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Within 24 hours, we had a surge of over 500 new friends! Where did all ya’ll come from (I’m curious how you found me!)

I also want to take this time to say I’m queuing asks so I don’t flood everyone with too much birb! I’m also thinking of pushing back my comic’s post time to 5PM (EST) instead of 10AM. What does everyone think about this?

One time my family and my friend and I were at the dinner table and my friend and I were talking about how gay we were and then my 6 year old brother is eavesdropping on us and out of the blue says to us “Love is great but it’s also hard because you feel like the other person is beautiful and amazing and you’re just regular” and honestly why is this so accurate for me lmao


before Yuuri moved to St Peters, this sorta thing probably happened a lot (it turned into a game of who calls first) 

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  • Reinhardt: Congratulations on your first Overwatch mission, Hana!
  • Reinhardt: *gives her a mug of beer*
  • Soldier 76: The kid’s underage
  • Reinhardt: Ah! Right.
  • Reinhardt: *gives D.Va two mugs of beer*
  • Reinhardt: You’re a growing girl.
  • Soldier 76: Reinhardt no.
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i hope you know that whatever goals you have (high gpa, dream college, etc) are VALID. you can do WHATEVER you set your mind to! ‪✧ also, thanks so SO much for 300+ followers! you guys are truly the best ‪♡