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you slept for so long
that the world forgot you
and championed your story
as their own instead.

your fears became fearless
in the rose-coloured hands of history;
you were as polished and gleaming
as the shield they once gave you
to protect their liberty.

would they worship you now,
if they knew the things
you took to your frozen grave?

all the lives you took in your bloody crusade
that became but a number
trailing in your righteous wake?

will they tell the world
how you were a vengeful god,
sent to take the toll
for the crimes they had yet to pay for?

how easy they forget
that war is not a thing of beauty
when you look like an adonis
carved from the mountains
instead of flesh and blood.

so i am worried that if you are sending the prompts for the secret santa, that tumblr is eating them. because i’ve already had someone state they sent me an ask for their secret santa and i never got it… so feel free to just MESSAGE me your prompts, because then i know i’ll get them. that, or send the ask to freyreh—just to be safe, because i don’t want someone to send a prompt, then be upset because tumblr ate it. i’m posting this as freyreh, because i want this post to show up in tags. so far i have gotten three prompts, and i’ve already talked to those three members to assure them that i got their prompts. so if i didn’t talk to you, and you DID send me your submission, then go ahead and resend it to freyreh. i will then contact you when i get them so that you know i have it!

ccss2016 is a new blog, so its probably why its finicky… also, it IS tumblr…

i had this problem last year when i ran a secret santa, asks were getting eaten


note: when you enter the email part, put a bracket in the [.]com parts. because that could hinder the sending of asks as well…

William is Mike. And SL’s Custom night makes FNaF1′s Custom night canon.

I’m not much of a poster on this site lol, but there is something I’ve wanted to say that might make SL’s custom night cut-scenes make a little more sense. There are spoilers under the read more.

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lHow does your girl feel about you blogging other females? Or does she not know about your tumblr

Pause, lets run this back.  For one it’s Women. And It’s dead ass just reblogged pictures on tumblr. Yeah, she knows I have a tumblr.  If it’s a mutual and i’m gassing them up or something like that it’s not a big deal. I know my place. My blog, page, whatever you want to call it has sooo much shit incorporated into. Cars, music, funny posts, selfies (of Men and women), random ass me posts, my selfies/videos, Social Issues, and anything else I like to post/reblog…so…why was it narrowed to Her and I? I could understand if this was a situation where she wasn’t in a shit load of pic posts and she just was a ghost in my posts but…thats not the case. I appreciate her like no other on the planet.  We had our rough spots like any other couple had a break or two but…nah famo, we good, she know, we together…Like…no disrespect but

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hey ren! im a japanese male model and recently i wanted to make an ig/tumblr where i post my pictures/selfies to gain a better following + make friends. im kinda worried about being thirst followed but at the same time i knows it's pretty much unavoidable. what are your thoughts on it?

Well if you’re a model, I feel like its part of the job description that you’re basically selling your face/looks. You get paid to have photos of yourself shown for the public to look at. Being thirst followed just sort of comes with the deal, and I understand that by mainly posting photos of my face/fashion people are going to be following to see those things only. Of course though! You don’t have to only post photos of yourself, as long as you talk to those around you and share things that are more personal, people are able to see you more as an individual rather than just a face, which I find is helpful! I know I have a lot of thirst followers, but I’ve also received messages of thirst followers telling me that they enjoyed my blog/personality the longer they stayed around, which I think is nice! As long as you share your personality as well as your face online, those are the things people will be drawn towards, and it will be easier to make friends too! 

100 Followers!!!! I can't believe it

I can’t believe that I reached 100 followers. Thank you so much. When I started this I never thought over a hundred people would want to see me getting fatter and becoming an obedient piggy. I’m so glad I’m currently thinking of a new Feedee Fantasy story just for this. I would post a video but for some reason every time I’ve tried Tumblr has taken it down so if anyone has any ideas why it won’t let me and then I’ll start posting me maybe eating or playing with my massive gluttonous belly. Again, thank you and feel free to message me any ideas for stories or something or tease me. If you’re a feeder and would like to role play I would love and I promise I won’t disappoint you.

BTS~ YG Magazine First & Special Edition of 2016 Interview [TRANS]

Rap Monster’s Real Charms

Strength: Physique, rap, brain

Weakness: Dancing

Secret Charisma: He can always accomplish anything but doesn’t always tell everyone.

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Learning choreography

Happiest Moment: When the choreography is over

Goal: Become the strongest rapper in the universe!

Jin’s Real Charms

Strength: Positive

Weakness: Too positive

Secret Charisma: He can always live happily and freely

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Dancing

Happiest Moment: Eating

Goal: Buy a house!

Suga’s Real Charms

Strength: Ability to compose

Weakness: Lazy, doesn’t like cleaning up, hard to focus

Secret Charisma: Has a lot of beard/mustache (facial hairs)

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Dancing

Happiest Moment: Sleeping and composing

Goal: Become a great producer!

J-Hope’s Real Charms

Strength: Good at creating (positive, I’m guessing) atmosphere, amazing and dancing, real and humble

Weakness: Loves to hit V and Jimin, nagging

Secret Charisma: Smile

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Can’t sleep/insomnia

Happiest Moment: Performing in front of ARMYs

Goal: Make lots of money!

Jimin’s Real Charms

Strength: Self-confidence

Weakness: Too much self-confidence

Secret Charisma: Eye smile, firm thigh

Hardest/Saddest Moment: When he’s nervous and cannot do anything right

Happiest Moment: Eating

Goal: Fulfill all the goals he wrote down

V’s Real Charms

Strength: Can be friends with everyone, kind

Weakness: Always getting into trouble!

Secret Charisma: Cute/adorable but also cool/charming/handsome!

Hardest/Saddest Moment: Worrying about a lot of things

Happiest Moment: Being with Jimin and Jungkook

Goal: To never stop challenging himself and to always improve himself

Jungkook’s Real Charms

Strength: Muscles!

Weakness: Too much muscle, tries too hard

Secret Charisma: Actually a bad boy!

Hardest/Saddest Moment: When he cannot go to the gym and work out

Happiest Moment: Hitting V

Goal: Join the Iron Man Triathlon 

T/N: None of these translations are mine as I cannot understand Korean. All credit goes to  (twitter user) “givemekookies” whom I would like to thank for letting me use her content!

♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧ HAPPY BIRTHDAY KOMAEDA !!!   ♡✧ ♡✧ ♡✧

it’s also my 1 year anniversary for starting SDR2…a hope-filled day…

“I’d always hoped that when I finally said ‘I love you’ to a girl, she’d say ‘I know’ back, like Leia did to Han in Return of the Jedi.”

- Simon Lewis, City of Bones

“It doesn’t matter if I get my memories back or not,” Simon said. “It doesn’t matter if another demon gives me amnesia tomorrow. I know you: You’ll come find me again, you’ll rescue me no matter what happens. You’ll come for me, and I’ll discover you all over again. I love you. I love you without the memories. I love you right now.” […]

Isabelle said in a calm voice: “I know.”

- Born to Endless Night


Hi, hello, here are a bunch of my favorite tumblr dogs!!!

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i.c. // “lights shine brightest in the dark”

The sun stopped shining for me is all. The whole story is: I am sad. I am sad all the time and the sadness is so heavy that I can’t get away from it. Not ever.
—  Nina LaCour // Hold Still // Feelings