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Honey Coated Venom

Always buzzing
But doing nothing
The non busy bees
Provoke as they please
With loaded stingers
And pointed fingers
Whisper whisper
Whisper whisper
Whisper whisper
Whisper whisper

I am a worker
Not a shirker
And I will not play
Their gossip game

Random Reminder

I am 100% ship friendly. Any ship. Don’t care. This blog is, and always will be, a place you are welcome, no matter what you ship or how you ship it.

I also dgaf what you enjoy in your fiction. Kinky? Vanilla? Like to explore dark topics? Platonic fluff? Me too fam.

Please, don’t let the tumblr hive mind dictate what you can and can not enjoy- it changes constantly and you will never be happy. And if they try to bully you show them the block button. You don’t owe them anything, even an explanation.

Keep on shipping and being lovely!

Questions about Theo Raeken

Tumblr hive mind, do any of you know the answers to any of these questions?

1) Do we actually know what happened to Theo Raeken’s parents? (I’ve just been assuming the Dread Doctors murdered them.)

2) After Theo’s sister died, did he and his parents really move away, or is that when the Dread Doctors took him, and he’s been in Beacon Hills all along?

3) At whatever point the Dread Doctors took Theo, was he living in their lair/base of operations?

4) Does this mean Theo hasn’t been in school since 4th grade?

All the Dread Doctor stuff gives me a headache and doesn’t quite make sense to me. I would gladly never revisit it again, but I’m not sure I can write fic without making sense of at least some of these things.

Thanks for reading this post! 💗

Tumblr hive mind ask re tags

Ok, for me and ‘geezer’ @woahthisguy , please explain the following:

1) What does 'for ts’ mean in a tag? I most often see it as “long post for ts” but sometimes as just 'for ts’

2) Please clearly define/explain the terms crack and wank. I keep thinking I know what they mean, but then then see them used in unexpected ways.

3) Why do people tag posts as “queue”? I mean, I know what queuing on Tumblr IS, but why would I care a post is from queue? Why does the OP care?

4) Possibly related to #3, what is a #ghost post?

you-dropped-your-forgiveness: I agree with the OP of certain points.  The show really did alienate the fans the movies and books.  Saying otherwise is a lie. I get why that happened of course. No SoTL rights will do that.  I have to wonder how different the show would be if they had been all clear for all rights.

You know, though, as a book and movie fan, I take exception to the idea that it’s a foregone conclusion that the show alienated fans of the books and movies. I think that’s another one of those things that has been repeated on Tumblr so many times that people think it’s true. I mean, surely some fans were alienated by it–there always are–but just as surely, some fans, such as @existingcharactersdiehorribly and myself, who have been book and film fans for literally decades, were actually drawn back into the franchise because of the show, after being alienated by the cash grabs that were Hannibal Rising and to some extent Red Dragon (speaking for myself there). I know it seems impossible for the Tumblr hive-mind to believe, but there are people out there who have been people who have been fans of Will Graham longer than others have been fans of Hannibal Lecter, and longer than Clarice Starling has even existed.

What I’ve seen in the Tumblr discourse has repeatedly assumed that fans of the books/films = fans of SOTL and Hannibal (and perhaps Hannibal Rising), and furthermore that fans of the books/films are also Clannibal shippers. Those are the people who voice their opinions around here and, it’s become shorthand to differentiate between the groups of “TV show fans” and “book/film fans” because it’s a little less ship-war-ish (which is a no-no) than Clanniballers and Hannigrammers. 

But that does not fairly represent book and film fans. There are film and book fans who ship Hannigram. There are film and book fans who don’t, but still love the show. There are film and book fans I get every year in my Horror and Suspense class (not a lot, but a few), and they don’t have that notion that the TV show is heresy. Most of them like it. Most of my students like it in general, even though we watch SOTL first, or they’ve all the films already.

This notion that the TV show didn’t honor the original works in the opinion of the book and film fans is a few people claiming to speak for a whole, when they just don’t

And if I really had to go back to what are the majority of book and film fans really doing–well, the majority I’ve seen never gave the show a chance at all. Because Anthony Hopkins is their Hannibal Lecter, and that’s the end of the story for them. 

So yeah, those fans were alienated. But there was precious little the show could do to alleviate that. And we’d all be pretty naive to think that we aren’t largely hiding a ship war between the lines when we talk about book and film fans being alienated from the TV show, when it comes to the conversation on Tumblr. 

i hate the tumblr hive mind -_- richie tozier would Never be a punk. he thinks they scream too much and they don’t wear enough colors. let the boy listen to devo religiously! horrible. completely ooc.

anonymous asked:

Genuine question: With how much of a hive mind tumblr often is, even in radfem circles, do you think we're all just so... narcissistic at this point? I feel like everyone is pretty much battling each other to Be The One True Person who is 100% Right, even when it comes to very low-key opinions.

Learning to accept critical feedback is an important part of not being an asshole, as is learning that other people have a right to determine their own perception of reality. The trouble begins when someone like a tran comes along and tries to force you to buy into their reality, which is narcissistic. 

We all base our thought processes around what we learn from our experiences, either on our own or through interacting with others and reflecting. People with poor boundaries may buy into the beliefs of others for love and approval. If you’re trying to control someone else’s thinking (as opposed to sharing your perspective and allowing them to draw their own conclusions) you’re probably trying to take advantage of someone else’s poor boundaries. 

I think there are some radfems who want really badly to be Queen of the Movement but those people ironically seem not to be taken very seriously by other radfems. Catch them sending anons about themselves to radfem-gossip in order to garner attention sometime. It’s high quality entertainment that is not at all embarrassing to our entire community.

rarelyrelevant  asked:

Okay so can you explain to me why tumblr hates on cis gendered people so much? I identify as a female, I was born in a female body. I am happy that I am a woman. And as far as I know being cissexual just means that you feel you that your gender identity matches up with the gender you were assigned at birth. Am I missing something? is there some secret malicious meaning?

Well, “tumblr” doesn’t hate cis people. Most people on tumblr are cis. And many people on tumblr are transphobic. And many are anti-sj. Tumblr doesn’t have one hive-mind. I’ve met neo-nazis, white supremacists, conservatives, trans misogynist radical feminists and virulently transphobic people here and certainly none of them hate cis people—in fact, most of them are cis.

You probably mean “why do trans people on tumblr hate cis people/use the word “cis” so negatively?” For one thing, the word “cis” was not invented on tumblr and tumblr is not the first, nor the only place the term is used. It’s the first place, however, that many cis people have come in contact with this term and (knowingly) come in contact with trans people and trans discourse. For another thing, most trans people on tumblr, and most trans people in general, do not “hate cis people.” But more on that later. First:

1) You weren’t born in a “female body” and saying so is cissexist. We are assigned female or male at birth and our bodies tend to be coded as female or male in this society.

2) “Cissexual” is not a real thing. The term is “cisgender” (“cis” for short). And you’re right: being cisgender means that your gender matches what you were assigned.

There is no malicious meaning behind “cis.” The only reason you’re encountering hostility toward cis people and angry statements about cis people from trans people is because we are venting about our frustrations with dealing with oppression and ignorance at the hands of cis people. Also, trans people often critique cis people as a privileged social class. You as a cis person have cis privilege and you probably have said and done things that have hurt trans people. Saying you have a female body hurts trans people, even if only in a subtle way. Even complaining about tumblr “hating” cis people hurts us because it recenters the discussion on you instead of on all the laws and social institutions and real world discrimination and erasure that trans people face. It makes the discussion all about your feelings.

But I get that if you’re new to trans issues and don’t get the context of the angry posts trans people make, so you might not understand the connotation of the word “cis.” But you’re also missing that we use the word “cis” in a lot of neutral ways too, just to talk about you as a class in society or refer to you or talk about a trans person and cis person interacting, etc etc. I guess you all don’t pay attention to those posts, though. You don’t listen until we say something that bothers you. Then you pay attention. The posts that get all the notes and attention from cis people are the angry posts about cis people. All the posts we make discussion our cis friends or certain issues or just using the term neutrally when we talk about our everyday experiences and observations don’t see the light of day in your circles.

You also don’t seem to understand that without the word cis, so much damage is done to trans people. Otherwise terms like “biological women/men,” “natal women/men,” “women born women,” “real women/men,” etc are used and these terms hurt trans people because they are based on shoddy science that privileges your identities over trans people’s. Cis people who oppose the word “cis” are transphobic.

Cis is a neutral term. it’s like the term heterosexual: it denotes a group, nothing more. That group happens to be privileged and is often seen as the default. A lot of straight people and cis people take for granted their sexuality and/or gender. Trans people’s gender is magnified, but most cis people don’t even see themselves as cis. They see themselves as “normal” or “natural” and trans people as “abnormal” or “unnatural.” I suspect some of cis people’s negative reaction to the word cis turns on the fact many of you would rather continue to think of yourselves and us in these terms, which reaffirms the legitimacy of your identities over ours. Even if that’s all subconscious. I also think you don’t really like the fact we came up with a term for you. Historically, the privileged class has named themselves and controlled language more. Every time I see an oppressed class come up with language to describe themselves and others, I see push-back.

I hope that helps you understand. I suggest you pay attention to what trans people are saying and google some stuff to read trans people’s words because it’ll give you more context to know where we’re coming from.

The Beginning of a Journey…

Ahoy, the tumblr hive mind. I’m not sure what formal greeting is expected here…

I am considering following in the footsteps of Jonathan Coulton and attempting a “Thing a Week” blog-podcast. The man behind favorite songs from Portal and Portal 2, Coulton decided to push his creativity and time management skills by forcing himself to publish a song once a week for a year. The results were very fun and skillfully put together. I have spent the better part of two years developing basic recording and mixing techniques and am approaching the point where I too think I can take on this challenge. 

There are many logistics I need to work out before I can even start, such where I should publish the podcasts (songs)? What does it take to do that? Should I make a blog to go along with the songs every week?

Hopefully I can create some professional sounding content and we can have some laughs along the way. In the mean time, have a listen to my cover of Young Folks, more commonly known as ‘the whistle song’. If this isn’t quite your style, feel free to poke around my previous works.

I think this will shape up to be a fun year :)

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hey dudes sorry about all the untagged discoursey stuff lately. im not really a discourse blog and ive tried to stay away from it because its just uHH depressed me and made me wanna die BUT ANYWAY being back at school and around lots of people all the time and that aren’t part of the tumblr hive mind has been good and had given me like an escape in a way which is ironic because tumblr used to be my escape from real life lmao. anyway im not a discourse blog but because im actually taking a lot of discourse based classes it’s giving me more confidence in speaking up on my positions again because after a while i just got so fed up with saying what i believe in and have people just not grasp those concepts it was just frustrating and depressing and i honestly lost almost all my hope in there being good in the world because people were just not getting it yanno and that was terrifying and still is terrifying to me. and on top of that i was getting severely harassed and actually having my life threatened by people who disagreed with me like actually having someone tell me everyday how they planned to murder me on anon and i obviously wont go into depth about that but that took it’s toll on me of course that was a huge reason that i stopped participating in discourse on here and why i disabled anon messaging. anyways i got kind of off track but being back at school and in discourse based classes being led by experts in their subject (all of my professors have multiple doctorates which is amazing) has given me a lot of confidence in these past 3 weeks or so and has given me a lot of inspiration as well and lots of new points of view because as an early childhood education major a lot of the subjects we talk about here like power imbalances, racism, homophobia and other points of discourse are the same things we discuss in class and in reference to kids the same age as the paladins or younger. i always feel extremely validated in my positions in class too because my professors alway agrees with my position whether im the one stating it or one of my classmates with the same position. so basically im feeling really great right now and participating in discussions off of tumblr where there is a huge difference in maturity of course and also where there is a better dialogue and idk. im probably not really explaining this well but basically i feel comfortable participating in discourse again because i realized not all people are awful just the people on here which i mean what can ya do am i right? but just because people are awful doesn’t mean i cant speak up and make them listen to what i have to say no matter how in denial they are. they dont have to like my position or agree with my position and i dont have to change their minds with my discourse and i don’t expect to but idk. i guess i came to a realization that i cant make people understand me and i cant force people to think the same way i do but i can show them my perspective and i can educate them on why i have that perspective and show them my reasoning. i have finally accepted that i cant help everyone and i dont have to try to help everyone but i also know that its important for me to have a voice and to not be spineless and to take a stand against things even if it falls on deaf ears so yeah. this blog is no longer discourse free and i am anti shaladin as i have been from the beginning. i wont be posting a lot of original discourse as i have in the past but i will probably comment on other peoples posts or contribute to discussion on here where i feel it is necessary as i have been doing recently because that is where i feel most comfortable at this point. thanks for reading!

some of y’all are so dumb like come into my inbox yelling at me if u want lol but yall live in this political bubble here on tumblr and dont seem to understand how the world works like YES i will accept the support of any republicans who speak out against trump because that’s IMPORTANT in order to defeat him. we need majorities to make sure what he wants to implement doesn’t go through. this isn’t some free you’re-perfect-now pass to republicans in congress/the goverhment but it IS important that we get their support too like sometimes i feel like you guys just type as many buzzwords as you possibly can into a post and click “post” knowing your dumbass opinions will be validated by other hive minded tumblr users reblogging your stuff but like…… i’m disgusted by like pretty much every republican lawmaker but i’m not a fucking IDIOT and i recognize that in order for this country to FUNCTION there needs to be a certain amount of bipartisanship, and we really should be calling up our republican senators/representatives etc and attempting to get them on our side because we alone cannot stop trump - not when the government is majority republican

occupyhyrule  asked:

you said that post against choosing gender and sexuality and self diagnosed mental illness was garbage. im just curious as to why? I don't really agree with the post but I don't have much of a stance on it. Id like to know your opinion to maybe help me understand it more. thanks!

Okay, let’s break it down. LONG POST BELOW.

*please note that the use of “you” is in regard to the OP, and NOT whoever might be currently reading it*

Here is the original post for reference.

“I’m just so tired of Tumblr’s attitude towards mental illness, gender, and sexuality.”

- Tumblr is not a hive mind? Tumblr is a community full of diverse people with differing opinions. There IS no single attitude towards something as massive as mental illness, gender, and sexuality.

“I’m tired of going to someone’s blog, thinking they seem cool, then seeing they’re a polygender demiboy dmab catkin demisexual who uses itself pronouns.”

- Wow, where to even start. These people do exist, you know. People who identify with more than one gender (polygender) exist and are valid. People who identify as demiboys are real and valid. DMAB isn’t even a gender identity! It’s a term for people who were assigned male at birth! Demisexual is a very real and valid sexual identity. I can’t speak for otherkin as much since I have less experience, but if someone feels they identify strongly with a certain animal’s characteristics, who the hell are they hurting? If it helps them feel more at peace with their identity, who the fuck cares? It’s none of your business.

tl;dr None of the identities mentioned here are even made up. They’re all totally valid things a human being can identify with, and this person is trying to make it seem like by identifying as… what, too many things? It invalidates all of their identities.

“I’m tired of people listing their self-diagnosed mental illnesses like they’re excuses for their behaviour.”

- Self-diagnosis is not bad. For many people, it’s the only option they have. Many of these people are minors, and don’t have the parental support to get referred to a specialist. Or maybe they have been abused by the medical community before, and they aren’t able to risk repeating that experience. Maybe their community doesn’t have the resources to diagnose someone. And if someone is having symptoms of a mental illness, researches it, and finds that wow! They aren’t broken! There’s a real name for what they are experiencing, and a whole community of similar people they can connect with, who the hell are you to try and take that away from them? Who are you to say that without their “Certified Mentally Ill Diploma” they are not allowed to identify with the label and community that helps them cope?

tl;dr Stop villainizing people who don’t have the ability to be diagnosed.

“I’m tired of the idea that you can choose your sexuality and gender, make up genders, base genders off of gender roles, which in itself is transphobic, and make up pronouns to go with it.”

- Why are you so against the idea that sexuality and gender can be fluid? There’s no such thing as “making up genders” because all genders are made up. We made gender. Human beings made gender. We did that. Someone making up a gender can not only be great for them, but for anyone else who sees that definition and goes “woah hey! that’s me too!” As for making up pronouns, I DO have beef with this to an extent. It’s important for people who use neopronouns to understand that for many groups such as English Language Learners, those who do not speak English at all, people with learning/developmental disabilities, and many others, neopronouns may be difficult/impossible to understand. However, many people who use neopronouns have auxiliary pronouns for those who are not able to use neopronouns. As long as people keep that in mind, there’s really no issue here. Any issue with neopronouns beyond this come from transphobes, not those who use them.

tl;dr You can’t make up genders because all genders are made up. Neopronouns have issues, but many trans people are aware of this and make necessary accommodations.

“I’m tired of “gender dysphoria? what’s that? I’m a girl who likes to wear jerseys so now I’m a demiboy! If you tell me otherwise I’ll tell you to kill yourself and blame it on my self diagnosed bpd!’”

- HOLY SHIT. Where to start? You do not need dysphoria to be trans! You do not need to be miserable in your body and want to alter it to be trans! You can be a man, and love your hips and curves. You can be a woman, and think your dick is awesome! You can be non-binary, and think your large chest is something to be flaunted, not bound. And you can feel the opposite of any of these! There is no “dysphoria checklist” you need to pass before you can become Real Trans. Stop telling people they need to hate their body to be trans. As for the second sentence, it’s disgusting and I am not even going to comment on it. Stop vilifying people with mental illness. God.

tl;dr You don’t need to hate yourself to be trans. People with mental illness aren’t your scapegoats. 

“I’m tired of people making the struggles of LGBT and mentally ill people a joke.”

- Yet you’re the one saying you have to struggle in a certain way, experience gender and sexuality in a certain way, and be mentally ill in a certain way. YOU are the one policing identities and demonizing people who don’t conform to your specific way of experiencing queerness and mental illness. You’re the one creating gross exaggerations to prove your points.

“I’m SO tired of Tumblr being regressive instead of progressive.”

- Ugh, same. Hopefully people like you will be gone soon enough and we can all move on with our lives.

“I hate that there are people 15 and under on this site who are exposed to the idea that you can choose a sexuality and choose a gender like it’s a fun accessory. This is not a good site for young minds trying to understand such serious issues.”

- Isn’t this the same shit conservative white people throw at their kids? “Children are too young to learn about these issues!” “I don’t want my children exposed to this at such a young age!” “You’re too young to know what your gender/sexuality is!” “Wait until you’re older before you start thinking about it!” This is garbage! While gender and sexuality are not accessories, I personally find it fantastic that younger and younger kids are being exposed to the wonderful variety of sexual and gender identities the world has to offer. I’m so glad that they are breaking away from heteronormativity, are questioning their sexuality and gender, and are realizing that they don’t have to be cis and straight. I wish I had had the same opportunity. I wish I could have come out when I was still in my teens. I’m so glad that these kids are getting the chance to explore their sexuality and gender. And if they decide at the end that they were really straight or cis? Who cares?! I am all for everyone analyzing their identities.

tl;dr Young kids exploring gender and sexuality is a GREAT thing! Why would you want anything else?

Tumblr Hive Mind: Help with collation formulas!

Do any of our followers think too much about the physical construction of medieval manuscripts? Well here’s an excuse for you to think about it some more.

Let’s say I have a book with three quires.

The first quire is a regular quire of eight leaves.

The second quire originally had eight leaves, but the first leaf has been removed and another has been added between the original leaves 6 and 7.

The third quire, when it was made, had seven leaves with the first leaf being a singleton. The fourth leaf was at some later point removed, but another leaf was added containing the missing text.

How would you write this out in a formula? (I have my own ideas but I’m curious to see what you all come up with) 

This is background work for VisColl, a system we’re working on at SIMS that has the ability to generate multiple forms of collation formulas (and other sorts of visualizations, too) from a model of a codex manuscript’s physical construction (based on quires and leaves). I’m not expecting that there’s one right answer, but I’m curious to see what different people come up with. 

Please share this post with your nerdy friends!

Elementary Education Memories

Hey all, 

I finished my education masters last spring and I’m looking to drum up as much anecdata as I can about teachers and the ways kids fall through the cracks. This is in the hopes I can do my best to notice patterns in my future classroom that I might not have without giving express thought. A lot of stuff that my friends went through as kids has been covered in recent teacher education, but a lot still hasn’t. And a LOT of stuff in modern pedagogy came to light because people in marginalized groups and/or with negative experiences have shared what they went through and contributed to the pool of knowledge. 

This is for my own personal, private insight, not any sort of research and certainly not for publication, so while I’m in Canada I’m interested in anyone from anywhere. If you had a frustrating/crummy/alienating time in elementary school - particularly where teachers didn’t notice and/or give you what you needed - would you mind sharing? Or, conversely, if you had an experience where someone did notice and help you, could you share that, too?