. Lucille. Understood?” He was furious, pure rage burning in his eyes.
“Wife. Definitely wife.” He grinded his teeth, fixating me with cold eyes.
That was the first time I noticed that everything went quiet. The attention was on us.
“That’s enough. Load up half and leave the rest!” Negan grabbed my wrist again and dragged me towards my house. Pushing me inside, he locked the door behind him, turning around again.
“How dare you fucking talk about her like that!?” Normally I would have trembled with fear, but I just hated this guy’s guts.
“How dare you do this to my family?!” Realisation dawned on him and his lips formed an ‘oh’.
“Asian or Ginger?” His voice was softer than before. “Abraham. I mean ‘Ginger’” He took a step towards me but I stopped him with a simple wave of my hand. “You took everything I had left. You broke me. Do me a favour and show up weekly, on the exact same day. I don’t want to see you ever again.” I turned away from him.
Muttering a ‘sure’ he left my house.
I stood there, fighting the tears in my eyes. Completely broken.


To be continued? Let me know!


Hey guys, I can’t believe I’ve made it this far. I’m so honored and beyond lucky to have you all following me. Welcome to my thoughts :)

So I just want to say that I haven’t been very mentally stable lately and also very stressed and busy so I haven’t been able to produce any “good” poetry (in my opinion) so that’s why I haven’t been posting much. But I will post something special for this milestone :) 

Thanks for always supporting me and my words, I really appreciate you all <3

Also know that if you ever need advice or have a question or want to vent about anything my ears are open! Don’t be afraid to write me! And if you want me to check out your page also write me! I try to check out my followers’ pages but sometimes it’s too many to look at.



Jun 22 2017

This blog

… is not explicit ;) nor will it be in the future. But it has some (as the new Tumblr settings call them) “sensitive” content on it. And it will have some more “sensitive” content in the future. So… if you don’t want to see this, simply turn the safe-mode (settings -> general settings -> filtering) in your Tumblr settings “on”. If you want to see it, turn it “off”.

I will be a bit more conservative in flagging posts “sensitive” if it comes to photos, GIFs, etc… and a bit more liberal with text-posts only. So… Texts with “strong language” will probably not be flagged. Texts with clearly adult-content will be flagged. My audio posts from Soundcloud are flagged “explicit” on Soundcloud even if they “just” include strong language. I did that to conform to the Soundcloud guidelines. So that you are all safe. And that I am also safe ;)

I also might throw in some German texts and audios here and there. Or not. Maybe I will make a side-blog for them. Hey, I’m a Virgo after all… I need to categorize things. Even though I hate the thought to have yet another blog. But it’ll be a side-blog anyway… so… just one dash… but… well… I dunno yet.

ashdkjshkjlkjlk this tumblr update is such bullshit, I was scrolling my dash when I saw a post that said it had sensitive content and I decided to look at the post on a private browser which showed me what the content was and honestly …. what the fuck. Want to know what the post was? Wanna know what this truly terrible, awful, vile, content that my 16 year old eyes cannot handle lest I be mentally scarred forever? 

literally just a post about nostalgic kids shows and somehow this is considered sensitive content but literal porn isn't 

mcry  asked:

Hey ! I just saw your post about not fetishising gay men. I most definitely understand and also despise that, but as I am not a gay man (I am a mere bisexual lady), I was wondering if that applies to just shipping two men in a relationship? I've seen a lot of posts on tumblr lately implying that fetishising men and shipping men is the same thing and I'm a little worried because I definitely have a few gay ships that I read about and support. (along with lesbian/bi/straight ships too). Thanks!

(Also I’m aware you’re not a gay man but I thought if you made the post you or your followers might have more insight than me). Have a rad day :)

Shipping gay fictional characters doesn’t mean inherently fetishizing them!! There’s nothing wrong with appreciating a particular gay ship, especially when coming from other gay people (with some exceptions, sadly).
The problem stands with the way cishet women see gay ships as something that exists solely for their personal enjoyment: calling them their “sinful babies” and writing gay sex based on porn or even just on their personal fantasies with no regard to safety or common sense, recurring to bad homophobic tropes (abuse, cheating, forcing the partner to come out etc.) to “spice things up” in the ship, using transphobic tropes for the sake of “angst”, excusing incest, abuse and pedophilia for the sake of seeing two male characters together. The problem also stands with how they tend to put aside male characters of color and/or make them “evil” to make some other ship happen. Fandom culture as I’ve known it since I was a kid is deeply rooted in homophobia, transphobia and racism, and that is what I am against. But no, shipping per se is nothing bad.

sloth blog update

If you’ve followed me long enough or have talked to me before you know I’m nowhere near as active as I used to be on this site or the communities here (if I ever was lmao). This is mainly an update post on how to contact me more than anything.

If you have questions/comments/feels you want to scream at me try tumblr IM or my twitter!!

EDIT: My twitter is the first 🌱 emoji in my sidebar, I just prefer not linking it on a rebloggable post lol. It should be clickable on both desktop and mobile versions.

Some unnecessary personal updates/explanations below the cut for those who’re curious.

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Important information for Content Creators on Tumblr (Last Updated June 1, 2017)

okay i know ive posted alot about this just now, but now that ive got it more or less figured out I’m gonna make a better post here and include the tags relevent to my interactions in it to ensure no one else in my fandoms/communities are blindsided like i was. 

I encourage you to make your own, or to just recopy this, tagging the fandoms and communities important to you!


If you make a post with external links, your post will be hidden from searches. If you make a post and link to your redbubble, no one can search for your post. If you make art and link it to your deviantart or artstation, no one can search for you post. If you make any post and just throw on a “hey here is where you find me!” no one can search that post. If you want to recommend a fic or a youtube video, no one can search your post, if you… hell you get the idea. Tumblr has completely shut down content creators on this hellsite and its fucking infuriating.

I have just confirmed that the post type “Link” also does not show up in the tags. Thats right, there is an ENTIRE TYPE OF TUMBLR POST that cannot be searched. G-FUCKING-G TUMBLR.

EDIT: Okay! I have done more testing (and a video to go along with it) and at this point i can say that this is still very real, but that it only affects links to specific websites, presumably ones that tumblr doesn’t have added to some sort of “internal whitelist” of safe sites. 
I would suggest if you intend to continue tagging, to maintain a very very unique tag and use it to keep tabs on your work to ensure they are continuing to show up.
In the meantime, I will do my best to keep a list here of links verified to work, and ones verified to not work. Please feel free to comment on the post or reblog if you have your own experiences!

Also there has been confirmation that this change affects posts regardless of posting date. So it’ll hide posts made before the update went into affect; expected but good to confirm!

Edit (6/1/2017): working with someone to try to determine why an image is being hidden from the tag regardless of if it has text or a link or anything. The image in question should have worked, we tried reposting, we tried changing the file name, it still didn’t show up. Finally we changed it from a .png to a .jpg and it worked! So we thought we stumbled on something but, i posted one of my images in a test tag, as a jpg, as a png and as a transparent png and all showed up. So sometimes posts arent showing up for other reasons that have yet to be discovered (just because tumblr is shit it would seem)


It shuts down posts with external links, so at first i assumed internal links would be fine. and they are. if you make a page on your tumblr blog called like /links or something you can certainly link to that. But in that way you run into an issue, tumblr mobile is a piece of shit and cant load tumblr pages, and itll just take you back to the mainblog any time you try.

The best solution ive found so far is put all your relevent links in your blog description like so:

and then in every content post, call tumblr out for being a piece of shit and direct them to the links in your blog description.

Edit: In the top right hand side of photo posts you can click on it and include a single link as “source” that should work if you have one link neccessary. though if you need more you are still SOL. Find it like so:

It will appear in dash format at the bottom left of the post:

in desktop them view where it can be found, or if it can be found, varies by theme.


It is important now more than ever on this hellsite that you try to support your artist and content creators, reblog as much as possible, look to find them on websites off this piece of shit, and generally do your best to spread the word and support them, since tumblr itself is trying to silence them! 


Hey, Tumblr.

Today is May 1. The first day of Mental Health Month. This entire month we want to nudge all of you to celebrate triumphs, acknowledge struggles, and just come together. Let other people know they’re not alone. Feel less alone yourself. It’s what Post it Forward is all about.

One of the incredible ways you—all of you—have helped shape Tumblr is with your ability to be open and honest.  It was you that turned this platform into a community, one based on genuine expression, creativity, and acceptance.

Neat. How can I participate?

Glad you asked! Each week, for all four weeks, we’ll be giving you ideas for ways to Post it Forward.

  • Week 1—Post it for you: How you practice self-care and personal well-being.
  • Week 2—Post it for each other: Ways you can be there for each other.
  • Week 3—Post it for reflection: Sharing stories of personal growth and development.
  • Week 4—Post it for the future: Committing to continuous reflection and improvement.

This week is all about posting for you. Acts of self-care. Here are some places to start:

  • Post an emoji spell for self-care and positivity. 🌈 🔮 💕 🌱
  • Share a photo or GIF of something that calms you down. Don’t have one? Here’s one.
  • What’s the one thing that always cheers you up? Post a photo of it, take a GIF, or illustrate it. Toss a sticker on it, if you’d like.
  • Never forget that you are valid! Post a selfie with “valid” sticker (see below).
  • Make a list of things you like about yourself.
  • Make a checklist of 5 acts of self-care you promise to do for yourself this week.
  • Make an audio post with a song that helps you zone out and re-energize.

Don’t forget to tag all your posts with #postitforward this month! It makes it easier for everyone to find each other’s contributions.

What else?

We’ve asked our pal Tumblrbot (@tumblrbot) to help out with any extra encouragement you might need. Try sending them messages like “tell me about Mental Health Month” or “what’s this week’s prompt?” Tumblrbot will let you know what’s up, because Tumblrbot is a friend to all of us.

We got Answer Times, all of them taking place right here on Post it Forward unless indicated otherwise:

We even have some limited edition stickers ready for you in the Tumblr app right now:

<3 Tumblr

  • Morgana: Would you fuck a clone of yourself?
  • Akira: Yes.
  • Haru: No.
  • Mishima: I don't want to fuck my clone because that would be gay sex and I'm not gay.
  • Shiho: I'm gay, but I still don't want to fuck my clone, that's gross and weird.
  • Ryuji: I don't want to fuck my clone because my self-loathing is that strong.
  • Mika: I'd fuck my clone because who would know better how to fuck me than me?
  • Hifumi: To be honest, fucking my clone has always been my fantasy.
  • Yusuke: It's basically the same as masturbating, right? So no big deal.
  • Ann: It's not the same as masturbating; it'd be like having sex with your twin. Wrong and bad!
  • Futaba: I would not have sex with my clone because what if my clone is evil?
  • Morgana: You guys are nasty and I'm frankly a little concerned.